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"Digger One, this is Carter. Do you copy?"

"Are we too late?"

"I think they're unconscious," Sam answered.

"Let me give them a nudge," Jacob replied. He moved the ship forward and bumped the smaller death glider.

Jack opened his eyes.

"Colonel O'Neill!" Sam called out through the mic.

"Sam?" Jack croaked out in a low voice, confusion spread across his tired-looking face.

"Sam?" Jacob repeated.

"Did he just call you Sam?" Daniel asked at the same time, a hint of amusement and concern intermingled in his voice.

"He's probably suffering from hypoxia. Oxygen deprivation."

"Sam?" Jack asked again, his head turning and finding Sam. "Sam!"

"Hi, sir," she replied, a small smile on her face. A mixture of relief that he was still alive and embarrassment that he was using her given name in front of her father, the general, flooding her body. And, of course, she was worried about his obvious mental condition, as well, he never called her Sam anymore. "We're going to get you out of there, sir. What's your reserve oxygen status?"

"What?" Jack asked, confusion creased across his face. "Where are the kids?"

"Kids?" Jacob repeated.

"Did he just say kids?" Daniel added.

Sam, feeling a little on the spot and a little aggravated with the constant childish questioning coming from her dad and Daniel, rolled her eyes and turned back to Col. O'Neill. "Sir, I need to know your reserve oxygen status."

"Sam, how'd I get here. The last thing I remember is being in bed with you…"

Sam gasped.

"What?" Jacob roared.

"Did he just say…?"

"DANIEL!" Sam yelled, cutting him off before he finished his sentence.

Sam felt her face flushing. What the hell was wrong with the colonel? "Sir, is Teal'c awake?" she asked. Yeah, that was a great way to get off whatever hallucination the colonel had been having.

Jack just stared at her, trying to take in what was happening. This all seemed….wrong! The last thing he remembered was making love to Sam and then discussing wedding plans, snuggled together in her bed. They were going to have Chloe be the flower girl and Jonathon be the ring-bearer. Sam was going to call up the Tok'ra base to let her dad know about the wedding when she went in to work the next day.

Jack looked over at Jacob standing next to Sam. Well, it looked like she got a hold of him! Jack turned his gaze back to the baffled blue eyes of Sam. Something about this seemed all-too familiar.

He looked ahead of him and saw the back of Teal'c's head. Something about this was definitely familiar! "Teal'c!" he croaked out. "Teal'c!" he croaked a little louder and threw a pen that he had apparently had in his hand.

"O'Neill," Teal'c's strong voice rang out in the small compartment.

"Sam wants to talk to you," he told him, his eyes turning back to Sam in the other ship. There was just something way too familiar about all of this. If he could just put his finger on it…..

Sam had been talking, but he was so caught up in his own confusion, he didn't hear her. "Sir! Did you get that?" her voice penetrated his thoughts.

"Sam?" he croaked out and looked at her, his eyes showing emotions Sam had only seen once before, from the other side of a force shield. It took almost everything she had not to gasp aloud. "Are you still going to marry me?"

This time, Sam did gasp.

"Is there something you need to tell me about your relationship with Col. O'Neill?" Jacob asked in a controlled voice, his eyes darting from Sam back to Jack.

"No, of course not!" Sam snapped at her father. What the hell was wrong with the colonel? "He's obviously delusional."

"Delusional?" Daniel piped up. "I think he just asked you to marry him."

Sam rolled her eyes again and dramatically sighed in exasperation. "Please, can we just get them aboard and then figure out what's wrong with Col. O'Neill?"

Both men looked sheepish as they realized how immature they were acting when two men's lives were at stake. They quickly went into action and after finally getting it through to Jack what they were doing, ringed them aboard the tel'tac.

"Hi," Jack said as Sam and Jacob joined Daniel and the newly ringed-aboard Jack and Teal'c. His eyes never left Sam's until Jacob kneeled down and blocked his view.

"Jack, you okay?" Jacob asked with concern.

It was then that everything finally clicked in Jack's head.

The test flight. Apophis' booby trap in the death glider. They were trapped in space. But…..he already went through all this! He remembered it. Shortly after this, Sara calls and tells him about her father and he leaves the SGC. Leaves Sam. Leaves Sam and refuses to come back. Leaves his children. His unborn children.

Jack's eyes dart to Sam in a frantic act. Searching her body, he doesn't see any sign of pregnancy. What was going on? Closing his eyes, Jack tries to concentrate, something that was becoming much easier with the oxygen finally returning to his body.

"We were in the death glider?" Jack asked a few minutes later.

"Yes, sir," Sam replied, happy to see that his mental status appeared to be returning to normal.

"What year is it?"

"Year?" Sam repeated. Okay, maybe his mental status wasn't back quite yet.

"Year!" he barked. The situation was becoming more and more clear, and more and more frustrating.

"It's 2000, sir," Sam answered in a low voice, coming over and leaning in front of the colonel.

Jack sighed a deep, defeated sigh. "2000?"

Sam nodded.

Jack closed his eyes. It was all a stupid dream. No Chloe, no Jonathon. No Sam. Just Carter. She was just Carter to him again. "Damn it," he hissed before stopping himself and covered his eyes with his fists.

"Sir? Are you okay?" Sam asked in worry.

"Fine, Carter! I'm fine," he snapped.

Sam, not knowing what else to do, left Teal'c and the colonel and returned to the bridge. Before long, the ship deposited all of SG-1 back on earth.


Immediately upon their arrival at the SGC, Teal'c and Jack were ordered to report to the infirmary. They were just finishing up with their exams when Jack saw Sam enter, her face looking a little green.

"Janet?" Sam's voice squeaked out as she approached Janet and Teal'c.

"Sam, what is it?"

"Uh, I'm still a little nauseous. Is there something you can give me?" Sam asked, holding her stomach.

"Sure thing, just give me a sec……"

Jack's mind blocked out Janet's rambling and started throwing images in his face. He and Sam on the ice planet. They made love, that was not a dream! He had told her he knew he loved her, no matter what memories they took, he knew he loved her. They had made love on that desolate planet.

Another image flashed in his mind. This one of Sam, explaining to him about how she didn't even know she was pregnant and was on the verge of a miscarriage.

That image switched to an image he had seen only on video. It was of Sam in labor, Daniel's voice commentating as he held the camera.

And, another image, Chloe. Her cherub face and blonde curls.

Jonathon. His blue eyes and familiar-Charlie expression.

Sam. Tears in her eyes as she twirled the engagement ring on her finger, leaning up and kissing him. I love you, Jack.

Jack finally returned to reality. He jumped off his bed and searched the room for Sam.

There she was, taking some pills from Janet.

"NO!" he yelled, practically running to them. "No, don't take them. Janet, do a pregnancy test on Sam," he ordered, coming to a stop right in front of the woman.

"WHAT?" both women exclaimed simultaneously.

Sam's face blanched.

"Sam," Jack said, turning his head and taking in her pale complexion. "Jonah and Thera. It's possible."

Sam's face whitened even more and her hand shot up to her mouth.

Janet didn't need any more explanation than that and led Sam over to a bed.


Jack paced the room while Sam just twiddled her fingers as they waited for the test results.

Janet came walking back into the infirmary. "I've got them," she announced.

Jack stopped pacing and Sam looked even more nervous.

"You're pregnant."

Sam turned moist blue eyes to Jack.

"It's okay," he said, cupping her face with his warm hands. He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. "We'll get through this, trust me," he whispered to her, her body relaxing in his arms.

"I'm afraid there might be a problem, though," Janet's meek voice sounded out. She really didn't want to tell her best friend she was about to miscarry.

Jack didn't wait for Janet to explain. "We have to call Thor."


Two months later…..


"DANIEL! Get that damn thing out of here!"

"Aw, come on, Jack! This is the miracle of birth! Trust me, your going to want to see this," Daniel whined, holding the camera and zooming in on Sam suffering a huge contraction.

"I'm right here, Danny-boy. I AM going to see it. All of it. No videos, no photographs, I'm going to be here for it all, firsthand." With that, Jack took the camera out of Daniel's hands, tossed it on a chair across the room and threw a proud smile at a very confused archaeologist. "First-hand, Danny-boy!"

Daniel continued to stare at Jack with a perplexed look.

"JA-ACK! Get in here!" Sam's strained voice yelled from her bed. "If I don't make it through this, Teal'c's swore to avenge me!"

Jack let out a laugh and turned to his fiancée. "What do I keep telling you, Sam? Everything is going to be just fine!" He walked over and unclenched her fist from the sheets, raising it to his mouth and laying a kiss on it. He looked around the room. So familiar, and yet, so different. Different, and oh so very right. This was the way it was supposed to be.

He looked back down at the sweat-soaked Sam. "Everything is going to be wonderful."


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