Mortal Kombat 2

500 years ago, the sorcerer Shang Tsung was banished to the realm of Earth. With the aid of Goro, he was to unbalance the furies and doom the planet to a chaotic existence. By seizing control of the Shaolin Tournament he tried to tip the scales of order towards chaos.

Goro was defeated by the Shaolin Monk, Liu Kang, ending a 9-victory streak. Enraged, Shang Tsung sent his army to exterminate Earth's warriors.

Only 7 warriors survived the battles, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Kano were to hold off an enraged Goro, while Raiden, Scorpion and Sub-Zero were to hold Shang Tsung's army and Shang Tsung's scheme would come to a violent end at the hands of Liu Kang…

Shang Tsung retreated back into Outworld leaving the island to explode. Liu Kang escaped, while Scorpion killed Sub-Zero and turned to ash. Goro, Sonya Blade and Kano fell to their apparent deaths when the island collapsed and Johnny Cage was rescued by Raiden.

Blackness. It seemed to swim. When suddenly, he saw a light and it was then that realized that the blackness he was seeing was actually his own sunglasses. Johnny Cage awoke. He was floating the sea on a wooden sail barge. But he did see his rescuer, the Thunder God Raiden. Perhaps he drowned? But Johnny doubted that. Johnny Cage was regularly a movie star, who had made many successful films throughout his career. But now he had a new idea for a film. One based on the adventure he had just had.

The light he had seen was coming from a boat, it even had the American flag draped on the side, but the thought of comfort quickly turned to horror when he saw that the men and women aboard were quickly pointing guns down at him. Their leader walked to the front. He was an African American, he was tall and had incredible strength, and was said to be the strongest man on earth. His name was Major Jackson Briggs. Known as "Jax" to his friends. He pointed down at the movie star and yelled. "Freeze!"

Inside the boat on the lowers levels, Johnny sat on a chair with his hands cuffed in front of him while Jax sat on the other side, interrogating him thoroughly.

"All right Cage, what happened on that island again?" Jax asked.

"I've told you 5 times already." Johnny replied annoyed. "We…"

"Come on Jax, I don't think it's going to change any time soon." Jax's partner Beran said. "I mean we've picked up pieces of wood and stone from that island. They look pretty ancient."

"I still don't buy it Beran!" Jax shouted. "Sonya's team sent out that distress signal and it was centered right where we picked up Mr. Hollywood! And I don't think Sonya would ever fight side by side with Kano!"

"She didn't have a choice!" Johnny pleaded.

With a sigh, Jax stood up from his chair and walked over to Johnny. "All right Cage! We're gonna let you go! But when I get some solid evidence, I'll come after you myself!"

"I look forward to it Jax!" Johnny replied, sarcastically. "Now if you don't mind taking these things off. I've got a movie to make!"


In the realm of Outworld, the Emperor Shao Kahn ruled over it with an iron fist, turning into a realm filled with death and arcane. Once all he could see was under his control, Shao Kahn turned his attention to other realms, his most recent target: Earth, but the sorcerer Shang Tsung has failed to accomplish this goal. He now faces execution.

"You weak, pathetic fool!" Shao Kahn yelled as he brought his fist down upon the pleading Tsung's face. "How could you lose? Everything was set into place!" This time he took his leg and brought it down upon Tsung's chest, still injured from Liu Kang's Flying Kick.

"Master, please! That Shaolin Monk was stronger than we thought he was." Tsung pleaded. "Give me another chance!"

"Why should I?" Kahn yelled as he brought his fist down upon the pleading Tsung's face again, in the background, his servants and shadow priests watched, some watching with sheer delight, some with utter fear. There was Baraka, the leader of Tarkatans, a fierce warrior with a thin white shirt and three female assassins who were dressed quite similarly. First there was Jade, she was dark-skinned and was dressed in green with a green mask over her face, then Mileena similarly dressed, but in pink instead of green, chuckled and watched as Shao Kahn mercilessly brought fists of fury down upon Shang Tsung.

She turned to her twin sister, Kitana. Kitana was dressed similarly like Mileena and Jade except with blue. Underneath that blue mask concealed a beautiful woman while on the other hand, behind Mileena's pink mask featured horrid teeth like that of the Tarkata. "You should be watching this, sister." Mileena said.

Kitana continued to look away and shook her head. Both Kitana and Mileena were the daughters of Shao Kahn. Both were trained to be ruthless assassins, but yet much to Mileena's annoyance and frustration, Kitana seemed to get more repetition and favoritism from their father.

Now Shao Kahn relented his attack on Shang Tsung for a moment as the kneeled sorcerer continued to plead for his life, as he saw the King of the Shokans, Gorbak enter the room. He was the father of Goro, who was presumed dead after the island fell into the sea.

"Great Shao Kahn! I demand Shang Tsung's execution! Through his careless endeavors we have lost the greatest of our warriors, my son Goro! The humans of Earth realm were thought to be weak and unfocused. This was all based on the words of Shang Tsung himself. Yet he was defeated by a shaolin monk? The Shaolin study peace and passive ways. Liu Kang should never have defeated Shang Tsung and we should never have sent a sorcerer to do the work of a warrior! As Gorbak, king of Kuatan, I ask that Shang Tsung return with me to my great Kingdom and be executed before my people! Only this will atone for the death of Goro!" Gorbak shouted.

"I understand your concerns, Gorbak. However, we must now look past the death of our great champion. We have occupied this realm for ages. My strength grows, yet this realm has ceased to grow with it. I need room for my powers to expand. I cannot set foot on Earth's soil until its furies are unbalanced. Shang Tsung has failed to accomplish that. However, I will give him one last chance to explain why I shouldn't strike him down."

Still kneeling on the floor, Tsung spoke. "Master! We can initiate a challenge! Any realm can initiate a challenge to another as long as a portal exists to give it. If my powers were to be renewed, I could easily open the portal and send a small army through and perhaps even exact revenge on those responsible for Goro's death!"

Kahn looked quite pleased at Tsung's idea, but he turned to one of his Shadow Priests and asked. "Tell me. What lies in my future if I allow Shang Tsung to execute this plan?"

"The demon sorcerer's plan is a twist in the rules of tournament battle. The breach through the dimensional gate is a method of exercising the rights of challenge—though it goes against the wishes of the Elder Gods. This makes it difficult to see a clear outcome. If we win this new tournament, your life will be eternal, your power unmatched. You will become a God. If you lose—you will suffer eternal damnation." The Shadow Priest in a voice that would've chilled any Earthrealm traveler.

With a sigh, Gorbak spoke before Kahn could reply. "If Shang Tsung must live, then so be it! But I insist, if you are to bring Earthrealm's warriors to Outworld, then we must send a representative from Kuatan to avenge Goro's death! I offer Kintaro!"

With these words, a massive Shokan stepped forth from the shadows, he wore a mask would would've made any Earthrealm resident think he was a wrestler, he looked similary to Goro, except he had tiger stripes on his back. He bowed before Shao Kahn and spoke.

"Great Shao Kahn, I stand at your command."

"Your presence is welcomed, Kintaro. Shang Tsung, with this turn of events, I will grant your request for youth." Raising his hand up, energy surrounded Shang Tsung. He felt pain as he had never before. His flesh, his soul torn from existence, but he will be reconstructed and when it is done. Shang Tsung stands, his youth restored and more powerful than before.

"I thank you my master." Tsung said, bowing gracefully, his voice now sounded a bit younger. "I want Baraka to lead an army of Tarkatans into Earthrealm and attack the Shaolin Temples, in doing this, we can provoke Liu Kang into coming to Outworld, here we will eliminate him."

"Very well." Kahn said, nodding. "Baraka! Go to Earth and eliminate the Shaolin Monks. Gather your soliders."

"Very well, Great Shao Kahn. I will do as you ask." With a slight bow, Baraka departed from the room.

"Before I open the portal, I wish to speak you in private Master." Tsung said.

"Very well." Kahn replied, he motioned to his three female assassins. "Leave us."

With a slight nod, Mileena and Jade departed, Kitana remained behind, until Jade motioned for her to follow. Deep in thought Kitana left with her sister and Jade. Gorbak and Kintaro departed as well, leaving Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung standing alone.

"Despite the Shadow Priests warning, I have come up with a back-up plan should this one fail."

"Go on." Kahn said, curiously.

"If you recall, my master. That deal that we made with the ruler of the Netherrealm Shinnok and the sorcerer Quan Chi a few hundred years ago? I upheld my end of the deal, I think it is time that Quan Chi upheld his."

Kahn smiled. "Yes, you are quite right. Open a portal to the Netherrealm, I must inform Shinnok that I desire to speak with Quan Chi. After that, go and open the portal to Earthrealm."

"Yes, my master." With a bow, Tsung turned around and mustering an incantation, opened a portal. With another bow, he stepped out while Kahn stepped up to the portal.

"Yes?" the voice asked.

"Shinnok. I don't suppose you don't recall that deal we made a few hundred or so years ago?" Kahn asked.

"Yes, I know. Sindel's spirit still resides here, ever since her suicide 10,000 years ago." Shinnok said.

"Yes, the fool thought she could defy me. Tell Quan Chi to come to Outworld soon. I wish to speak with him myself."

"Very well." And with that Shinnok closed the portal and turned to sorcerer Quan Chi, he was a free-roaming sorcerer, his skin was chalk white. "Shao Kahn wishes to speak with you."

"I see." Quan Chi replied.

"Do not worry about it now, first the specter we sent did his job well." Shinnok said, holding a small soul in his hands. The soul was screaming in torture and pain.

"Yes, Scorpion did his job well. However, if he knew the truth, it would be prove to be disastrous."

"I wouldn't worry. Scorpion is a fool. He has no idea why we sent him. All he cared about was his revenge, but regardless." Shinnok said, holding the soul up for Quan Chi to see. "This fool Sub-Zero thought he could get away with defying us."

"Yes, had it not been for me, we would've lost the amulet for sure." Quan Chi replied. "I don't suppose we could make him like Scorpion, who unfortunately had to retain free will if he was carry out the mission we planned for him."

"Yes, he was a pawn for us, and the best thing is, he doesn't even know it. Now what should we do to this fool?" Shinnok asked.

"I believe Scorpion left us more than enough to work with." Quan Chi said pointing to the levitating body in the center, it was Sub-Zero's charred black body.


At the Lin Kuei Headquarters, word has reached that one of its greatest assassins Sub-Zero has been killed, but by whom they do not know, but rather than mourn his loss, they pass on the name to a new assassin, Sub-Zero's younger brother.

"With your brother's death, you now inherit his name. You have been a loyal assassin for us, just like your brother. Do you pledge to honor the Lin Kuei?"

"I will."


The corpse screamed as the soul was placed into its body, vast energy emitted as Shinnok and Quan Chi performed their spells. This man, once a human assassin was becoming something much worse.

"You told us you didn't want to be our servant? Well, you are no longer an Lin Kuei Warrior, you now serve us, as part of our Brotherhood of Shadow. Isn't it ironic? You are becoming the very thing you didn't want to be." Quan Chi said, sinisterly.

The corpse screamed with a force that seemed to shake the pit of the Netherrealm.


The young man finished putting on his new blue uniform, placing the mask over his face.

"You are now known as Sub-Zero and your first task to complete the assignment your brother failed… assassinate Shang Tsung!"

"I will." The new Sub-Zero bowed.


The corpse rose from the ground, life breathed into anew. The once, proud Lin Kuei assassin known as Sub-Zero was no more, consumed by an evil wraith. Similar to his old look, he was clad in a ninja uniform, now black reflecting the evil inside him.

"You are no longer Sub-Zero… you are now our servant. You are a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow. Henceforth, you shall be known as… Noob Saibot." Shinnok spoke.

The wraith's eyes opened, which revealed glowing, blue eyes. "Yes, my master."

"You first mission will be in the realm of Outworld. Spy on the Emperor, his recent contact has aroused my suspicion. Do you accept?"

Noob Saibot bowed. "Yes, my lord. As you wish."

Quan Chi placed his hands in front of him and opened a portal, Noob Saibot quickly leapt through without a word. After the wraith departed, Quan Chi turned to Shinnok, a slightly concerned look on his face.

"While we turning into our slave, I scanned his memories and I found something most disturbing."


"It turns out he has a brother and he shared the information of your amulet with him. He may know vital secrets to the amulet's power."

"What? If what you say is true then he may pose a threat to our eventual invasion of Earthrealm."

"Do not worry, I know the perfect one to take care of him." Quan Chi said, with a sinister smile on his face.

"Ah, you mean Scorpion. Yes, but he was the one who killed Sub-Zero. How will you explain his return?"

"Ah, yes that would be a problem, but upon further scanning I discovered that Sub-Zero's brother will inherit the name of Sub-Zero. Scorpion will never know the difference."


China, the Shaolin Temples, they have remained hidden for years, word has reached them that Liu Kang has emerged victorious in the Mortal Kombat Tournament. As the monks cheer upon learning of Liu Kang's victory. None is more surprised or pleased than his best friend, Kung Lao. Kung Lao is a descendant of the warrior who had been the last Champion before Goro, though like his ancestor in many ways, Kung Lao does not wish to be the Champion.

In the grounds of the Order of Light temples. A portal opens and out come a legion of mutants, their mission is to kill all of the peace-loving Order of Light monks. Led by Baraka, their nature is cruel and undefined.

They come through the gates, and the Shaolin are unprepared for the attack. Without warning they attack… the Shaolin are caught off guard. Hundreds pour through and many Shaolin are instantly killed. Kung Lao however manages to avoid his attackers. Running through the nearby entrance to the inside area of the temples, he sees his Shaolin brothers attempting to fight back. The Shaolin are peaceful people and will not commit murder, but the Tarkata are different, they immediately go for the kill.

"What kind of monsters are these?" He thought, suddenly he came to a realization. Master Wu could be in danger. Avoiding the carnage around him, Kung headed into the temples. Making his way down the pathway, until he arrived at Master Wu's chambers. As he sprung open the doors. Upon entering, he witnessed Master Wu being brutally murdered, the murder removed the sword from his chest as Master Wu's body dropped to the floor.

"Murderer!" Kung shouted angrily as he took his fighting stance. "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

The Tarkata walked towards the monk, two blades emitting from both of his arms. "My name is Baraka, we are here because Liu Kang has won the tournament. This cannot be allowed."

"But he won on fair grounds!" Kung responded.

"It makes no difference. My master will have this realm!" With that Baraka leapt into the air and came at Kung, who vanished suddenly. Confused, Baraka looked around, Kung reappeared behind him as Baraka turned, Kung punched him in the chest and then kicked him across the face.

Baraka recovered and out of his blades come two shards aiming for the Shaolin Monk, Kung dodged the attack, but was met by a strong kick to the face, knocking him to the ground. Kung quickly recovered and with the razor sharp hat he was wearing, he removed it and threw it with a boomerang, Baraka jumped to the side, barely avoiding the hat, it returned to Kung, who placed it back upon his head.

With both blades out, Baraka lunged at Kung, who ducked under the attack. But the Tarkata leapt back and kicked Kung in the back, knocking him on the chest, but Kung was quick to get to his feet, and for a moment the two blocked and parried each other's attacks.

As the battle waged on, several Tarkata gathered outside, loading rocks onto trebuchets. Setting them on fire with torches, the rocks were sent to the Shaolin Temple. In Master Wu's chamber, the rocks burst through causing Kung and Baraka to both jump back, taking a break in their duel. Kung came at Baraka again, determined to end the battle. Baraka blocked the knee and tried to counter with his fist, but Kung caught the attack. And as more rocks hit the Order of Light Temple, Kung was able to kick Baraka back with a kick to the chin.

By now the Shaolin Temples were slowly burning to the ground. The flames gathered around Master Wu's room. Noticing the destruction. Baraka gave one last word to the warrior, before running out the door. "We shall meet again human."

Rather than follow Baraka, Kung Lao had to escape the Temple before it collapsed. Noticing an open window, he wasted no time in jumping through it, while his beloved Shaolin Temples burned around him…


At the Special Forces base, Jax tries desperately to locate his missing partner Sonya Blade, who has been missing ever since Shang Tsung's tournament. It appears to be in vain, but suddenly hope ignites when a transmission is received…

"Stacey!" Jax called. "Try and clear up that signal."

"Sir! I can't pinpoint its source!" she cried out.

The picture became clear and on the screen was a beautiful young blonde woman. Who Jax immediately recognized as Sonya Blade.

"Lt. Blade to Major Briggs!" she cried, desperately. "We're trapped in a realm called Outworld. It's a long story… You gotta find Johnny Cage or a guy named Liu Kang. They'll explain everything. They're friends of mine…"

"Give me that!" a man rudely interrupted, Jax immediately recognized him as the criminal known as Kano. "Hey, Jacko! We're working together on this one! Just got one thing to say. Bring guns! Lots of gun…" Then the transmission cut off.

"Try to get it back!" Jax yelled.

"I can't sir!" Stacey replied.

With a deep sigh, Jax turned to Beran. "Well, it looks like Cage was telling the truth… Get a copter ready."


Inside Shao Kahn's palace, a green ninja pleads before Shao Kahn who is sitting on his throne room chair with his two daughters by his side.

"Please masssster, forgive me for failing to guard Sssssshang Tsssssung in the tournament. Please." He pleaded, his name was Reptile. Serving as the bodyguard of Shang Tsung in the tournament, Reptile pleads for forgiveness.

"That is enough Reptile." Kahn commanded. "I do not blame you for the unfortunate outcome in the tournament. Continue to serve me and you shall receive your reward."

"Yesss, yess my master, I would be most grateful." Reptile hissed and with that, he departed. An army of Masked Guard entered the room, bowing slightly, Kahn gave them permission to speak.

"Master. We have captured two warriors in the Living Forest. We believe they are Earthrealm."

"Really?" Kahn said, curiously. "Bring them in." With a nod, the Masked Guard brought in the prisoners: one a man, one a woman. Both of their arms were bound in chains behind them. Kano and Sonya Blade.

"Ah, a fine catch." Kahn complimented. He turned to his two daughters. "Kitana, Mileena, escort them to the dungeons." With a slight bow, the two women did as they were told, Kitana escorting Sonya, Mileena escorting Kano. "I will want to question them later."

Kitana pushed Sonya gently, who replied with a defiant scowl, but Kitana whispered into Sonya's ear. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Sonya reacted with a confused look.

In the dungeons below Kahn's palace, inside two cells were pedestals. The prisoners were released from their shackles. Mileena chained Kano to the pedestal, while Kitana did the same to Sonya. Mileena closed the cell door and locked it. She turned to Kitana, who feigned that she was still chaining Sonya.

"You coming?" she asked.

"I'll be along in a minute." Kitana replied. With a shrug, Mileena departed the dungeon.

"All right what's going…mmpphh!" Sonya shouted as Kitana clapped her hand over her mouth and put a finger to her lips.

"Keep your voice down. I don't want the other prisoner to hear. Listen to me, I'm not really one of them… at least not anymore… I've heard that you are Sonya Blade, you fought in the tournament didn't you? Nod if the answer is yes." Sonya did so, but Kitana's hand remained over her mouth. "All right have you heard of Liu Kang…?" Sonya nodded again and this time Kitana lowered her hand from her mouth.

"Yeah… I know he won the tournament…" Sonya responded.

"Yes, but I've heard you were an ally of his during the tournament. Along with some mov-something guy."

Sonya looked at her with disbelief. "Why should I trust you? As far as I know you could just be a backstabbing bitch who's just going to…"

"Don't raise your voice again or else I'm going to have to gag you." Kitana warned.

With a sigh, Sonya relented. "All right listen, you're going to have stay here for a while, but I'll keep you informed." Kitana whispered, as she closed the cell door and locked it. As she looked past Kano's cell, he gave her a whistle; Kitana gave a small growl under her mask, but decided to ignore it.

After Kitana left, Sonya sat on her pedestal though she was still chained. "So baby. What was that all about?" Kano asked.

"You know it's bad enough that I'm tied up, held hostage and trapped in a dungeon, but you being the only one I can talk to is where I draw the line." Sonya responded.

As Kitana walked through the Outworld hallways, she came across Jade. Jade had been her best friend all her life. Both Kitana and Jade along with Mileena were Shao Kahn's top assassins. "What's wrong Kitana?" Jade asked, concerned. Although a mask concealed her face, Jade could tell that her friend was troubled.

"Nothing Jade, nothing. What is that they said about this Liu Kang?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

"You know, ever since you've heard about him, you've been kind of obsessed with him." Jade asked, a bit suspicious.

"No…no!" Kitana urged. "He was the one who robbed my father of his dream of conquering Earthrealm, I want to make him pay for that."

"Uh-huh." Jade said. "Well anyway, I hear that they've captured two Earthrealm warriors."

"Yes." Kitana confirmed. "Mileena and I just locked them in the dungeons."

"I see." Jade replied. "Well, will you be entering this new tournament?"

"Most likely. What about you?"

"No, I've been ordered to stay in the shadows."

"Oh, well I guess he has his reasons."

"I suppose." Jade replied. "Well, Kitana, I'll see you around." Jade said and with a wave, she headed down the other end of the hallway…


Meanwhile that warrior, Liu Kang had finally returned to the Shaolin Temples. He had entered the Mortal Kombat Tournament to bring the tournament back to Shaolin Control. But the price he paid for his victory was high, he would not age, he would always remain the same while his friends around him would naturally age. Despite this knowledge, he defeated both Goro and Shang Tsung and returns to his beloved Order of Light Temples. Only to find, death and destruction. Liu Kang valiantly searches for survivors, but all he finds are the remains of his Shaolin Brothers.

He bowed his head; he realized that he was indirectly responsible for this crime. He had never known just what a curse being the Mortal Kombat Champion could bring. Now he knows….

"I promise you…. For what these monsters did to you…. I will make them pay!" Liu shouted into the air.

"It sounds more like a threat of revenge than a promise." Came a voice from behind. Liu turned his head to see Kung Lao standing behind him.

"What the…? Kung Lao?" Liu exclaimed, surprised.

"Yes… you left the White Lotus Society to compete in Shang Tsung's tournament and now you return to this."

"And what of your decision? You joined the White Lotus Society when the Shaolin needed you the most. I had to return…"

"I know. You wanted to avenge your brother was that it?"

"No, it had nothing to do with that." Liu responded. "My victory…"

"Cost you the thing that you treasured most." Kung replied.

"A price I was going to have to pay regardless Kung."

"Yes, now that you are the Grand Champion, you must wait 50 years until the next tournament until you can age naturally again. A curse I did not want. Regardless of my great ancestor's legacy."

"Yes, you were the one that the Order of Light originally wanted to compete in the tournament if I am not mistaken." Liu replied.

But before Liu or Kung could say another word, a bolt of lighting hit the ground in front of them, Liu immediately recognized the God of Thunder Raiden, his mentor and friend from the Mortal Kombat Tournament. It was Raiden's guidance and wisdom; which allowed Liu Kang to win the tournament.


"Raiden?" Kung replied, puzzled. "This is Raiden?"

"Yes, it is good to see you again Liu Kang."

"Raiden, what happened to the others?" Liu asked, worriedly.

"I could only find Johnny Cage, but do not worry for Sonya Blade did not die. I have learned that she is being held hostage along with Kano in the realm of Outworld from the Elder Gods themselves."

"She is?" Liu breathed a sigh of relief. "Good, do you know who attacked these temples?"

"Yes, it was the Tarkatan, under orders from Shang Tsung himself."

"What? But I defeated Shang Tsung, how could he attack Earth if I won the tournament?" Liu responded, puzzled.

"The Elder Gods were tricked, the Emperor restored Shang Tsung's youth which allowed him to enter the portal to Earth. He has used this to issue a challenge, to provoke you into coming to Outworld to participate in a new tournament. You must go to Outworld, Liu Kang and defend your title of Mortal Kombat Champion."

"I understand, Raiden." Liu said, nodding. Kung stepped forward.

"If the Outworld mutants are attacking Earth again, I cannot stand by and watch. I will assist Liu Kang in this new tournament. I will fight by his side." Kung said.

"Very well." Raiden said. "I will inform Johnny Cage of this new development, when he arrives a portal will to the Outworld will open." And with another flash of lightning, Raiden once again vanished, leaving Liu and Kung alone in the midst of their once beloved temples.


Hollywood, Johnny Cage has returned to the sets. He has talked to his producers about doing a new movie entitled "Mortal Kombat" basing it off the previous adventure he just had.

"All right! We're going to do the big final fight scene now!" the director, Ed Boon ordered through a microphone. "Actors take your places."

"Come on Johnny, I wrote the final scene exactly write, just try to get it right." The screenplay writer, John Tobias told the actor, who prepped himself for the scene.

Meanwhile outside the set, Jax had arrived and was talking to the secretary at the front desk. "Look I need to talk to Johnny Cage, it's urgent!"

With a slight nod, the secretary picked up her phone….

Nearly 5 minutes had passed until the movie star finally came out, when he saw Jax, a look of shock and a little bit of fear came over him "Am I under arrest?" he asked.

"No, believe it or not, I actually found out that you were telling the truth and the strange is, I've been to that realm before."

"Really? Why?"

"It's a long story." Jax said. Suddenly before either men could continue. A bolt of lightning hit the ground in front of them; Jax jolted back in shock and drew his gun, while Johnny immediately recognized their visitor.

"Raiden! What are you doing here?" Johnny let out disguised.

"To warn you." Raiden started, but Jax brought his gun up at the Thunder God's face.

"Hey man! I don't know who you think you are but…"

Raiden calmly took the gun out of Jax's hand and with lightning coming out of his hand, the gun exploded, which shocked Jax, though Johnny was only amused.

"Well, after the tournament, I went to the studio guys in Hollywood, and pitched the idea. They liked it so much that we started production right away!"

Raiden looked around and saw the actor who was playing him was really a fat man eating doughnuts in the cafeteria. "Very accurate." Raiden turned his head back to the movie star. "Johnny Cage, Shang Tsung is not dead as I previously thought. He escaped and had challenged Earthrealm's warrior to a new tournament in Outworld. Liu Kang's Shaolin Temples were attacked by Outworld mutants.

"What? What about Liu? Was he killed?" Johnny asked, concernedly.

"No, he was not killed. When he arrived it was too late, however his friend Kung Lao survived. You must go to the Shaolin Temples and meet them there, also I have something that should interest you." He said.

"Hey, if they're going to Outworld, then I'm going too, that's where Sonya is." Jax said.

"Sonya? She's alive?" Johnny said, happily.

"Yeah, she is." Jax replied. "I will also compete in this tournament, what is your name again."

"Raiden, and your assistance is welcomed."

"How do we get to the Shaolin Temples? I don't know where they are." Johnny asked.

"I will show you the way." Raiden answered.


Deep in the skies of China, a Lin Kuei jet approached the Shaolin Temples.

"This is where our satellites caught the attack, Sub-Zero." Said a gray-clad ninja named Smoke.

"Good, keep circling the area, I do not want to make my presence known just yet." Sub-Zero replied as he looked down at one of the satellite photos. "It's strange, this guy they kept calling Shang Tsung. I thought he was old."

"Yeah, it is odd." Smoke agreed.

"It makes no difference." Sub-Zero said.

"You know, you don't seem too upset that your brother's dead, you ok?" Smoke asked.

"I can't deal with it now, Smoke. The only thing I can do to honor his memory is complete his last mission…."

Deep in the underground, a hole opened in the ground and from the depths of hell, a hand emerged with the fiery pits roaring from below. A yellow-clad ninja emerged. Despite being a warrior from the depths of Hell, this warrior was not evil; he merely wanted revenge on the one who killed him in cold blood. He accomplished this mission, but word has reached him that his murderer has somehow returned from the grave, not undead, but alive. He sets out to finish the mission once and for all. Scorpion, the ninja specter has returned once more.


A copter approached the ground where Liu Kang and Kung Lao wait, and when the copter landed, Johnny Cage and Jax emerged, after shutting off the copter blades.

"Hey Liu! I heard you kicked Shang Tsung's ass." Johnny complimented.

"Yeah…, but look at what it cost." Liu said, sadly. Although he didn't admit it, what Kung said was true, it was his fault that their Shaolin Brothers had been killed. "So who are you?" Liu said, turning to Jax.

"My name's Jax, I've been sent to rescue Sonya and you guys are…?"

"Liu Kang."

"Kung Lao."

Jax gave a nod, as Johnny Cage turned to Kung Lao. "Hey, nice to meet you, my's name…"

"I've heard of you. The movie star, right?" Kung Lao interrupted.

"Yeah… you've seen any of my movies?"

"No, not really." Kung said. But before Johnny could respond a portal opened. Which they immediately recognized as the portal to Outworld. Raiden must've opened it, but yet the Thunder God was nowhere to be seen? Perhaps he had already gone through?

"Let's go…" Liu motioned.