As Raven threw her cloak around him, Beast Boy couldn't help but blush. When was the last time he was close enough to Raven to hear her soft, gentle breathing, considerably hastened by the fight they were in against Dr. Light? As he felt her dark magic transporting them to the team, Beast Boy sighed. This felt so awkward, yet so right. Apparently Raven had heard his sigh, and looked down at him. To the amateur observer, it looked as if she were just looking, as one would do to a stop sign. Yet to an expert like Beast Boy, who knew when she was showing even the tiniest hint of emotion, the dim shimmer of concern in her eyes was so obvious, he wondered why something hadn't exploded yet. He gave her a small smile. They stopped and Beast Boy came out.

Ravens P.O.V. Ravens P.O.V. Ravens P.O.V. Ravens P.O.V. Ravens P.O.V.

Raven ran over to Beast Boy and threw her cloak over him. As she teleported him, she started worrying. "What if Beast Boy gets hurt, what if he does something inappropriate, we all know he's a perv-" Raven's thoughts were interrupted by a soft sigh from Beast Boy. Raven looked at him worriedly. What if she had injured him? Beast Boy seeing her look of worry gave her a small smile. She could see the other titans as well as Gnark and stopped. And Beast Boy came out from underneath her cloak.

Okay, so I was thinking about the new episode, "Kole", and I remembered this Raven/BeastBoy moment and being the fanatic I am wrote a little one-shot about it. Please review, you know you want to.