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Title: Letting Go

Pairing: Sasusaku

Rated: G

Theme: Romance

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Letting Go

There he was , standing there...just standing there as if nothing in the world had happened. It has been two and a half years since they had seen him, since she had seen him. The emotions that were building up were so tremendous that if it were to be measusered it would be the size of Konoha.

"Sasuke-kun," was the only thing she was able to utter out. Delicate tears started to form in her eyes... "No!...I won't cry! I won't cry...I had promised that I wouldn't cry...I had promised that when I finaly meet him I would let my feelings for him go..". Because, after all you can't only let go of something when it isn't in your grasp, not matter how strong your memories are of holding it, you've got to have the actual thing in your grasp to let it go. A tear rolled down her burning cheeks. How weak. She averted her gaze at Naruto, who she saw, was trembling. But why? Was it anger? Was it fear? Excitment? Or maybe it was joy? Whatever it was she knew she felt the same way. She and Naruto are similar in so many ways. He understands her more than anyone. Understanding her, acknowledging her,...loving her. Then why...? Why didn't she fall in love with Naruto? Why did she have to fall in love with the most coldest person in Konoha? Was it his disntace for everyone that challenge her? Was it his cool demeanor? Or was it his kindness she fell in love with? Whatever it was, she loved it, so much that it hurt inside; shattered her, mended her. He was her strength, he was her weakness.

Sakura looked back at him. Where here leaf coloured emerald eyes locked in place with his blood red sharingan eyes. Those eyes... those eyes that made her fill up with so many emotions. Hehimself made her feels so much. He made her feel...

Fear. The fear she felt on that day when the sound ninja's attacked her in the forest. When the cursed seal first activated. When Sasuke had an urge to kill and torture the nins. When he became someone she never met in her life. A fear that made shivers run down her spine, made her body numb.A fear she only felt when she looked at those blood red eyes.

Sadness. A feeling she felt everyday after his departure. But the first time she witnessed this painful feeling was when the thick fog surrounded his still body in the country of waves. A place she would forever remember because of that awful event, the event where he lay unconcious on the ground, punctured with numerous needles, each needle which punctured her own heart as she set eyes upon them. Tears had flowed down her cheeks as the thought of loosing him clouded her mind, a thought she never wanted to think again.

Happiness. That day was one of the most happiest day of her life. That day he made her so happy. He had acknowledged her and what was even better is that he showed his acknowledgment infront of so many. That day when he looked at her with that precious smile and told her that she was the smartest in team 7, and that meant alot considering it was coming from an Uchiha genius. Actually it meant alot, just because it came from him.

Hope. The hope that rekindled again today. But this hasn't been the first time it was rekindled. It had happened durning that night two and a half years ago. He stood behind her as a slight wind rushed in and the leaves of Konoha danced around the couple. He stood there for a while which felt like an eternity, and then he said 1 name and 2 words.

"Sakura..." How heart melted everytime her name surfaced from his throat to his lips.

"Thank you."

Thank you.

Those words of gratitude gave her hope. It gave hope that maybe, even though he chose the path of darkness, that he will always remain kind. It gave hope that maybe, just maybe, he did care for her, did acknowledge her, to such an extent that maybe he loved her.

And fianly pain.

"Your annoying"

"Your even weaker than Naruto'

"Stay out of my business"

"Stop trying to look after me"

"Even after all this time, your still annoying"

When he left her on that bench.

He made her cry so many times, hurted her so many time that she was sick and tired off it. And because of ths pain she wanted to let him go but even now, finaly when he is in her grasp, she's still not able to. why is she freezing up like this?

And then as she asked herself that question, memories of them togeather flooded back.

Sakura stood there protecting their client, ready for the attack, when a sudden flash occured and then standing infront of her, protecting her, was him...

She laid over his still body, shedding tears of despair, when suddenly he said her name.

She felt weak, inferior, useless compared to her teammates, but then he complimented her and soon made her feel otherwise...

He desperatly held onto her hand as if to ease the pain from his cursed seal...

He asked, anger burning inside him, "Sakura...who did this to you?" and when the sound nin replied for her, anger feuled his thirst for blood...

She held him, begged him to stop, and when he saw her tears , his seal retreated...

He told her that "Not even you will stand in my way". Did that mean her existance had that much ofan impacts in his life?

Her body fell from the tree,Sakura barely concious, felt another body come in contact with hers, and even though she was barely awake, she knew it was him who was saving her...

He stood behind her barely inches apart, when he said "Sakura...Thank you"...

This person was Sasuke Uchiha of the hidden leaf.

Not Sasuke Uchiha of the hidden sound. This person was someone else... but everytime she set eyes upon him she felt like she knew him.

These memories reminded her more of how her crush had transformed in to her true love. This wasn't helping her at all of letting her love for him go. But things like these were never really easy to let go. after all she loved him with all heart. Actually, no, Sasuke was her heart.

But that doesn't matter now because she promised to let these feelings go when she met with him again

But then again, how can you let go of something that is attached to you?

After all Sasuke is her heart and the heart resides in the body. The heart is what helps you live. Take away the heart from a body, the person would die. Take away Sasuke from Sakura, and she would die.

Sakura finaly realized now and that realization made her step forward towards him. When she got there and was at touching distance, she slowly extended her arms and wrapped them around his body, never wanting to let go...

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