The men responsible for the whole ordeal hold up their guns and shot themselves. They all fall over, dead. Brass sighs as he and the officers run inside. Sara is motionless, except for the times she has to force herself up to get sick on the floor. Catherine was holding her shoulder. Luckily, it wasn't bleeding very severely, but the bullet had still gotten her pretty good. "Sara, I'm sorry about this whole thing," Catherine said looking at her. "No, it's okay…this wasn't your fau-AGH!" this was all Sara could muster before getting sick again. "…Fault," she finished panting.

Within days, Catherine was treated. She was still taking it easy, but she was doing a lot better. Sara on the other hand, wasn't as fortunate. Since the snake had been from Australia, they had to import the right treatments. When she was finally treated, she didn't wake up for a few days. Everyone was in fear that she had fallen into a coma, but on the third day she finally woke up.

Grissom wasn't so sure that it still wasn't over. Why would the kidnappers just kill themselves in the end if they were getting money? He then remembered one thing…

There were three bodies on the floor, not including the motionless Sara or injured Catherine. Four people were responsible…so where was the other one?

An autopsy revealed that Gregory Thompson, James Nickerson, and Brad Fremont were the bodies they had found at the scene. So, that meant one unknown man was still on the loose. And he had gotten away…

Grissom walked into the break room pouring a cup of coffee. The secretary's voice startled him. "Mr. Grissom, there's a letter for you at the front desk." Oh no, Grissom could see where this whole thing was leading.

Grissom walked slowly to the front desk and took the letter with a gloved hand. It was entitled, 'MR.GRISSOM' in a big, bolding text. He swallowed hard before opening it.

"Bravo, Mr. Grissom, bravo- kudos to you and your team for figuring us out. However, you have only found three of us…so, good luck Mr. Grissom on finding me."

Grissom sighed as he walked back to his office setting the letter on his desk. Sara and Catherine had been through enough, and one man behind the whole thing was still loose! He was angry…at the man, the world, but mainly with himself.

This will be continued in a future fic!