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Tossing and turning, she just couldn't get to sleep. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get this afternoon's events to leave her mind.

Every time she closed her eyes she saw the devastated, heartbroken look on her friend's face.

Punching her pillow in frustration she fell back onto it and scrunched her eyes up, attempting to clear her mind for what seemed like the zillionth time that night. And again, for the zillionth time that night, a pair of cobalt blue eyes that held an ocean of sorrow glimmered back at her.

Acknowledging that sleep was out of reach for her tonight, the young woman gracefully slid out of bed and reached for her dressing robe. Donning it she opened the doors to her bedroom balcony and stepped out into the windy night.

There, in all its glory, was the moon, shining brightly behind a wispy veil of clouds.

Looking up to the giant white pearl above her, the woman gave a tired sigh, and began to wonder just when it was that everything had started going so wrong.

Earlier That Day

Throne Room of Crystal Tokyo

When Jupiter had first been summoned to appear in the throne room she'd thought it was for a simple debriefing to the King and Queen about the security over the Northern quadrant of the palace, which she was in control of.

Imagine her surprise to see the entire court assembled.

All of her comrades were standing at attention on either side of her Majesty's thrones. She took her place as well.

Her senshi instincts taking over she surveyed the entire room, looking for any suspicious or dangerous characters.

She stretched out her mental senses as well, searching for any trace of a threatening aura or power within the vicinity. There was none.

What she did realize with her search though, was that Mercury wasn't at her post. Jupiter frowned at this. Mercury was never late, especially to a court assembly.

She turned to her right where Venus stood not two feet away.

First Leader of the Scouts, Venus took her role very seriously.

She made it her business to know every detail of anything that she considered vital to the King and Queen. She was also the first informed of any developments or decisions the rulers of Crystal Tokyo made.

Therefore, she was the logical choice to get answers from.

"Venus," They never referred to each other by their civilian names in front of the people of the city; and definitely not when in uniform and at attention in the Throne Room, "Venus! Do you know what's going on here?" She made sure to speak in low tones.

The Soldier of Love gave her a passing glance before returning her eyes to stare straight ahead in military fashion.

"We are here to witness the trial of a deceiver. A traitor found within the walls of Crystal Tokyo. To stand behind our King and Queen on the judgement that they will make based upon the crimes that have been committed in our city."

"Trial? On whom? What have they done? Venus? Venus, why was I not informed of this earlie-?"

"Quiet!" The blonde warrior whispered fiercely, "It's begun."

The entire grand room went silent as the great Neo-Queen Serenity stood from her throne to address her subjects.

Her cool, regal gaze swept the hall once before she spoke.

Her voice was soft but nevertheless, heard by all, "Bring her forth."

'Bring her forth? Bring who forth?' These questions and more began to swirl about in Jupiter's mind.

Two young guards eagerly answered their beautiful queen's command. They went to the very back of the hall and out of sight to where the entrance for those under watch and awaiting trial came through.

Looking again to Venus, she noticed the Love Goddess's eyes go steely, and an unexplainable sense of dread filled her gut.

When the guards returned a moment later with their "prisoner" she recognized the navy hair before she saw the face beneath it. The dread she felt drained from her gut to wash over her completely.

Suddenly the pieces all fell too well into place.

The Princess of Thunder could only stare in total shock as the one on trial was placed at the foot of the stairs that led up to the thrones, and made to kneel, head hung low.

Now Venus stepped forward, her voice cold and hard, her eyes just as unfeeling as they glared down upon the kneeling figure.

"Ami Mizuno; Soldier and Heir to the Throne of Mercury; Warrior of Ice, Mist, and Water. You have been found guilty of deceiving the King and Queen and the entire Royal Court. This in itself is high treason. Worse, you have defiled the name and standing of the Planetary Sol Senshi by breaking one of our greatest laws. How do you plead?"

Mercury raised her head and looked upwards to Venus, flinching under her harsh gaze but refusing to lower her eyes, "Guilty." She said softly.

It seemed to echo about the room, followed by the gasps and murmurs of the other courtiers present.

She then switched her gaze to Serenity, eyes pleading.

"But My Queen, please!" She called out, "Allow me to explain-"

"There is no need for explanations Mercury," She interrupted swiftly; "I have been completely informed of your… activities. You know I cannot condone them. It is against the Senshi's code. You know this." Her voice was soft and hard, like cushioned steel; and it would not be questioned.

But, to the entire court's surprise, the shy, quiet Soldier of Mercury was not giving up without a fight.

"How can you say this!" Mercury shouted, rising to her feet, "You who were once the soldier of Love and Justice! Who are you, who are any of you," she swept her arms out to the crowd around her, "to deny a living, breathing being the right to love, the right to be loved! How can- how can you-"

She broke down. Falling back to her knees, hands covering her face as her body shook with the force of her grief.

Her sobs were all that was heard through the cavernous room.

Serenity swept down the stairs of her dais and stood delicately poised before her broken guardian. Her face was tinged with the exact amount of sympathy for Mercury's plight.

Laying a pale, slim hand lightly on the blue warrior's shoulder she spoke in a proper, composed manner that held none of the feeling showcased upon her features.

"Calm yourself Mercury. Love is no crime but it is an obstacle. And as a Planetary Soldier and a Guardian of Crystal Tokyo, it is an obstacle that cannot be allowed. Not for you, nor for the others. I share in your sorrow, my friend, and wish to ease your pain by telling you it will diminish by the passage of time."

The Ice Princess paused in her tears to look up at the Queen in disbelief, mouth slightly agape. Serenity responded with a small smile that gave comfort, but no warmth. Turning, she ascended the stairs back to her throne, speaking all the while.

"For your services to the Throne and to the inhabitants of Crystal Tokyo and Earth it is a most definite conclusion that we, the people, owe too much to you to sentence you to any vile holding facility. I, myself, care too much for you Mercury to ever see you placed in such… unsavoury conditions.

Thus, you will simply be confined to your rooms here in Crystal Tokyo. Your access to the city will be limited once per week with an escort provided by Venus. Your security privileges will remain intact but under severe supervision. Any projects you are currently working on will be transferred to a secure study that will be monitored at all times. You may not leave your rooms unless given permission and escorted by a guard.

Disobey any of these rules, Mercury, and I'm afraid I will have to take much more drastic measures with your punishment. Is this all clear?"

She was silent for many moments before she spoke.

"What about Greg? What will happen to him?" Her voice was timid and hesitant, as if afraid to ask these questions, not wanting to know the answer.

"He is to be banished from Crystal Tokyo for the remainder of his days. Should he attempt to re-enter or, and this is a warning I give to you on his behalf, Mercury, should he try to make contact with you, he will be imprisoned. In Northguard. For life."

Mercury was on her feet again.

"No," she cried, "You can't do that! Not to him! Please Serenity!"

"Were he to stay in Crystal Tokyo you and he will both be tempted to commit these same crimes again. I do this for the sake and safety of the city and for the two of you as well. I hope, dearest Mercury that someday you will be able to understand why the events of today had to take place." Serenity sat upon her throne once more.

"You look positively drained dear, why don't you retire to your rooms now?" This was not a request, but a polite command. "Nerius, Sota, would you please, escort the princess Mercury to her chambers?"

The eager young guards from before approached the blue soldier, but when nearly within arms-reach of her, both cried out in surprise.

Looking down at what attracted their attention it was seen that the two were frozen to the spot.

A thick layer of ice ran from Mercury's booted feet to Nerius and Sota, where it then climbed up their legs.

They were encased in a solid sheet of ice from the knees down.

That was when Jupiter was suddenly aware of the fast descending temperature.

The Throne Room was becoming more frigid by the second. Soon even the hot-blooded Princess of Mars was shivering from the cold.

The only one unaffected by the temperature was Mercury, who stood tall and rigid, glaring up at her Queen.

Contrary to the powers she was exhibiting, the Soldier of Mercury's eyes were like blue flames. One glance to them told that her anger was paramount, perhaps even bordering on hatred. But it was more than that, the pure passion that poured from her eyes to pin the Queen in her place was devastating.

The air surrounding the Ice Princess was so cold it began to burn.

And then… nothing. Her eyes simply became hollow, as if everything human and feeling and aware was scooped right out to leave nothing but a shell.

This caused the former Moon Princess to gasp.

"You are not the princess I swore to protect." Mercury said. Her voice was flat and caused an involuntary shiver to go up Jupiter's spine. "I don't know who you are anymore Serenity."

Those were her parting words before the room was engulfed in a blinding fog.

The courtiers ran about in a panic, and shouts were heard from every direction as people struggled to find the exit and their loved ones.

Uranus could be heard making desperate orders to surround and protect Serenity and Endymion, while Venus was shrieking commands to unseen guards to bring down Mercury.

Jupiter simply stood there dumbly, shell-shocked by what she had seen and heard today, not able to digest it. She could not have moved if she wanted to.

Eventually the panic and commotion died down as the Queen called for calm and the King called for order.

The fog dissipated not long after that, but with a thorough search of the palace, the city and the monitored surrounding areas, it was concluded that Ami Mizuno, the Princess and Soldier of Mercury, was long gone.

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Northguard, for anyone who cares, is pretty much a place of my own creation. It's the most secured and terrible of all the remaining prisons on Earth. Reserved for those who commit the highest of crimes. Obviously situated in the North, very far north, it's the kind of place even the most fearsome criminals would like to avoid.