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It was a good day, slightly cloudy sky, low winds, mild temperature, just the type of day for travelers. It would also be the sort of day for bandits, catching a lone traveler who was distracted by their own comfort could be disastrous for traveler, which seemed to be the current situation. A group of three fighters had surrounded a lone teal headed boy, holding their axes at the ready to strike. Said teal headed boy looked wide eyed as he became surrounded, and let out a few curses at himself for being careless. Shrugging dejectedly, the boy quickly slipped what looked like flute from its hold between his back and his backpack, and dropped his pack to the ground at the same time. One of the brutish fighters laughed at what he was seeing until the flute was fully out. What they originally thought was a flute turned out to be an unusual weapon, at one end, it was a normal flute, but at the other end of the flute was a thick curved blade. The laughing fighter stopped laughing and started coughing at the sight of the deadly looking flute-sword.

The other two fighters gave a quick nod to each other and raised their axes to cut the boy down. The fighters didn't even flinch when they a quick combination of notes coming from the flute, and brought down their axes, only hitting the ground where the teal haired boy once stood. Both had noticed that their coughing friend had abruptly stopped coughing and looked up to see their friend on the ground with a large slash in his back. Again they heard music, and looked to see the boy doing a strange dance while playing the flute-sword, then started spinning in a single spot. Not being ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, the fighters started to rush the boy, failing to see the dirt-filled wind circling around the boy. Before they could stop charging, both were caught in the mini-tornado that had been recently formed around the flute player. The two fighters flew around in the circle of the mini-tornado, crashed into each other few times and had landed on the ground. Both had received many cuts all over their bodies, only one left conscious.

When the music had stopped, the mini-tornado had ended its existence, leaving only the teal haired boy, who was unscathed by the tornado. The burly fighter noticed the blade end of the flute-sword, dripping with a bit of red liquid which he deduced was his and his partner's blood. "H-h-How?" the Brute choked out. The boy just smirked, took a cloth and cleaned off the blood on his flute-sword.

"Because, those who travel alone on the roads filled with bandits and the like, would probably be skilled enough to defend themselves from multiple enemies. That and, most would try to avoid attacking those with dragon blood" the fighter gasped in surprise, and died quickly afterward with the feeling of extreme coldness.

"Stupid bandits, just because I'm a bard, doesn't mean I'm defenseless" the boy mumbled to himself while searching the corpses for anything of use or to sell, only finding a few gold pieces and their steel axes, which he could sell. The bard walked over to his pack, strapped it on, and continued on his path of wandering.

The teal haired bard took a wooden flute out of a case attached to his belt. This was a special flute; it was the same flute that served him during his first adventure against an evil druid trying to become highly powerful. Yes, this bard was one of the members of the group of mercenaries that served the current Marquess of Pherea. In fact, he is the brother of the current lady of Pherea. His name was Nils, one of the two "Children of Destiny". No longer did he look like a 14 year old child, instead looking more like a human of 18 years, and more refined then he was before.

"Hmmm…why didn't my danger sense kick in?" Nils wondered aloud. "Oh well, no use wondering about it, just need to keep wandering".

The young bard started to play a peaceful tune on his flute as he walked, keeping himself, and anyone who could hear the music, in high spirits. He continued walking down the road, not caring which direction he went, only to wander, that was the only way to satisfy his wanderlust. Only stopping when needed was an essential key to being a wanderer. He was getting low on supplies, he figured, basing it on how light his pack was getting.

A merchant caravan passed the young bard, all eyes watching the musician as they passed, astounded by the music being played. The hired mercenaries protecting the merchant caravan looked at the boy suspicious, not wanting to take any chances that they would loose pay because a kid thief took the merchants goods. Nils barely took notice to the caravan, being consumed in the creation of the musical notes coming from his flute. Deciding it was time to pick up his pace, Nils played a succession of notes, put his flute away, and started running, faster than normal for a person.

After running a while the bard slowed down to a walk, feeling the effects of going beyond his normal abilities by using a spell to move faster. Searching his surroundings for a possible place to stay, he noticed a castle in the distance and his brown eyes widened with recognition.

"Castle Caelin, haven't been there since Lady Lyn's wedding" the bard said to himself, and he found it not unusual to talk to oneself if they traveled alone. "I wonder how much Lyn had argued with Hector to have their wedding held in Caelin. She did have good reason though, that was when Lord Hausen wasn't well to leave Castle Caelin, and she wanted her grandfather there to see her get married. Course the marquess died soon later, from all the poison he's been given, and from that stab in the back from that….that…..spawned creature from hell!" Nils shuddered, thinking of one of his few torturers created by Nergal. Pushing his anger and fear away, he continued walking towards his source of shelter for the night. "Hopefully," he thought, "There will be someone who recognizes me there".

AN: Well the first chapter is done, sorry for it being so short, but it's above 1000 words, and that was my goal for this fic idea I came up with Friday. I made Nils a bard of DnD style, able to fight as well, and I'll have reasons for him being this good in later chapters. The sword was a design made by my friend for a bard I was making, which turned out to be a crappy bard. Link015, I hope your happy with this fic, it is for your contest after all. Anyway, read and review people. Hope you guys like it.