Epilogue—The Next Battle

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The Astro Megaship had just left Aquitar after dropping off Zedd, Rita, and Divatox, who, like Karone, remembered everything they went through unfortunately but the Rangers assured them that they were not responsible for their actions and didn't even need to ask for forgiveness. They hoped that their counselors on Aquitar would be able to help them further. The next stop was Mirinoi to drop off the Galaxy Rangers and their friends.

"I have to say that was the most intense battle since the United Alliance of Evil," Carlos breathed.

"But we still made it," Andros replied, putting an arm around Ashley, "By sticking together," he smiled and kissed her cheek.

"And never quitting," Ashley replied, blushing.

"Isn't Venjix still out there?" Damon asked.

"Yes he is," Zhane replied.

"And his four generals," Leo added, "Their one ship got away."

"Which means they'll be back some day," Kai said solemnly.

"But you dealt them a serious blow," Alpha reminded them, "It will take them years to recover."

"By my estimation, approximately three years minimum," DECA added.

"Well then that gives us time to prepare," Cassie said.

"It took everything both our teams had and then some to win. We need to be stronger the next time."

"When that time comes, we'll all come together again," Kendrix replied.

"I have a better idea," TJ piped in, "I say we form an elite Ranger team consisting of the best from every team possible…and from any future teams that may come after us but before Venjix attacks again.

"Whom do you suggest?" Karone asked.

"All of the Red Rangers," TJ said, "From every possible team. The Red Rangers were chosen to be Red because they all possess a very special quality."

"Yes, that's true, but wouldn't a whole group of Reds have trouble figuring out who gets to be leader?" Mike pointed out.

"I have that covered too. An old friend of mine who was the best Ranger Earth ever produced. Even you would see how worthy he is, Andros," TJ said.

"I'll have to meet him, but I'll give him a try," Andros reply, "Besides, you know my opinion of people from Earth has greatly improved since we first met anyways."

"Wouldn't it be better to hunt the Machine Empire down and strike before they recover?" Maya asked.

"They disappeared into hyperspace before we reached orbit. Their trail is cold. However we know they will eventually go to Earth's Moon. Serpentera is too tempting a prize for them," Andros replied, "but Maya's right. After contacting TJ's friend. Myself and the other Space Rangers will patrol the galaxy in shifts and look for the Machines."

"Sounds like a plan," Damon nodded.

"We are approaching Mirinoi," DECA announced. A few minutes later the Megaship landed at the colony where the Galaxy Rangers, Mike, Karone, and Alpha were ready to disembark.

"It was great working with you all again," Andros said.

"Same here," Leo replied. The two Reds shook hands.

"Take care of your Megaship now," Damon said.

"If we need a good engineer, we know who to call," Carlos laughed.

"Good luck finding more Red Rangers. If we run into any, we'll pass on the message," Kai said, shaking TJ's hand.

"Thanks. That will help a lot," TJ replied.

"Ashley, take good care of yourself and Andros," Maya said hugging Ashley.

"And you take care too. Don't lose who you are," Ashley replied.

"Kendrix," Cassie started to tear up, "I'm so glad I got to see you and that you could be a Ranger again."

"I'm glad too. But please don't beat yourself up over what happened a year ago. I knew what I was doing. I did it to protect you and all the other people I love," Kendrix hugged her fellow Pink Ranger.

"You may not have powers, but you are still a Ranger in my eyes," Zhane said.

"Thanks. That means a lot," Mike said shaking the Silver Space Ranger's hand.

"Everyone. I want to thank you again…all of you…for never giving up on me," Karone said crying, "All of you mean the world to me."

"You mean the same to us," Andros replied. Karone went out and hugged each one of her friends, but lingered a little longer on her brother, Kendrix, and Zhane whom after hugging, she kissed passionately.

"We almost lost each other," Karone said after pulling away, "Don't be a stranger."

"It's time to go," Andros said, poking his blushing best friend.

"I promise to keep in touch!" Zhane said quickly as he was dragged away by the other Space Rangers who were smiling and chuckling at him and Karone. They waved good-bye as they boarded the Meagaship which soon after lifted off. Then the Galaxy Rangers walked towards the stone that held the Quasar Sabers.

"So brother," Leo said, placing his Quasar Saber in its place, "Where did 'Magna Ecliptor' come from and where did he go?"

"It was a combination of spirits. My desire to help and protect everyone, Magna Defender seeking one last battle where he can fight for good, and Ecliptor's love for Karone," he looked at Karone and smiled, "I believe that both of them are finally at peace," Mike said.

"Thank you," Karone whispered watching the others place their Quasar Sabers in the stone, "I wonder if I am still worthy to weild one after what's happened," she added.

"One way to find out," Kendrix smiled. Karone walked over and drew out the Pink Quasar saber and put it back. Kendrix did the same.

"Wow, I guess the Quasar Saber considers both of you the Pink Ranger," Leo smiled, "Let's go home," The Galaxy Rangers walked arm in arm, happy to finally be back.


Three Years Later—Earth's Moon

An army of cogs was hard at work with several digging tools. Already the vast majority of Serpentera had been unearthed. Automon, Gerrok, Steelon, and Tezzla, and Venjix surveyed the work.

"We finally found it! Cogs! Keep digging! Zedd was a fool to leave this buried here. His loss. Our gain," Venjix said. Spying on all of this work was Andros, using advanced binoculars from a high ridge.

He and the other Space Rangers searched for the past three years to find Venjix with no success until recently but Andros knew Venjix would have beaten him to the moon. What he didn't realize was how fast they were capable of working. Earlier this year, TJ had managed to contact Tommy and they managed to regain their old Red Ranger powers somehow. Andros was introduced to him and they became fast friends. He defiantly was the perfect leader for this mission. In addition TJ and Tommy had found the power of Earth's original Red Ranger but Andros didn't know whether or not they managed to contact its weilder. Leo met up with another Red Ranger while battling Trakeena on Earth two years ago. He passed on the mission plan to him along with directions to recruit any future Red Rangers. Since then two additional Red Rangers have emerged, though not much was known about the newest one. Andros hoped he would be up to the task. All of these thoughts raced through the Red Space Ranger's head as he surveyed the Machine Empire's worksite. He uncovered his hood, "It's worse than I thought," he said to himself, "They've almost finished digging it up," he turned to leave but loose stones rolled down the ridge and the sound got Gerrok's attention.

"Who's that?" the android asked, "Stop! Steelon let's go!" The two generals mounted horses and chased the Red Space Ranger.

"Galaxy Glider! Hang ten!" Andros lept and mophed as his vehicle came to him. He flew away towards earth at high speed.

"Let him run. It's too late anyway," Gerrok mocked.


As Andros hurried on, he activated the special code in his communicator that would contact all the Red Rangers on Earht.

"Serpentera has been found by Venjix. Operation: Forever Red has begun…"


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