The Final Hours Of Jurassic Park

The remaining human survivors on Isla Nublar gathered together on the beach, waiting for any sign that help would arrive soon. They were tired, injured, and scared. What was supposed to be a vacation had become into a few days of Hell. There were glances towards the remaining staff of Jurassic Park. Sorrowful glances. Angry glances. Hateful glances. Some stared at the dinosaurs, which were now back in their respective enclosures. Sure, the dinosaurs had all been recaptured. But a lost loved one can never be returned, for some scars would never heal.

As they heard the whirring of faraway chopper blades, their hearts filled with hope. They were overjoyed when ten military choppers landed, with an ambulance chopper trailing behind. Soldiers alighted from the choppers, two from each chopper. They ushered the survivors into the helicopters, while some soldiers patrolled the beach's perimeter, watching out for escaped dinosaurs. Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Robert Muldoon, and Ray Arnold had to be put in a chopper all by themselves to avoid the survivors from hurting them. The choppers were filled, and they lifted off.

Leaving Jurassic Park behind.

Alan looked sad, Ellie was silent, Muldoon was moping, and Arnold was staring out of the window. He let out a cry when he saw three F-15s flying towards the Park, with BOMBS under their wings. Alan, Ellie and Muldoon were also staring out of the window; tears were streaming their way down Ellie's and Alan's faces.

"P…Pi…Pilot, please circle the island," said Alan in a quavering voice. The pilot obliged, turning the chopper and hovering over the island.

They looked down to see the sauropods, still grazing, totally oblivious to their fate.

They saw the first bomb explode, and as the Hypsilophodontids jumped gracefully, gazelle-like, only to land in the flower of flames that the bomb had created.

They saw the Maiasaurs, still caring for their young, as an F-15 swooped low over them, its bomb bays opening.

They saw the Computer Center, blowing up to bits, and Wu's remaining knockout gas canisters feeding the explosion further.

They saw the Skybax, flapping their leathery wings in alarm as their aviary was cast into shadow by a bomb…

The chopper pilot then flew them away, and they all couldn't hold back the tears. Jurassic park was gone. Forever.

Author's Note: Finished! Sorry if I disappointed you, pissed you off, or killed any character that you like. I can only hope you had as much fun reading this stor, as I had when putting it together.