Author's Notes: Sequel to O is for Obsession. This is to show what happened to the other Dragons. I hope you people like it. It's a one-shot.

Disclaimer: What do you think? If I owned it, Chase and Omi would be happily making out right about now.

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Wild brown hair surrounded angry blue eyes. "You, you! I can't believe this!" the Dragon of the Wind screamed, punching the stone bars. Red liquid began trailing down his dirty arm, but Raimundo didn't care. "You went to that monster willingly!" he spat, clutching the bars. "YOU KILLED MASTER FUNG!"

Small black eyes looked at the angry teeenager. "I have no regrets. Master Fung may be wise, but he was getting too old. With the battles going on, he wasn't as strong as before," the petite boy monotonously replied.

Raimundo didn't listen. "You betrayed us! Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?" he ranted, but before he continued on, a burst of water threw him across the dungeon. Next to him, Kimiko gasped. It was the first time Omi attacked any of them using his element.

"Hypocrite," the water weilder hissed. "Or don't you remember when YOU went to Wuya? You betrayed us for RICHES!"

The Pedrosa slumped against the rocky walls, feeling guilty and defeated. His bangs hung low, and a feeling a of depression began to sink in. Beside him, Clay Bailey kneeled down to inspect his wounds.

However, "Then tell us why Omi!" Kimiko whispered. Their former friend stopped, but his back remained facing towards them.

"I love him," was the simple answer.


"Because…he's Chase." Before the other Dragons could reply, Omi was gone.

--- --- --- ----

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