Power Rangers in Space/Power Rangers Lost Galaxy


Prelude to "Forever Red"

Prologue – Dream

(Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers, I just enjoy writing fanfics about it)

It has been a month since the final battle against Trakeena and the crash of what was left of Terra Venture on planet Mirinoi. Since the Galaxy Rangers returned the Quasar Sabers to the stone where they found them, the people of that beautiful world were freed from the stone curse that befell them almost a year ago by Furio. The Mirinoi were welcoming to the new colonists to their world and both people were living together in harmony. Since Kendrix was revived by the power of the Quasar Sabers, she too was working hard to make the Mirinoi colony successful and safe. Using what materials and technology that could be salvaged from Terra Venture, several homes were constructed, still able to use solar power to provide modern conveniences. In one of these homes, Karone, formerly known as Astronoma, Princess of Evil, now known as Kendrix's successor to the mantle of the Pink Ranger, lay asleep after a hard day's work, ready to dream up new ways to help the colony and make amends for past crimes. The dream that came was nothing that she expected.

Karone was alone, surrounded by light that was fading into twilight, then into darkness.

"My princess," a voice called out to her.

"Who's there?" Karone called out, clearly becoming afraid. In the darkness, red eyes could be seen along with green lines in a grid-like fashion crossing over a figure that was slowly becoming clearer.

"Do not be afraid. Not yet at least. I'm here to warn you, not harm you. I could never harm you." The figure finally became clear

"Ecliptor!" Karone was surprised. "You're supposed to be dead!"
"I still am, my princess. I could only return to this realm because I have a strong bond to you. Though what the two of us did in the past was atrocious and many thought me evil, I realized near the end of my life that I did have one redeeming quality. My love for you. Though I did not know your origins initially, I cared for you and raised you as if you were my own daughter. Then I swore to protect and serve you loyally until the end." Karone thought again of her darker days with Ecliptor as her right-hand man. She suddenly saw his strong loyalty in a new light. She smiled at her former minion.

"I thank you, Ecliptor, from the bottom of my heart, for all the kindness you've shown me."
"I only wish I had the same chance to redeem my crimes as you have, but my heart was filled with vengeance at the time Andros killed Zordon to release that holy energy. I just couldn't bear to think that you died, especially at the hands of your own brother."

"After the battle," Karone replied, "Andros told me of his last fight with you. He was saddened at your death because he knew why you fought. I cried for days. We both thought you were cheated, that you could've been redeemed and made amends as I have. I am truly sorry…old friend." Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Forgive me, princess, for reminding you of a painful past. That isn't why I've come to you."

"You said you were here to warn me, that I should be afraid. Of what?"

"An enemy of freedom in this galaxy is about to rise again and make a bid for conquest. You personally will be targeted along with others like you. Beware the past I had unintentionally dredged up. It will be your end. Look to your friends for help." Ecliptor was slowly fading.

"Wait Ecliptor!" Karone called. "What enemy? What people like me?"

"I'm truly sorry, princess. There are rules that forbid me interfering any more. Before I go , I want to tell you that you've truly made me proud."
"Please don't go! Ecliptor!" Karone awakened, then cried for her lost friend into the night.