What started off

A peach is a peach,

A plum is a plum,

A kiss is not a kiss,

Without some tongue.

Pansy reminded herself, as she got ready.

She wanted this, more than ever.

She reached up, checking her pits.

She walked out of her dorm, passing Bulstrode, her mouth open, snoring horrible. It was an hour pass curfew.

He was standing out their, his eyes locked on hers.

'I can't do this.' He said, looking at her, pained.

'Why,What is it, Harry? What did I do wrong?" Asked Pansy, worry and regret rushing over her.

"You got under my skin." Harry said, the pain gripping his heart.

"So that's it?' Asked pansy, watching him leave.

"That's all you could come up with?' She was hurt, he could tell, he started to explain.

This pain was too much could bear, he could almost taste bile in his throat, she stared at him, searchingly.

'So that's it then.' She repeated, stinging her eyes.

He wouldn't blame her if she slapped him, he'd been leading her on these past few months.

But she didn't.

She just stood there, staring at him, her eyes locked on his.

Can you stop? He wanted to scream. But he didn't

'So that's it then.' She repeated again, a sense of rejection in her voice.

She didn't even cry.

Her eyes were overflowing with shame, but not anger, or regret.

She looked at his retreating back, and as he left, sighed, her thoughts filled with despair.

'So that's it then.' She said, to the empty hall.

Am I just kind of shamless flirt?

Cuz everything you say makesher feel worse,

You've lost her,

She's dead to you.

And now dying doesn't seem so crude.

She thought of you as one last escape,

You filled her thoughts with rejection and hate.

She started, she began to care,

You treated her like she wasn't there.

What started off as a shameless flirt,

Gave someone a feeling of hurt,

Keep that in your mind,

keep it true,

Now the only one you've got is you.

Life's like that,

That's how it begins,

Be careful that that's not how it ends.

She loves you, thought it was forever,

You'll never see her again, never.