A/N: Hi everyone! So over the past couple of months I've really gotten back into writing, especially working on the last chapter of this story. And then. Then I went back and read it. Guys.

This story was absolutely terrible. Seriously. Like soap opera-esque, but worse. I'm sorry if you liked it but. I just couldn't allow it to suffer for another minute. It still has potential, so I am rewriting it. It has been revamped and renamed (because let's be real, Bringing the Puppy Home should have been a working title what was I thinkinggg). 'Feels Like Home' will soon be live with its first chapter. I will be leaving this up for awhile, but eventually it and the bones that made this story will be gone. It's not going to be easy for me to say goodbye to it and all of your wonderful comments and encouragement, but I feel it will be an important step forward.

If you have a Tumblr, I'm there as plutos-kiss. It is my personal blog so there is a lot going on there, but it's a good place to keep up with me. I also love talking to people even though I am incredibly awkward, so don't be afraid of me but be prepared, my awkward knows no limits.

Thank you for sticking around for so long. Hopefully you'll enjoy the new one.