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Where It Will

What the hell is that sound?

I crack one eye open and look around, but whatever the sound was, it seems to have gone away. Good. I snuggle back against Yami, meaning to go back to sleep, when I hear it again. Now I recognize it. 'Fly Like An Eagle.' That's a really old song. But why is it playing? I look up again and see a cell phone dancing on the nightstand. I snatch it up.

"Kaiba!" I bark to whoever has the audacity to make me move from my perfect spot.

"N-Nii-sama? What are you doing answering Yami's phone? Where's Yami?"

"Oh, hey, Mokie," I reply calmly. "Yami's asleep. I'll tell him to call you."

"Can you wake him up? I have the museum on the other line."

"Fine." I put the phone down on the bed and gently shake Yami awake. "Yami, baby. Phone. It's the museum. Wake up."

"Okay, I'm awake," he yawns. "Where's the phone?"

"Behind you." I reach over and hand it to him after another big yawn.

"This is Yami," he states clearly. "Oh hey, Mokuba! Okay, put them through."

As he starts discussing something about his work hours with them, I get up and stretch, heading to the bathroom to pee and shower.

I'm not surprised when Yami joins me in the shower a few minutes later.


I figure if I stand here holding the receiver long enough, a different explanation will come to me. So far, none had.

Nii-sama answered Yami's phone and he'd just woke up.

Nii-sama told me Yami was asleep and I heard covers rustling when he put down the phone.

I heard Nii-sama call Yami 'baby' when he was waking him up.

I heard Nii-sama waking Yami up and he didn't get out of the bed.

Did they…?

Is that why Nii-sama didn't come home last night?

If they did, is that a good thing? Neither of them could survive a break-up. Maybe they should have stayed just friends.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this.

I'll just call Nii-sama and get some real answers.

The phone rings three times before he picks up.

"Kaiba!" Comes his familiar bark.

"Nii-sama, where are you?"

"I'm at Yami's apartment. Didn't you already talk to me this morning, Mokie?"

Mokie twice in one day! No, twice in less than an hour. What's going on?

"Nii-sama, it's Saturday."


"Saturday's a work day."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because it's a work day and you're not at work."

"I'm going in later."

"That's not like you, Nii-sama."

"Mokuba," he sighs at me, "what is it? What do you want to know? Yami and I are trying to get out of here so I can come home and get changed and we can go out to breakfast."


"We'll be there in 20 minutes, Mokie. We'll talk then." He hangs up.

'Mokie' three times in less than an hour. Wow. It's huge.

Twenty minutes later, I am witness to a bizarre occurrence, several in fact.

Nii-sama at home on a Saturday morning at 9:30 am.

Nii-sama smiling a real smile as he comes in the door.

Nii-sama holding Yami's hand!

Nii-sama and Yami sucking face in the front hall! With the door still open!

Well, I guess that answers all of my questions.

They part and Nii-sama heads past me up the stairs.

"We're leaving in five minutes, Mokuba, if you're going," he calls on his way up. I turn to Yami, whose smile is so bright I'm tempted to find a pair of shades.

"I guess you need an explanation," he grins.

I nod dumbly and follow him into Nii-sama's study. We sit across from each other, him on the couch, and me in the recliner.

"I guess you know we're together now."


"I don't know what's going to happen, yet, Mokuba. This just happened last night. But I will be staying in my apartment and not moving back in here. The rest we're playing by ear."

I pause, taking it all in.

"Do you love him?"

"Yes," he smiles.

"Then that's all I care about," I shrug.

"Yami! Mokuba! I'm leaving for breakfast now, with or without you!" Nii-sama calls from the front door.

We both scramble to follow him, knowing he's not joking.

As I watch them eat and talk and laugh with each other, a weight I didn't realize I had been carrying lifts from my shoulders.

My Nii-sama is back. Yami did what I knew he could and brought him back. And now when I go away to school he won't be alone.

Yami spouted that 'play it by ear' stuff to try and distract me from knowing the truth; neither he nor Nii-sama would have allowed such a relationship to develop between them if they didn't expect it to be forever. He's only keeping his apartment until I go away and then he'll move in permanently. I'm sure eventually they'll even get around to doing something symbolic to signify their union.

I look at my Nii-sama and smile in my heart. His eyes are bright with life and intensity again. That brow wrinkle is long gone. The arrogance is back in his stance and mannerisms and even his hair has its perfect glimmer back.

And he looks 24, not 54. He's not "old" anymore.

And that smile. That real smile.

Thank you, Yami. I can never repay you for what you've done.


Two weeks later:

Phone ringing

"Hello, Yugi Motou's residence."

"Hi Jii-chan!"

"Well, hello, Yami!"

"So you've decided to stay in Hawaii for good, huh?"

"Yes. Yugi and Otogi will be there to pack up my things next month."

"That's good. The climate's probably better for you anyway."

"Speaking of moving, how's your new apartment?"

"It's great, Jii-chan! Very spacious! And no noisy neighbors!"

"Sounds good."

A pause.

"I'll really miss you being here in Japan, Jii-chan."

"Oh, it won't be so bad! Now that you and Yugi are together again, you can call me anytime! And of course you could always come and visit us."

"True, but I can't get away for a while. The museum had me start a few weeks earlier than the planned February 15th date so, I've been a bit swamped."

"How do you like it?"

"I love it Jii-chan!"

"As much as you love Kaiba?"

A pause.

"I told Yugi I'd tell you myself."

"Would you believe it was Mokuba who told me?"


"Yes! He called sometime last week and we talked for hours. He's actually very excited about it."

"He's been very quiet about the whole thing. It's actually bothering Seto quite a bit. He thinks Mokuba doesn't approve, even though I told him that Mokuba said it was all right. Actually, that's why I called you. After I told you, I was going to get your advice because I thought maybe Mokuba didn't actually approve either. And I can't come between them and I can't leave Seto, so I didn't know what to do. Now, I guess we'll just talk to Mokuba and see why he's been so standoffish."

"Maybe he's just afraid to say the wrong thing and ruin what he considers so perfect. Maybe it's a conversation best left to the two of them."

"Maybe you're right. Well, I have to go. But I'll call again soon, I promise."

"Bye Yami! I'm very happy for you!"

"Thanks, Jii-chan! Bye!"


I hang up the phone and digest what Jii-chan told me.

Mokuba is happy about us. Seto would be glad to know that, but only if Mokuba tells him.

I know! I'll bail on Yoshi's tonight, claiming I have to work. In the meantime, I'll put a bug in Seto's ear to ask about it. Perfect. I go back to work with a smile on my face.


"You don't have to work, Yami," Seto correctly surmises, "so quit with the bullshit and tell me the real reason you don't want to go."

I don't know why I thought I could get anything past him. Whether he loves me or not, he's still Seto Kaiba.

"Fine, I don't to work. I just thought you and Mokuba could have some 'brother time' together."

He narrows his eyes.

"What did he say to you?"

"Nothing! I just thought if you could talk to each other without me there, he'd explain his feelings about us being together."

A pause.

"He told you he hates it, didn't he?" His face falls.

"No, baby. Actually, he said that as long as I love you, that's all that mattered to him. But I already told you that."

"So what brought on this 'brother time' crap?"

"Mokuba told Jii-chan."


"He called him last week and talked to him for hours about it. Jii-chan said he was very excited about us being together."

"Then why…?" He frowns, not understanding Mokuba's refusal to say the same to him.

"Jii-chan suggested that maybe he was afraid of saying something to mess us up and that maybe if it was just you two, he'd open up."

He grabs me and kisses me soundly.

"What was that for?" I question breathlessly.

"What both of you need to understand is that there is no 'just us' anymore. You're my koi. My mate. Everything that happens concerns all three of us now."


He kisses me again, lightly.

"Shhh. We'll make it official someday. For now, just take me at my word."

"I will."

Clutching my hand, he calls Mokuba to his study.

"Yes, Nii-sama?"

"You know that Yami and I will be together forever, right?"

"Of course," Mokuba replies as though Seto is the biggest idiot on the planet.

"Then why do you disapprove?"

"Disapprove?" He repeats, incredulously. "I'm happier than you can imagine, Nii-sama."

"Then why haven't you told Seto that?" I question evenly, clutching back at Seto's hand.

The look on Mokuba's face is one of complete clueless-ness.

"Sorry, Nii-sama. I figured you knew, since I was the one trying to get Yami back into your life in the first place."

"Hn. I guess it should have been obvious," he scoffs, before opening his arms to Mokuba. With a smile, he rushes into both our arms, since Seto never let go of my hand.


. . .

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