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Brotherhood of the Canines – Part 2


'Where am I?' thought a wakening wolf.

Curi looked at his surroundings to see that he was now back in his room, in his and Loyal Heart's house, on his messed up bed.

His room color was still the same teal color. He also had a night lamp beside his bed, and on the end of his bed was a big chest, where he kept a large collection of various objects. For some strange reason, he liked collecting shiny and lustrous objects. There was a light-orange standing mirror at the corner of his room and a medium-sized TV across it at the opposite corner on a blue counter, but the TV was facing his bed, so that he could watch from the comfort of his bed.

"I'm home, but what am I doing here?" he muttered, his mind blurred and fuzzy. He could barely recall what happened before he seemed to have blacked out.

'Maybe I'll remember all of it later,' he thought as he sat up from his bed. For some reason, he felt a lot better since the nightmare incident.

As he got off from bed, he looked at its messy form.

'I should fix this,' he thought, as he began arranging his bed in a more proper fashion.

Just because he had a child-like mind most of the time doesn't mean that he doesn't have a more mature side. Also because Loyal Heart would either nag him to do it or do it himself, although he mostly did the former.

"Where is Loyal Heart anyway?" he wondered out loud, in a thoughtful face, as he finished fixing his bed.

"Oh, you're a awake!" the voice of the said person called out.

Curi, startles by his sudden outburst, looked at his way, eyes wide.

"Oh, sorry, I thought you had gotten better…" he said, thinking that Curious Heart might've felt worse, but to his surprise, and relief, Curi smiled widely.

"I feel much better now," he said, "even though I kind have forgotten what happened in the clinic."

"Oh…so you don't remember 'bout…you know…your brother?" he asked, unsure of what he was trying to say.

"My brother?" Curi said. At first, he couldn't understand, but then realization filled his face. "My brother!" he suddenly yelled.

"Huh?" Loyal Heart said, as Curious rushed to him and hugged him the same way that he had done to him when he woke up in the clinic.

"I have a brother! I actually have a piece of my life somewhere in the city!" he kept on saying, happy that he has a connection to his forgotten past.

Too bad that Loyal Heart couldn't take enough air to congratulate him.

"C-can't…breathe…!" Loyal Heart said, closing his eyes as hard from the lack of air.

"Oh! Sorry, but I couldn't help myself!" he said, scratching his head. "I just can't believe that there may be someone that can help me remember what I have forgotten," he explained.

"Yeah," Loyal Heart said, rubbing his neck. 'Probably deserved that after doing it to Curi,' he thought.

"Hey, what did happen after I um…did I black out?" he asked, although he was half-sure that he was correct.

"Yes, you did, but I guess I would too if I found out that I actually had a brother," he said, smiling almost teasingly. "Also, after you blacked out…"

Curious Heart waited patiently.

"I think you might want to sit down on your bed," Loyal Heart said, in which Curi did.

"Okay then. After you blacked out…"


"Curi!" Loyal Heart shouted, surprised that he just fell back on the bed in a blink of an eye. He moved to go and see if he was okay.

"Don't touch him!" Take Care Bear suddenly warned, coming in between the wolf and the worried dog.

"Wha-why not?" he asked, taken aback.

"He looks like he has gone through a shock," she said. "If you touch him, it may do some damage; are you willing to take the chances?" she asked him.

Loyal Heart now looked crestfallen.

"I'm sorry, Loyal Heart, but its for Curious Heart's, as well as yours, own good," she explained, smiling apologetically.

"I know, I know…it's just, I'm just so worried about him," he said. "He is like a brother I never had. He looks up to me, he respects me more than I ever thought he would, he even said that he idolizes me, once," he said, smiling faintly.

"He'll be fine. After all, he survived before you and Proud Heart found him, right? Then he can get through this one as well," True Heart said, mostly to Loyal Heart than anyone else.

"Yeah! And besides, I want to know how you found out that Curious has a brother," Proud Heart pointed out, looking at her.

"Yes, I want to know how you know, too," Loyal Heart said, looking at her, eyes still a bit depressed, but full of curiosity.

At first, True Heart looked reluctant, but then she sighed, knowing that they had to know what she knew, and what she had seen.

"Loyal Heart, do you still remember the last part in Curi's dream?" she asked him.

"Yes. The…hunter…went and got the bracelet wolf in Curi's dream."

"No, no, after that."

"After? I guess," he said, looking thoughtful. "Do you mean when he went to the hole below a tree?" he asked.

She nodded. "And I am guessing you didn't see what he took?"

"No…Wait, are you telling me that?" he left the question hanging.

She nodded, sadness and pity filling her eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Proud Heart asked, dumbfounded. He didn't understand what they were talking about. He knew that it had something to do with the wolf's dream, but what he didn't understand was the whole dream itself, since he never saw it firsthand.

"Let me explain," Take Care said. "I may have not seen this dream myself, but from what you two are saying, Curious Heart had a dream wherein a hunter took a similar bracelet that Curious Heart has, and then the hunter took something from a hole below a tree," she said. "Am I correct?"

Loyal Heart and True Heart nodded.

"Okay, but what did the hunter take?" Proud Heart asked.

"He…he…" True Heart tried to say, but she always gets into a state of shock whenever she recalls what she saw. 'I am so glad that none of the carebear cubs ever got taken away," she thought.

"Let me," Loyal Heart said, sensing her disturbed nature on the subject.

She nodded at him thankfully.

"I'm sure you know that the hunter took something from a hole," he said, and they nodded. "Well, it wasn't exactly a hole, it was a den," he said.

"A den? You mean the ones that foxes and badgers live in?" Proud Heart asked.

"Yes, except it was den of a wolf, and from what I know, it must have belonged to Curi."

"And it would have also belonged to his siblings!" Take Care finished.

"Yes, and that was what True Heart must've seen."

"But how come you don't know, and she does?" Proud Heart asked.

"The hunter blocked his view, but I saw it clearly, but…" True Heart trailed off.

"But what?" Loyal Heart asked, tilting his head.

"I am not sure if he only had one brother, or even just one sibling," she said.

"You mean he could have as much as five siblings?" Take Care asked incredulously.

"Mm hm. You see, the hunter clearly took Curious Heart and another male pup, but before he could do anything else, his dream reset," she explained, "I'm sorry I couldn't see anymore."

"It's okay. After all, its beyond your control," he said.

"Well, maybe I know a way to make things work again!" Proud Heart suddenly claimed.

"Really? And what, per say, would that be?" Take Care asked.

"Let's find Curi's brother-er, I mean, siblings," he said, smiling confidently.

"That would work, except for one thing," Loyal Heart said.

"Really? What?"

"How will we find at most five to at least one wolf in a huge city? For all we know, it could even be on another country!"

"Well," Proud Heart said, looking thoughtful. He decided to say something that reminded him of one his nieces and his nephews. "On the 'contrary'! We gotta be 'patient', don't we? We can always 'hope', and there always a 'chance', isn't there?" he said, smiling smugly.

The two carebears and carebear cousin looked thoughtful for a moment. He was right, and they've got nothing to lose in just trying to find the wolf's siblings. Loyal Heart laughed a little when he made an emphasis on the names of his nieces and nephews.

"You're really happy that you're an uncle now, aren't you?" Loyal Heart asked, but it was more of a statement, a statement that made Proud Heart look proud.

"Okay then, let's do it," Loyal Heart said, cutting to the chase. "I'll tell him when he wakes up, and hopefully, he'll be as right as rain," he added, looking at the wolf.

'Curi really did an effect on him. He's really willing to do anything for his little brother,' True Heart thought, giggling softly.

"Let's also hope that Curi wakes up soon," Take Care said. Proud Heart and Loyal Heart nodded in agreement.

End Flashback

"Oh," Curi said, happy for the information, but then another question tugged at him. "If you weren't allowed to touch me, then how did I get on my bed?" he asked, head tilting.

"Oh, after a while, Take Care said that it was okay to move you, so Proud Heart helped me carry you back," Loyal Heart explained, a bit embarrassed that he left that little part out.

"By the way, did anything else happen while I was, er, unconscious?"

"Oh! Thank you for reminding me," Loyal Heart exclaimed. "We have a caring mission. Tender Heart said that if you wake up today, then we could take it. I hope you don't mind that I agreed."

"No, not at all," Curi said, standing up. "In fact, I really need to exercise my body. I feel, um…what do you call it? Slack?" he asked.

"Yes, we call it slack," Loyal Heart said.

Crisis Of Two Brothers

"So we have to go to this boy,Joshua right?" Curi asked as he watched down the cloud mobile. Ever since his first ride, he started to become fascinated with the machine. What made it fly, what it was made of, how to work it; of course, since Loyal couldn't answer that, he resorted to asking 'the purple raccoon', or better known as Bright Heart Raccoon.

"Yup, and from what Tender Heart told me, he, er, lost…someone precious…" Loyal Heart replied, a bit reluctantly.

"Precious?" Curi asked, almost as if he didn't understand it, but he really did. It was actually one of the words he took to heart. "Precious what?"

"Well…er," he stammered. 'Would it be insulting to say 'just like you' to him, or should I just be blunt?' he thought to himself, although knowing fully what the right answer of that one was. "Maybe lost wasn't the right word…" he said, thinking of a way to explain it without insulting him.

"You know what? Never mind," Curi suddenly said, utterly shocking Loyal Heart that he almost stopped driving the cloud mobile altogether and he also thought that his heart sipped a beat.

"W-what did you say?" Loyal Heart asked incredulously. The only time he ever let any question go was...never, at least for as long as he knew him. If he didn't get an answer one time, he would ask it again in a later time.

"Hm?" Curi looked as if he didn't know what Loyal Heart was talking about. "If your thinking that I stopped asking 'cuz I wanted to, then your wrong, since I think that's the boy right down there, and we can find out from him later," he explained, pointing at a teenage boy with brown hair looking very stressed, or worried, or both. Still though it was a bit unusual for him to let go any question at all.

"Oh…okay then," Loyal Heart muttered, uncertainly. He knew better than to pry, but he still couldn't help but feel worried slightly, but left it alone. He slowly lowered the cloud mobile.

'Besides, I don't think that you telling me will make the situation better,' he added in his head, glumly. It wasn't because he was feeling sick, but because he felt this strange tingling feeling that made him a bit depressed…

…And neither of them noticed how his bangle glowed dimly, but even if they did, the sunshine would have made it look like light's reflection.


A roughly thirteen year-old boy with messy brown hair, hazel eyes stricken with worry and a messed up green polo shirt was pacing the ground, muttering something inaudible even to the closest pair of ears.

'Boy he looks stressed,' Curi thought.

'I wonder if I looked like that when I thought that Curi was going to severely sick,' the other carebear cousin thought, reminded of his little 'show' at the clinic. 'I hope not,' he added thoughtfully.

"Hello," the both of them said simultaneously, successfully startling the boy on his behind…and yelling in surprise.

"Oh…a-are you guys the carebears Lisa talked 'bout?" the boy asked.

"I guess, but who's Lisa? You?" Curi asked.

"Uh, she's a friend of mine that you, or your friends helped and my name's Joshua," he replied, chuckling a little. Then he looked thoughtful. "I thought you guys were carebears," he added.

"We are, well, carebear cousins actually," Loyal Heart said, smiling.

"What's the difference?"

"Not much, except we just aren't bears. By the way, my name is Loyal Heart Dog," he pointing to himself. "And this is my younger brother, Curious Heart Wolf," he added, pointing at the said wolf, who gestured a hello.

However, Joshua flinched at the words 'younger brother' for some reason that Curi didn't know. And to add to the strangeness of the situation (at least to Curious), Loyal Heart seemed to have also flinched, and had the same look when he berated himself in his head.

"Um…what's wrong, anyway?" Curi asked, tilting his head.

"Well, you see, my younger brother is kind of…lost," he explained, seemingly regretful. "More like ran 'way, actually..."

"Huh?" Curi looked even more curious now.

"How'd it happen?" Loyal Heart asked.

At first, Joshua looked reluctant. His eyes were wandering, his hands trembled a little, and his foot looked like it was shaking. Then, he sighed and looked very serious.

"It's all my fault really. If I didn't tell 'im 'bout 'is other brother bein' here, then he wouldn't 'ave ran away to find 'is other brother," he explained, looking regretful.

'So that's why…' Curi thought, a bit understanding the younger brother. He had felt the same, wanting to find his real brother, but he couldn't just leave Loyal Heart just like that; he respects and cares for him more than that.

"First of all, where did you see him last? It might give us a clue where he might have went," Loyal Heart started, "next, where does he like to hang out? He might be there. Next, what is his other brother's name? That might help us, even a little. Lastly, what's your brother's name and what does he look like? That would be the most important thing."

Curious Heart smiled and looked proudly at Loyal Heart, who wanted very much to find this kid's brother. 'And I want to help, too!' he thought, looking at the boy, and then called a notebook and a pen. 'I think I'll write this down, too,' he thought.

Loyal Heart looked at him, and smiled, silently thanking him for Curi's common sense…or at least of how much common sense he knew.

"Well, last I saw 'im, he was with 'is friends near 'is school, that's where I think he might've ran away. Come to think of it, he was carrying a gray bag," Joshua said, looking thoughtful, and Curious quickly wrote that right away. "He always liked hanging around the park near the big oak tree. That was where we usually played when we were younger. He also liked going to the port. He always loved going near the sea. He said it relaxes 'im. I think he might've also gone to the clubhouse a few blocks from school, but I'm not sure," he said, pointing at the direction of each area he told of.

"Anywhere else? You know, somewhere he thinks he wouldn't be found?" Loyal Heart asked.

"I can only think of the school, since other than meeting 'is friends there, he doesn't like to go near it," he said, smiling sheepishly.

"Why doesn't he like to go to school?" Curi asked, transferring his attention from his little notebook.

"Heh heh. He doesn't like it there 'cuz he says he gets too tired and bored there easily. He said he likes open spaces better," Joshua explained, chuckling a little.

"Okay, back to the questions," Loyal Heart said, not unkindly.

"Okay. I'm not sure of 'is brother's name, but I think it was close Micheal (My-kel), or Mikael (Mi-ka-el), but I do know 'is surname is Lorale. Lastly, my brother's name is Timothy, or Tim the troublesome, as we like to call 'im since he always seems to get 'imself in trouble in one-way or another. He has short blonde hair with green eyes. He wears a pair of red glasses and is about your height," he said, pointing at Curious Heart, who was onlyan inch shorter than Loyal Heart.

"Okay, that's about it then?" Curi asked the blue dog.

"Yes, I guess," he replied. "Don't worry we'll find your brother. Where will we meet you when we find him?"

"Just our house. It's a yellow house with a small garden. You can't miss it," the teen said, a bit of relief in his voice. "Please find my brother. He's the only one that I get to talk to when were not in school."

The carebear cousins nodded simultaneously and surely. They knew how it was like to have a brother, now that they had each other, and they both knew that they would be saddened very much at the thought of being separated.

Searching for the Lost Boy

"Where could one boy be!" a tired Curious Heart exclaimed out loud. He was thinking about all the places they went while Loyal Heart skimmed through the notebook that Curi called some hours ago.

When they first left Joshua, it was around 8 am, and it was currently 12noon then. Of course, the first place they searched was the school, and they took1-2 hours searching for him there. Then they used the cloud mobile searching for the park with the big oak tree, which took them a while, considering how many parks there were, and when they did find it, it took longer to search, since itlooked to bearoundtwo times larger than the areaof the school, plus all the bushes and trees to look through.

'At least I found some interesting things there,' he thought. He found a couple of new things to keep in his chest of lustrous objects, for which he still didn't know why he liked them so much.

"Well, looks like we'll have to go to the port," Loyal Heart said, finally closing the notebook.

"Where is?" Curi asked, scratching behind his ear.

" I am pretty sure it's across the town…" Loyal Heart said with a tired voice.

If Curi were any more tired than he was, he would've fainted right there and then. Then again, he wasn't that tired, and something interesting came up…or more like came down.

"Hey there!" shouted a familiar deep voice.


"Hello," said a tiger on another cloud mobile flying overhead and beside him was an all too familiar lion with a very happy grin.

"Hi Proud Heart, Stellar Heart," Curious said, smiling lightly and waving.

The tiger smiled a bit bashfully. He had met Curious Heart a few times, and each time Curi kept on asking him a lot of questions, almost faster than he can answer. Usually Regal or Loyal had to save him from the inquisitive wolf. Fortunately, Curi never asked anything about his past, which he was relieved for.

"Hello again, Proud Heart. Good afternoon Stellar," Loyal Heart said politely.

"What are you two doing out here?" Proud Heart asked, lowering the cloud mobile.

"Were still on a caring mission."

"What's the problem?"

"Were trying to find a lost boy. A bit my height, has blonde hair, green eyes, wears a pair of glasses and carrying a gray bag," Curious Heart said, sitting down. "We've been searching for him since eight in the morning."

"That long?" Stellar asked.

"Mm hm, and we still two more places to cover," Curious Heart complained, frowning a little. "One of the places is the port which is across town and then we have to find the boy's clubhouse, which should be a few blocks from his school."

"Well, maybe we can help," Proud Heart suggested. "We finished our mission early, and I'm sure Regal Heart and the twins can handle the kids for a while."

"I don't know…Regal and the twins can only handle so much," Stellar said.

"Come on. You know that Pace is quieter than a mouse munching on cheese," Proud Heart said, remembering that Pace barely cried or whined at all.

"Well…okay then. What could go wrong?"

"I'm pretty sure there isn't, and thank you," Loyal Heart said, thankful.

"We really appreciate it," Curi added.

"Where do you need us to go?" Proud Heart asked.

"The port, and see if you can find any clues, okay?" Loyal Heart asked nicely.

"Sure. Where will we meet?"

"I trust you know where the school is?"

"The big one with the green gate?"

"That's the one."

"Okay, then, we'll see you later," Stellar said, waving as the two felines flew in the sky and went off to find the port.

"Thank goodness for that," Loyal Heart said all of a sudden.

"Can we go now? The sooner we get to this clubhouse the sooner me might finish," Curi said, already walking to the cloud mobile.

'Is it me, or is Curi a little bit impatient today?' Loyal Heart thought, but let it slide from his mind as the said wolf called his name.

"It's going to be a long day," Loyal Heart said, smiling faintly as he walked towards the vehicle, that is, until Curious Heart spotted another shiny object and just had to get it for his collection. 'A long day indeed,' he thought again, chuckling.


"So this is the clubhouse?" Curi wondered, looking at his surroundings, almost awestruck.

Like Joshua said, the clubhouse was only a few blocks away from the school. However, what they saw was something unexpected.

The clubhouse was normal blue, and at its side were groups of trees, accompanied by flowers and bushes. It had a red roof with a matching chimney. However, that wasn't the unexpected part. The house was large, enough to fit a family of five and a pet dog. It also looked new, as if it was only finished the day before. Pretty potted flowers and a small garden patch at the opposite side also surrounded it.

"I…I guess it is," said an equally surprised Loyal Heart.

"Where are we gonna search first?"

"How about on of us search inside the house, while the other searches outside it. It won't be too hot because of all the trees," Loyal said, pointing at the trees.

Curi sniffed at the air for a moment and then said, "I'll search out here. If I'm lucky, I can get his scent."

"Okay, good luck, and be careful."

"Of what?"

"Of…never mind. Keep a look out, too,"

"Not a problem, but I really want to know what you meant," he pried.

"It's nothing important, just go," he replied, walking towards the house.

Curi just shrugged and then he sniffed the air one more time.

'Good thing that siblings have a little bit similar of a scent,' the wolf thought, reminding himself of the other boy, Joshua.

For a few minutes, he didn't find anything of significance, and he got thoroughly bored with doing nothing but search and sniff. He didn't even find any lustrous object to add to his collection. That is, until he finally found an almost similar scent. His eyes widened as he realized whom he smelt.

"Loyal Heart! I found him! I found his scent!" he yelled out, jumping ecstatically as Loyal Heart came rushing out of the clubhouse and in front of the hyper wolf.

"Where?" Loyal Heart asked, panting a little from his sprint.

The wolf sniffed the air once more (his head went from left to right as he sniffed) and said, "From the trail of the scent, he wentaway of the clubhouse towards another part of town, most likely. I'm sure he crossed the school becuase the scent goes towards it, at least, I think. Luckily, its only a few hours old. Some 7 or 8, I'm guessing."

"Maybe, but we need to make sure. Can you track him down?"

"Sure. That's not a problem for me," he answered, already following the trail.

"We need to make sure that Proud Heart and Brave Heart are okay first. For all we know, they could have already found him."

Curious nodded and then said, "I'll meet you by the school while you go get them, if that's okay. I'm kind of worried that I might lose the scent if I go with you."

At first Loyal Heart looked like he was going to protest, but then his face showed acceptance. He had to accept that he can't always be there for him, or he would be doing two things at the same time; being a carebear cousin helping others and an older brother watching over his sibling.

"Okay, just-"

"Be careful, I know, I know. You've said that to me so many times that I come to expect it already," he told him, smiling mischievously, "anyone would think that you were my mother by the way your acting."

"Okay. I'll see you later then."

Curi nodded back and followed the scent. Fortunately for him, it lead to the school, and unfortunately, it took a lot of time.

'I wonder where the kid is…This is going to be a very, very, very long day …' he though as he stayed in one area, close to the scent.

And he never knew how right he was right at that moment…

To be continued…

Sorry that was so short, but whenever I make another scene/chapter, I get writer's block. I already planned out some parts in the next piece, and hopefully, I won't get as much writer's block. I won't be able to post it soon, though, since my family and I will be busy during Christmas break.

PS: Stellar Heart will play an importantrole in one of the parts, just to let the readers know, of course.