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The Old Well

He was having trouble sleeping.

More and more often, after lying in bed in vain for a few hours, Grandpa Higurashi found himself sneaking out at all hours of the night to visit the old well.

Like a siren, it called to him, beckoning him to try once again to enter into the Feudal Era, into a world where legends were real. And as though in a trance, he would go to it, and spend hours trying to unlock its secrets.

He would examine every corner, every crevice of that old well. If only he could break its mystic barrier, the one that his granddaughter Kagome traversed so easily.

It was unfair, really, that she be the one who got to take part in the great adventure. It was he who'd studied fables and myths, sorcery and magic—he who dreamed of enchantments and fantasy—he who never stopped believing.

Kagome didn't believe in legend until she fell into one.

She doesn't realize how lucky she is. Grandpa Higurashi sighed as he leaned over the edge of the well, and peered into its unknowable depths. He'd fooled himself into thinking that the reason why the well plagued him so was because he wanted to fulfill some silly childhood dream.

Somewhere, beyond the darkness, beyond the barriers of time and space, a young schoolgirl gazed into the well forlornly. It would be a long time before she would be able to journey back through it again.

Mom . . . Sota . . . Grandpa . . .

She closed her eyes, bringing her fingers to her lips lightly, and blew a kiss into the well.

Her family would never have any way of knowing her action. But somehow, Kagome had to believe that it could reach them. That if a girl could transcend time—that if a legend could turn out to be true—then a kiss could find its way home.

Five hundreds years away in that very spot, an old man stood. A warm feeling came over him suddenly, and he held his hand to his cheek.

"Take care, Kagome."

His body could never pass through the well. But his love could.