The Thief Lord

By: Shini'chi Raine

Raine Reports: Yes, another story. (Finally, huh?) This one is based on a brand new favorite series. (I've read/seen so many new ones I'm about to faint from happiness and exhaustion over it all).

Categories: Anime/DNAngel

Genre: Romance/Drama (?) Action/Adventure

Rated: M

Couple(s): Dark/Dai

Summary: On a moonless night, deep in a dark alley, a young boy in his teens fled for his life. Thugs cornered him as he ended up at a dead end. What's so special about him? Well, I, the Thief Lord, am about to tell you all about it…

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Reader Notes: Italics are thoughts. Bold Italics is Dark telling the story. "…" is dialogue. Of course, the line breakers indicate scene changes.

Part 01: Daisuke Niwa

Crimson colored eyes darted back and forth, eyes that many of the modern day considered demonic. (After all, no one in their right mind had naturally ruby colored eyes—especially since this one boy wasn't even wearing contacts!) Two bulky figures with matching stone, cold, grey colored eyes and taunting smiles stood in front of him, both wearing black, unreflecting long trench coats. Their eyes glowed dangerously; however, the boy's eyes also glowed, but merely with concentration. The men held daggers threateningly at the teen, who merely glared at them.

On a moonless night, deep in a dark alley, a young boy in his teens fled for his life…

Running a hand nervously through his silky, velvet red hair that was damp with nervous sweat, he comtemplated his escape. He was trapped in a dark alleyway, but… Alleyways, he thought, usually have ladders on the sides of the buildings that create them. So… His sharp eyes scanned his surroundings, and sure enough, there, next to an open, empty window, was a ladder hanging, if precariously, off the building wall. Hoping his next attempt would work, he pointed behind the men, and shouted, "Hey, look over there! What's that?"

Thugs cornered him as he ended up at a dead end. What's so special about him?

Amazingly… his trick worked. Blinking for a few seconds in astonishment at the idiocy of the two men before him, the teen sprang upward, hands reaching, grabbing, for the ladder. Catching, gripping, he held on as he panted. He soon began to climb, however, knowing that the two men would soon realize his trick (which he was still amazed about, as he thought it wouldn't work). Using the ladder, he pushed himself off and into the window, glad that it was open to allow his passage through it quietly. Unfortunately, he didn't anticipate any vases, and the resulting crash obviously caught the attention of the person who lived in the room he'd jumped into.

Well, I, the Thief Lord, am about to tell you all about it…

Retracting his dark, ebony wings, Thief Lord Dark Mousy swung amethyst eyes over to the intruder… that seemed, strangely enough, to be wary of his window. The intruder was hidden in the darkest part of his room, so he couldn't discern any features… yet. "Hello," he drawled out quietly in his uniquely masculine, somewhat deep, tenor voice. Brushing his darkviolet hair out of his eyes, he continued to stare (toward the place where he assumed the intruder was) at his new "guest".

The rustle of clothing caught his attention; it was close to the area where he'd been previously staring at anyway… "Ano… sorry about jumping into your room!" Dark raised a graceful eyebrow. Japanese? In Italy? Luckily for him, he knew several languages. The other thing that surprised him was the voice; it was a gentle male tenor that sent odd shivers down his back. "I'll leave in a few minutes, okay?" the voice continued. More sounds of clothing… "No, wait," Dark said in the boy's language. He wanted to see the face. "Why are you hiding?"

Sounds of movement (because of the rustling of clothing) answered Dark. From the black shadows of his room emerged a young boy in his teens. Although the boy wore ragged clothing, Dark had to bite his lip from gasping. He was captivated by the crimson eyes, and the soft, silky looking red hair. The boy's arms were slightly chiseled with muscle, and Dark was able to tell that the boy was lean and fit, if hungry looking. "I'm hiding because… I'm not sure if I should tell you." When the boy smirked, Dark could barely suppress a blush. Shit… he just has to be so damn cute! The Thief Lord thought to himself. "What's your name?"

"I don't know if I should tell you."

"You can trust me."

"Should I trust you?"

"Well, fine, then! I'll tell you mine. I'm Dark Mousy."

"Interesting name. Why do you call yourself 'Mousy', Dark-san?"

"I'll tell you after you tell me your name."

"Fine. I'm Daisuke Niwa."

That was how I first met Daisuke Niwa. The boy was from Japan, and he told me later on that he had no idea why he was in Italy. He also told me that I was the first person he'd seen in a long time that didn't want to kill him or kidnap him, etc. What surprised me most was that he was being followed because he was some sort of an 'experiment'. Well… at any rate, he was going to be mine, and I definitely wanted to protect the kid (really, he was only two… three? …years younger than me.) I was 19… he was 17. (Okay, fine, he's two years younger than me.) Only about half a head shorter than me (really! These Asian people—so short! But so delightfully… I'm not going to finish that thought…), and he was so much like me. I'm known as the Thief Lord here in Italy, ( although I'd prefer Phantom Thief, considering my wings), but Daisuke… well, let's just say there was something about him that really dragged me in and held me fast. He was the first person to ever… well, not be frightened of me. I don't know what else, but there was just something about him…

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Next Chapter Preview: "Daisuke Niwa," Dark repeated, testing the name on his tongue. Daisuke shivered, and although it was a cold night, it wasn't because he was cold. "Can I just call you Daisuke, Niwa-san?" Dark continued. Daisuke slowly nodded, staring at the incredibly handsome young man in front of him, hiding his awe behind a smirk.