It was a normal day at the Las Vegas crime lab. Grissom drove his SUV to the lab and got out, locking the car up. He walked into the building after being greeted by a guard and walked to the break room. There, he found Sara, Catherine, Nick, and Warrick all sitting on chairs and the couches, reading or talking to one another while sipping a cup of coffee.

"Hey Griss," Nick said. "Coffee's fresh, want some?" "No thanks," Grissom replied. "Alright, Nick and Warrick, you're going to be working with me. We have a 419 in down at the Tangiers." He adjusted his glasses as he spoke and handed the file to Nick. "Sara, Catherine, you have a 419 of your own. Down in the suburbs. Have fun," he said handing the file to Catherine. Sara nodded standing up. Catherine read the file and then said to Sara, "I'll meet you at the car." Sara walked out. Catherine had something she had to discuss with Grissom.

Nick and Warrick left to get ready for their case and Catherine sighed as she walked up to Grissom. "Gil…" "I know, Catherine," he said not giving her a chance to speak. "Gil, you remember what happened last time you put Sara on a case like this," she started. The case was a suspected domestic-abuse case against the husband of a now deceased wife. "Cath, I talked with Sara, remember? She got help. I trust her, and so should you." And with that Grissom walked off, leaving Catherine alone in the break room.

Catherine sighed as she walked to the black SUV and got in the driver's side of the car. "Hey," Sara said getting in and closing the door. "Everything, okay?" she said. "Yeah," Catherine said acting completely normal. "Everything's fine," she said and started the car. They headed for the crime scene.

When they arrived, Sara grabbed her kit, as did Catherine, and they both walked into the house where everything had happened. "Wow," Catherine said stepping in while putting on a pair of latex gloves. "This place looks like a war-zone." The house was destroyed. Vases were knocked off tables; picture frames were shattered on the ground. And, to top it all off there was a huge bloodstain all over the living room wall. Sara put her gloves on and walked in.

"So, what do we have?" Catherine asked talking to Brass. "Well, the victim's name was Renee Wilston. Her husband, Tony, claims he went golfing while she was killed. Apparently, she was stabbed to death. We didn't find any weapon," he said. "Thanks," Catherine said. "Where's the husband?" she asked. "Other there," Brass replied pointing to the husband, who was shaking and biting his nails. "Thanks," she said again and walked over to him.

Sara tested the blood on the walls and it came back human. She took a sample of it and then put a black fiber in a bundle. She stood up and walked through the rest of the crime scene. "I just…I went golfing. I said I would be gone for an hour," Tony said to Catherine. "I locked the door when I left, kissed her goodbye…" his voice broke. "And I left." "Sir, can I look at your hands?" Catherine asked. "Why, am I a suspect?" he asked nervously. "It's just procedure," she said. Tony held his hands out and Catherine swabbed the tops and bottoms of them. She tested for blood and her swab turned pink. "Sara," she said and Sara came over to her. "Look," she said showing her the pink swab. "Huh, that's interesting," she said giving the man a glare.

"I checked to see if she was alive when I got back," he blurted out quickly, looking at Sara and then at Catherine. "Sir…did you change clothes when you got home?" Catherine asked. "Yeah, after I got blood on them. Why?" he said. "We're going to need to see those clothes," Sara said. "Um…okay, they're in my room," he said pointing to a bedroom at the end of the hallway. Sara went and retrieved the clothes and bagged them.
Sara and Catherine later returned to the lab. Sara was in DNA with Greg, getting the blood tested to see if it matched the victim's. Catherine was in the autopsy of the victim.

"Well, she was a fighter, she didn't go down easily," Doctor Robbins started showing the defense marks on Renee's wrists. "I wouldn't go down easily either," Catherine said. "Anything distinctive?" "Not really," he said. "The weapon was a smooth edged object. Wounds were deep," he said. "She has a laceration to her head." "I'm guessing she was knocked out and then bled out," Catherine said. "Well, that'd be my guess," he said. "I did find this, though. It was on the body," he said handing something in a silver dish to Catherine. "A black fiber…" she said looking at it. "Thanks, doc," she said and walked out.

Sara had gotten the DNA results. The blood on the husband's hands and clothes were a match to his wife's DNA. "How's it going?" Catherine asked Sara walking in. "Blood on Tony's hands and clothes are a match to Renee's DNA," Sara said. "I found a black fiber a the crime scene. Could be from a jacket or a blanket." "Yeah, Doc Robbins found the same thing on our Vic," Catherine said showing her the fiber. "So, whoever killed her was…wearing a black sweater?" "Looks that way," Sara said. "I'm going to go check out the husband's alibi, see if he went to the golf course yesterday at the time of her death, 2-3 pm," Sara said getting up. "See ya," Catherine said. Catherine was surprised at how good Sara was taking the case. Maybe Grissom was right.

Sara drove up to the golf course and got out of her car. She walked into a building and went to the front desk. "Hello, I'm Sara Sidle with the Las Vegas crime lab. I'm investigating a possible murder, could I check out your credit card receipts?" she asked. "Uh, sure," said the man at the front. He moved out of the way so she could see the receipts on the computers. She scanned it for the name 'Tony Wilston'. No hit. "Did a man named Tony Wilston come by here yesterday around 2-3 pm?" Sara asked. He looks like this," she said holding up a copy of his driver's license picture. "Oh, Tony? No, not between two or three, but he did come in yesterday. He came in at about five o'clock," the man said. "Thank you," Sara said walking out. She drove back to the lab.

"Catherine!" she said running into the lab. "The husband was at the golf course yesterday, but at five o'clock," she said. "So…he's lying…let's call Brass, have him bring him in," she said.

In the interrogation room, Sara and Brass sat across the table from Tony Wilston. His lawyer sat next to him, staring at them both. "Nice sweater," Brass started, looking at the black sweater he was wearing. "So, Mr. Wilston claims to have been at the golf course yesterday between 2 and 3 pm," Brass said. "I checked with the golf course and they said you were there. But you went at five o'clock, you weren't there between the times you said you were," she said. "So, where were you while your wife was killed?" Brass asked.

"I…went for a walk," he said nervously. "We found a bloody knife in your room under the comforter," Brass said. "Guess what? The blood on it was a match to your wife's and whose fingerprints did we find on it? None other than yours," Brass said. "You see, you have a record for prior domestic abuse charges and so your prints were on file," he continued. Tony was speechless. "So, what happened? Your wife pissed you off, so you killed her, or you just felt like it?" Brass said.

"I didn't kill Renee!" he said. "Stop lying!" Sara stormed standing up. "All the evidence we have collected points to you!" she said. "Get out of my face, bitch!" he said standing up and pushing Sara away from him. "Officer," Brass started. The officer grabbed Tony and handcuffed him and led him out the room. Sara glared at him as he left. Catherine was watching from the other room and sighed as she walked into the room.

"Sara, can I talk to you for a sec?" she asked Sara and led her out into the break room. "Sara…" she started sighing. "Are you okay?" she asked her. "No, as a matter of fact," Sara said, clearly angry. "Sara, I think you should take some time off, go talk to Grissom about it," Catherine started. "I'm okay!" Sara said. "I know you've been watching me like a hawk over the past few days we've been on this case, Catherine. You talked to Grissom, didn't you? You never trusted I'd be okay to work this case from the start!" Sara said. "No, that's not it!" Catherine said.

"I'm just concerned!" Catherine told her. "Yeah, sure you are!" Sara said. "That's your way of saying, 'I think you're crazy', isn't it?" Sara said angrily. "No!" Catherine persisted. "I don't think that at all!" she said. "Yeah, sure you don't. That's why you talked to Grissom," Sara said and left. Catherine sighed and sat down on the couch in the break room holding her head in her hands. Sara pulled out of the parking lot in her SUV and left the lab, heading for her apartment.
Ecklie walked towards Grissom's office in the late evening. "Gil…I need to talk to you," he said walking in and closing the door. He sighed as he sat down. "Gil, you need to fire Sara," he said simply. "Look, Conrad, I'll take care of it. But I'm not going to fire one of my best criminalists," he said. "Gil…I told you- she's a loose cannon with a gun," he continued. "She's giving this lab a bad name. She can't just keep going crazy like this in every case she works on."

Grissom took off his glasses. "She's not going crazy," Grissom said. "I'll talk with her. But I am not firing her," he said. Ecklie sighed. "Fine, do what you want," he said getting up and walking out. "But you're explaining this to everyone," he said and walked out. Grissom sighed as he thought about what Catherine had told her about Sara in the interrogation room and afterwards. He put his glasses down and lowered his head. "Sara…" he murmured.