Author's Note:

I've gotten several requests for this story to be finished. Actually, it's been finished since the day I uploaded it here. It's not posted here because it's... just too graphic for this archive.

However, if you want to read this story in its entirety, plus all of the others to go with it go to the following: www dot fosff dot net / series dot php?seriesid2 (change the dots to . and remove the spaces). Or pm me and I'll send you the address. This points to the entire series, from the original I wrote, sequel, TrinityWildcat's prequel and sequel to my sequel; along with a Bobby/OC threesome I wrote featuring Olivia Benson entitled "The Birthday Boy." An alternate location is at www dot foreverfandom dot net (with the usual substituting dots for . and removing the spaces). Go to Categories, TV, Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Some of it is under "The Birthday Series." Trinity's is below that.

Oh, and there's another sequel in the works to follow up Trinity's sequel. ;-)