Title: The Thief Lord

Author: Shini'chi Raine

Raine Reports: Well, so far, so good. Obviously, this is an alternate universe (?)… okay, maybe not, but close enough to how I want it. sweatdrop Thanks for the reviews! Anyway, enjoy! waves

Summary: On a moonless night, deep in a dark alley, a young boy in his teens fled for his life. Thugs cornered him as he ended up at a dead end. What's so special about him? Well, I, the Thief Lord, am about to tell you all about it…

Warning! If you dislike yaoi, I'm warning you right now, do not send me any flames about this! I have my rights as a fan to do this, and also why the crap are you even reading my fic in the first place if you don't like yaoi? Get the idea? Good. (If you are a fan of yaoi ignore this warning, please.)

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Reader Notes: Italics are thoughts. Bold Italics is Dark telling the story. "…" is dialogue. Bold will be Daisuke telling the story. And of course, the line breakers indicate scene changes (or breaks).

Last Chapter: "What's your name?" "I don't know if I should tell you." "You can trust me." "Should I trust you?" "Well, fine, then! I'll tell you mine. I'm Dark Mousy." "Interesting name. Why do you call yourself 'Mousy', Dark-san?" "I'll tell you after you tell me your name." "Fine. I'm Daisuke Niwa."

Part 02: Dark Mousy

"Daisuke Niwa," Dark repeated, testing the name on his tongue. Daisuke shivered, and although it was a cold night, it wasn't because he was cold. "Can I just call you Daisuke, Niwa-san?" Dark continued. Daisuke slowly nodded, staring at the incredibly handsome young man in front of him, hiding his awe behind a smirk. Dark swept dark, amythest colored eyes over him, making Daisuke feel as if he was being slowly stripped…

I swear, when I jumped into Dark's window that night, I never expected the stuff in the future, believe me. People like to say over and over that history repeats itself, and in some truths, it does. However, it doesn't always… I wasn't sure if I could trust Dark back then; besides, I just escaped a freakin' laboratory, all right? I remember a couple of days later that I told Dark why I was 'hiding'.

Daisuke moved so that he was now under the light that was dimly lit above Dark. Dark was half a head taller than him, which was fine, since Daisuke didn't mind tilting his head slightly just to look at the amazingly sexy man in front of him. "So, gonna tell me why you have such a weird name now that I've told you my name?" the ruby-eyed boy questioned. Dark smirked, and turned away, clothes rustling with the movement. "Nope. I want to get you into some better clothes than those ugly rags you're wearing. Follow me." Daisuke nervously followed after the gracefully moving darkviolet haired man.

Did Daisuke have to be so damn cute? Anyway, I was actually glad that he was wearing those rags… I mean, I had extra clothes, and besides, being the horny pervert I am (yes, I admit it), I wanted to see ALL of Daisuke. Although that was the excuse under me saying that I wanted him in different clothes, he really DID need new clothes. And a bath… ooh…

"Here," said Dark, giving Daisuke a black choker, a somewhat loose tanktop, black, finger cut gloves, and some black leather pants. Daisuke managed to cover his embarrassment by eyeing the clothing with something akin to shock in his eyes. "Wha… wha…" he started, and continued to stare at the clothes in his arms. Lucky for me, thought Dark, we're both guys. I get to see him… all of him! Daisuke sighed, interrupting Dark's thoughts from moving on further. "I'll go get changed." Daisuke moved off so that he wasn't able to be seen, and Dark stifled a disappointed sigh. Damn…

When Daisuke reemerged, Dark had to, again, stifle a sigh. A gasp as well, actually. Shit! I thought he was cute before, but now he's just plain sexy…! Dark smiled, and Daisuke smiled back, if a bit shyly. He still felt slightly uncomfortable because Dark was, once again, giving him the feeling that he was being stripped slowly, piece by piece.

"Er… Dark-san?" Dark blinked. "Yeah? And just call me Dark, will you?" Daisuke nodded. "Dark-sa… Dark, would you… um…" he fidgeted, and continued, "…stop looking at me like that? It's kind of creeping me out." Dark smirked. At least he's honest. That's good. "Wow, you're blunt. Hm… that's a good trait, as long as you know which are secrets, and which aren't. So! Why are you hiding out?"

The ruby eyed boy paused. He still wasn't sure if he could trust Dark Mousy, as the thief lord noted. Hm… we'll have to fix that! "Look, I won't hurt you, I promise," Dark said gently. "I hate people who're in trouble, y'see? I can't stand it when someone I know, especially those I like, are in trouble, and are maybe hurt. D'you get it?" The redhead sighed, and said, seemingly relunctantly, "Fine, fine. Prepare yourself then."

Daisuke closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and huge, scarlet colored wings burst from his back in a frenzy of bright, white light. Dark gaped, more surprised and happy than scared and annoyed. Daisuke winced, thinking Dark was doing the latter rather than the other. "Dark…? If you want me to leave… I will… but you have to—" Daisuke was interrupted by Dark exclaiming, "Are you serious? I thought I was the only one who had wings!"

Daisuke blinked. That's when he noticed that the 'cape' Dark had been wearing wasn't a cape at all. They were Dark's wings… ebony colored wings, midnight black colored from far away. "You…" Daisuke gasped, stunned. Dark smiled. "Yep. I think I know which lab you came from. I don't have parents, and neither do you. We were created specifically, and there should be two others like us—one of 'em has blue wings, the other has white wings. They're dangerous, 'cause they actually work for those freaky labcoat geeks."

Daisuke nodded, noting the information carefully and stored it for later contemplation. "So… what do you do to survive around here?" Dark grinned mischevously. "Didn't I tell you? I'm not known as the Thief Lord for nothing!" Daisuke sighed. "I remember now. But didn't you want to be called the Phantom Thief?" Dark glared. "That too! Don't contradict me!"

"But… I wasn't…" Daisuke began, before Dark laughed. "Wow, you're sure easy to get fooled. We can't have that now, can we? Tonight, I'm going to show you the ropes!"


God, if I'd know just how good Daisuke was at stealing, I probably would never have dragged him along in the first place! I'm still called the Thief Lord, of course, but Daisuke's known as the Phantom Thief. It's cause he moves like a blur, and people only see his shadow. It's amazing, really. I like him as a partner though—we can survive together! Dai-chan's so… I dunno, what else do you think I think he is? Well, that first night was bound to be an adventure, and I can honestly say that… well, that night was the first-time-for-everything night.

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Next Chapter Preview: "Damn! Daisuke—we have to get out, now!" Daisuke waved a hand, and off they flew. "I can't believe it! That was the closest time I'd been caught!" Dark said, still stunned. Daisuke sighed. "Sorry. I was so surprised to see the one that had blue wings that I just froze…" Dark nodded. "We'll have to be extremely careful. If they've already found us, they're bound to find our hideout…"