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Cloud's POV

Floating on a cloud; lying onto nothing but air. Complete stillness, not a breeze around me.

"Mother?" I ask as I felt a small hand touch my forehead.

"Again? I wonder how many times I've been called "Mother" today" A feminine voice answered, to whom I believe is Aeris.

I managed a small smile; so small others could probably not tell the change of expression on my face.

"What's wrong with it? Being dearly loved and all?" A mans voice from the background asked her.

"I don't need such a big child like him" She answered the stranger.

"How unlucky. She said, there's no place for you here" The man said to me, I think.

Falling through the cloud of nothingness I went. I felt a presence next to me, it wasn't human; something else; I dared not open my eyes as I kept still.

A touch of small hands rested on my chest as I opened my eyes slowly. Realizing where I was I stood up; finding myself in water, surrounded by children who encircled me, and people standing on the dry floors staring down to us. I gazed upon the children surrounding me.

"Sister said that you will be coming here" one of the children called.

I looked toward the voice and saw a girl smiling to me.

"Welcome back!" Another girl said.

Then I realized the group of people that I have come to know so well standing there, staring at me.


They all nodded, acknowledging what I must have just done.

A small smile appeared on my lips as I nodded back at my friends.

"I'm home" I Say with a smile.

I saw Red remove himself from his position; he looked at me and said "There are still children whose geostigma hasn't gone away."

I nodded, knowing what he who he was talking about. "All right" I answer.

I walked towards the group; the sound of the water as I moved through it echoed as I neared them.

Tifa stood aside, laying her hands on Denzel's shoulders. Tifa, how motherly she looked every time she did that. She was a mother at heart; she'd make the perfect mother one day.

"Here, go get it cured" This was the first time since I came back that I heard Tifa's soft voice. She looked to me and smiled. I stopped in front of them, staring up to Denzel I lifted my hand to him and said "it's fine now" I nodded.

Tifa removed her gaze from me and back to Denzel "Do your best" she said to him.

Denzel nodded, and walked towards me. Tifa turned to me once again, watching as I carried Denzel down into the water. I placed him down gently into the water; Denzel was the child that I never had; I loved him like my own son.

I looked down to him and into his eyes. My hands came together, gathering up water in my palms, I showered it onto Denzel. He watched my movements slowly and was slightly startled as the water flowed down his head and onto his wounds. Denzel watched his hands as the wounds dissolved and become pure skin. I watched as Denzel stared his reflection in the water.

He removed his gaze and looked at me. I gave him a nod. Excitedly he spun around to Tifa and gasped.

Everyone around us cheered, jumping and throwing their hands in the air. Many started jumping in, one by one.

"There! Start jumping in everyone"

"It's cured! It's cured"

"it doesn't hurt anymore" the children who were infected with geostigma cheered "Come here" they said "Everyone. Come here."

I turned around, watching as the children cheered and splashed around me. I found myself smiling at their childish laughter.

"Me too! Me too!" They cheered more which made me smile a real smile for the first time.

"It's some incredible water!" I heard someone say.

I saw Tifa smiling proudly to me.

"Me too!" They continued cheering.

I smiled as I stared down to the girl with pony tails smiling and laughing. Ruffling one of the children's hair I heard him say "The reflection of my face is on the water!" They smiled "It feels great!"

I looked around to see all the people happy, smiling and laughing; something I had never seen since the Lifestream.

My gaze fell upon a lady who was talking to two children; she wore a pinkish purplish dress and her hair was up. I watched as she stood up and walked to the door, she turned around. Aeris. She turned around and smiled to me and whispered "You're okay now, right?" then turned around and walked off into the sunlight. Zack was there; he waved, his eyes fixed to mine, he smiled and turned to follow Aeris.

I smiled again. "yeah" I answered. "I'm…not alone"

I was shaken out of my thoughts by Barret yelling "Everyone jump in!" He said excitedly as he splashed into the water with Marlene who was laughing and smiling too.

I felt some child throw their arms around me, hugging me tightly. Staring down I saw Denzel, his eyes shut but a smile on his lips. Subconsciously I found my hands lay itself on his shoulder, hugging him closer too.

By this time everyone was in the water now, even Tifa.

I removed my gaze from Denzel to Tifa who was smiling to me, her eyes shifted from Denzel to me. I was never around last time when Denzel needed me the most, when Tifa needed me. That was a mistake that I am going to fix this time around.

"You came back, like you said" Denzel drew back and looked up at me smiling.

I nodded "Yeah" I answered.

"Will you stay with us from now on?" Denzel asked.

Nothing came out from my lips. My eyes shifted to Tifa who was now just a metre away, awaiting my answer. I locked my eyes onto hers as I nodded firmly "I…."

The happiness from Tifa's eyes fell as I answered. She removed her eyes from mine and stared down to the water.

I looked back down to Denzel and answered "Yes, from now on."

My eyes found itself staring at Tifa again; she jerked up, the colour of happiness filling her face again as she smiled to me, lunging forward and throwing her arms around me; Denzel between us.

"Cloud?" Her voice was filled with question. I could sense her questions Do you mean what you say? Are you really staying with us always from now on?

My arms found their way around her, holding her waist; my head between her shoulder and neck. I closed my eyes as I felt Denzel wiggle his way out of our embrace, the sudden rush of cold water came between us, but quickly I stepped forward and held onto Tifa tighter. I breathed in her scent, This is where I belong, with Tifa. It wasn't for Aeris that I needed forgiveness from, it was Tifa. All these years, leaving her behind with the children, whilst I was off doing my job; she needed me, she always has.

I felt a warm trail of tears fall onto my neck and down my chest. Was she crying?

"Tifa?" I whisper in her ear.

She shook her head. "I'm sorry, I never mean for you to stay if you don't want to. If you must.." She drew back, managing a smile through her tears as she fixed up my collar. She looked up into my eyes and said "If you must, Cloud go and do your job." She nodded, and removed her arms from the embrace and turned around, walking out of the chapel they were in. (I'm not sure if they were in a chapel or what ever they were in. I was going to write house but I'm not sure..if you can let me know please :D )

"Tifa" I called after her.

She ignored and continued walking out the door.

"What did you do?" Red asked, eyeing me.

I turned my gaze from the door and onto Red. I didn't say anything.

Slowly I moved through the water, a hand grabbed mine before I could step up "Where you going?" Barett asked.

My gaze was fixed, I kept silent. I think Barett understood; he then answered "I'll take Denzel and Marlene back to the bar later" He let my hand go.

I turned to him and smiled a small smile, then turned and stepped up; walking after Tifa.

I thought she had gone back to the bar, but she just stood outside, back facing him as she stared at the wrecked city around them. Buildings were knocked over, there were bits of metal hanging from the houses. Half of the floor they were standing in was half cracked.

I stayed fixed to the spot, unsure of what to do. I walked toward her as I saw her shiver slightly from the breeze. It must have been the sudden change of temperature, one minute she was in the water with me, and now she stood in the breeze under the sun. The sun shown through the ground now, but it wasn't warm, the clouds kept it cool.

I was now just half a metre behind Tifa. She knew I was behind her.

"Tifa" I said her name; she remained still.

"I am happy you are alive, Cloud" her voice spoke finally.

My eyes lit up. "Tifa I-" Before I could continue I found Tifa hugging me tightly, her head buried in my chest. My arms went around her, pulling her small frame closer.

"I thought you died Cloud" She cried into my chest. "I saw you there on the building, then suddenly it blew up" She sobbed even more. "I thought I had lost you" She whispered so silently that I only just heard it.

I buried my head in her neck as she cried, running my hand up and down her back. I kept silent for a while then spoke "I thought I had lost you too" I whispered in her ear, finding tears of his own in his eyes. I never cry.

I'm crying, for Tifa I am. She's the only one I'll ever cry for.

She stopped crying for some time now, though remained in the same position, quiet like a child when it's sleeping. "I don't want to leave you again Tifa" I whispered through my ended tears "I want to stay here."

"With you" he whispered finally.

Silence filled the place before she spoke "Cloud, I…"

I drew back and looked into her eyes. She kept quiet as I fixed my eyes onto hers, then smiled, for her. She smiled back after some time; her eyes landing onto my lips then back to my eyes.

Time stood still for us. I soon found myself leaning in to kiss her on the lips; her eyes remained open and so did mine. Our eyes stayed open as we kissed; our gaze locked into each others. Her lips were soft, and gentle and sweet. I don't think I will ever find myself kissing another than Tifa ever again. We kissed for what seemed like days, years even decades. But I didn't care; I would go on kissing her for the rest of my life.

During the kiss Tifa smiled, I felt her lips curl as we kissed. After some time we drew back, foreheads resting against each other. My eyes were still staring into hers as we stayed fixed to the spot. I found myself lost in her eyes; her soft brown eyes that were so gentle and pure.

"I never answered my mobile, because I find myself unable to say anything to you over the phone, because when I do, I feel guilty" I confessed to Tifa.

"Cloud I-"

"I never mean to leave you in Migar with the children Tifa" I spoke, our foreheads still resting against each other.

Tifa nodded "I understood, you had to earn money from somewhere."

"That's not the point" I spoke back.

"Cloud" She drew back, laying her hand on my cheek, she stared into my eyes softly.

"I never meant to leave you alone and wondering if I was still alive somewhere out there or whether I'd ever come back" I answered her silent question. "I never meant to hurt you."

Tifa smiled shaking her head "You never hurt me Cloud" She said, brushing the back of her fingers against my cheek. "You're the last person that ever would" She confessed to him.

She stared into his eyes as they kept silent. She then spoke "I lov-"

"Love you" I spoke for her. I kept my expression serious, I wanted her to know that this wasn't a lie, I really did love her.

Her eyes widen after I said it. I nodded firmly and said it again "I love you Tifa" I then smiled a small smile.

She brushed her finger tips against my cheek as she leaned in to kiss me again; though she paused just a centimetre away from my lips and said "I love you too Cloud Strife" she smiled "I always have" she said before finally placing her lips onto his again. This time, they closed their eyes, gently and slowly passionately kissing each other.

"Aha! Barett Wallace you owe me 100 gill" someone yelled excitedly.

Startled we drew back, seeing who shouted. We turned to see Yuffie, Barett, Cid, Vincent, (Guy I don't know his name), Marlene and Denzel standing there.

Denzel and Marlene had a very satisfied smile upon their lips as they stared at Tifa and I.

I didn't remove my arms from Tifa, instead stood fixed on the spot holding her close to me.

Vincent smiled. "I guess Sins are meant to be forgiven?"

I nodded "Yeah" I didn't smile.

Vincent nodded back.

"I knew they'd get together" Yuffie giggled as Barett snorted and handed her the gill.

"We were part of a bet?" Tifa asked angrily.

Yuffie and Barett nodded with a blush.

I turned to Tifa. "Who cares if we were part of a bet?" I whispered into her ear as I buried my head in her shoulder again. "What-" I tried but then Tifa cut short of my words.

"What matters, is you're here, and I'm here" She said "And we just confessed our love for each other, and kissed for a very long time" She whispered to me smiling.

I smiled.

The future is starting to look bright for us; for all of us. My love for Tifa is true, she is afterall the only person on this world that will ever understand the real me. She's the only one who knows everything else that everyone doesn't know. She knows the true me; Tifa's the only one who I've always belonged too. She'll be the only one.

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