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Isis breathed a sigh of relief as the security cameras showed her brother's madness taking his body off the blimp. That was not her brother! She had known there would be some way to save him… even though the Torque had shown doom for them all.

But now that future had been proven false, and she had to rejoice, even though now the Torque was dead in her hands and she did not know what the future would bring at all.

She wasn't sure if she wanted to know.

What she truly missed were the visions of the past. The fragments of the Pharaoh, as though something blocked those visions were unclear, and perhaps not as helpful as she had thought…

She wanted to know more about the Torque. Was there something in the Priestess' lessons she had missed?

She should be honest with herself. She wanted to see the Priestess. The one with her face and her name.

Looking back, to find the Pharaoh, to find anything that would explain how the Tombkeepers had come about, to find anything that would help, she had been startled to see… herself.

She'd lingered, fascinated, and was amazed to see this one bore the Torque as well.

So she'd watched, to learn about the Torque, or so she'd told herself, and for some reason these visions had come easier than others.

And she'd wanted to see the extent of the resemblance. That was the only reason she'd watched her bathe that… those times. It didn't make much difference, she wore thin royal linen in any case. So different from the thick clothing they had wore to guard against the chill of the catacombs.

Was this her past life, this Shadow Mage, this holy woman her dark self?

She'd been a little afraid, but realized how foolish that was. The priestess was nothing like her brother's abomination, a thing born of madness not a true shadow guardian.

If this one would manifest, she would have someone to look after her. To tell her things. To help her win back her brother. Isis couldn't fight fate, but maybe the other Isis could.

She'd talked to the Torque, but given up. She'd always been a practical child, never did anything unless there was some reason. She'd been dutiful, Malik had played…

She missed her brother. She wished someone, anyone, would come in here. She was alone with the empty shells here. She wished she had a friend.

She shuffled through her deck. At least the Shadow Monsters cared for her.

…what was this card? And why had the Torque started glowing? She tried to summon a vision of the Priestess.

Elsewhere, Yami paused as the Puzzle glowed around Yugi's body's neck.

"What's wrong, other me?" Yugi asked, puzzled.

"I think the Torque is reacting to something."

"Is it the Rod?" Yugi was worried. Isis was a friend.

And the Puzzle's power was unity and friendship.

In the Rod, Set laughed.

And Isis' hand that reached to the Torque around her neck was covered by another hand. Her eyes flew open, startled. What if Malik had come back on board and used the Rod to conceal himself from the cameras!

…those weren't Malik's eyes.

She saw those eyes in the mirror. Or in the mirror of the past.

Her other self smiled, then leaned forward and kissed her.

Mmmph! The sound escaped her as she blushed. She opened her mouth a little nervously.

Didn't taste like her. Tasted like… she wasn't sure. Nice, though.

The old royalty had had concubines… she blushed. Her other self wasn't a virgin, she knew.

Those visions had really come a little too easily.

Her other self pulled back to smile at her. You're as quick as you looked.

Isis blushed. You were more modest in the visions.

The Priestess sighed. I'm afraid you got all the modesty. I got all the nastiness necessary to rise to the top as a woman, even one of such shadow powers and bloodline.

You are my dark self… there was no madness in those eyes, like those of the Pharaoh. Only a tiny hint of danger, but danger not to her, that drew her in.

She'd always had to strive. To protect Malik, to lead the tribe… she hadn't had anyone to turn to.

Now she did.

The Priestess was very reliable, she knew. Worked hard, obeyed the Pharaoh, had strong magic… a better leader for the tribe than her.

Someone she could trust, someone she could lean on, someone she could listen to.

She'd always been jealous of Malik having Rishid. She'd seen him first after all. But she'd yielded, as Malik was the one who was going to have to lead the tribe… and now she led it, all alone, even though she was a woman, and some were wondering if she would go mad as well…

And most would count it madness, to see a double of herself, to have visions, to be becoming hot at the presence of that double, to have sometimes touched herself after those visions.

Yes, I am your dark self. Understanding in those eyes, kindness as she'd seen the Priestess show to subordinates, to those in mourning…

The Priestess stroked her hair. You won't have to mourn for your brother. I will not Shadow Game him, though even his saner half deserves it.

Can he be saved? Isis pleaded.

The Priestess smiled. Of course. The Pharaoh is a God, after all.

Isis touched the Torque. Can you show me?

The Priestess sighed and shook her head. The Torque cannot predict the actions of other Items, and the Pharaoh holds the Puzzle.

so I thought he was doomed all these years…

With no need, yes. And it could not show you this because it involved two Items, the Torque and the Pharaoh's Puzzle. We must give thanks to the Pharaoh.

Isis reached up to touch her lips, still tingling. Yes, she certainly did need to give thank to the Pharaoh. Her brother's salvation, and hers as well.

The Priestess smiled and fingered the Torque around her neck. I think this an adequate dowry…

Dowry meant marriage meant… Well. The will of the gods. And of her own heart.

Shall we go to your room? The Priestess suggested warmly.