Title: Needs A Title

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Summery: A series of one shots concerning our favorite cousins. Tatsuki/Kotarou. Hee hee. Yaoi and Inc. First up. Treasure. The boys have a stroll down memory lane and share a fluffy moment together.

Authoresses Note: I have decided to start a Hands Off! fic. Chaptered. Seeing as my other one got such positive results. Each chapter is a different story and isn't connected to the previous one. First up. Kotarou shows Tatsuki something that reminds them both of their childhood. And they share a sweet fluffy moment with some fire flies. (An idea I got from CCS/Cardcaptor Sakura/)

I would like to thank Gordy for his (you are a boy right? If not... oh my gosh! I'm SO sorry!) information on thunder and lighting. Thank you! Not even my grandfather knew. And he's VERY smart. Lol. A bag of cyber cookies for you.

This is really in Tatsukis POV. Well... from a Third Person POV, but Tatsukis anyway

And again. Tatsuki MIGHT seem a bit OOC. Sorry... I guess it's because he's being nice. LOL. That and I'm not used to writing him.


"Why did you want to come here?" asked Tatsuki, looking around the park darkly.

Kotarou glanced at his cousin over his shoulder.

"Because, I want to show you something! I found it this afternoon!" he said cheerfully, almost bouncing in excitement.

Tatsuki raised an eyebrow. What the hell could Kotarou possibly find in a park that was so important, and that he felt the need to drag the other teen out at 7 o clock at night?. He didn't have time to mule over it further, because Kotarou, growing impatient of watching his cousin stand still and glare at the grass, grasped Tatsuki's hand (Thank god he was wearing his motorbike gloves) and started to pull him into the trees.

"Come on Tatsuki." said the shorter Oohira sharply. "I sware you're the slowest person on the planet. I-"

Tatsuki tuned out of Kotarou's ranting. Focusing instead on the small, soft (At least, he gathered it was soft, it was kind of hard to tell with the gloves) hand that was tightly gripping his own. At the long, slender fingers curled around his black gloved palm.

Kotarou had always been extremely girlish. If you put him in a dress you'd probably mistake him for a girl. Kotarou hated his looks with a passion. Tatsuki, however, wouldn't have his little cousin any other way. Kotarou was beautiful. With soft blond hair. Golden, amber eyes(1) and a slim, shapely figure.

He was perfect and he was Tatsuki's.

Not officially of course. But that had always been the way. When they where small, Kotarou would be practically glued to Tatsukis side. They spent day and night together. Never playing with the other children. They never wanted too. After all, that had eachother. Tatsuki would protect the smaller boy. Always. In his mind, Kotarou was his.

His perfect treasure.

Even with his curse. Even if, when he touched the smaller boy, he'd see death and destruction. Even now.

Kotarou was his.

"Tatsuki? You ok?"

Tatsuki blinked and looked around them. He and Kotarou were standing near a bunch of overgrown hedge. The blond was staring up at him. One eyebrow cocked. Confusion/worry written all over his pretty face.

"What is it?" he asked, he hadn't realized they'd stopped. He'd been so deep in thought, which wasn't odd. But still.

Kotarou continued to look up at him.

"Well... you stopped walking. I thought you might've hurt your foot or something." he said.

Tatsuki looked to the side.

"I'm fine. Hurry up and show me this surprise before it gets too late."

The blond nodded.

"Ok. It's just over here! Just wait till you see!" he exclaimed, tugging hard on Tatsukis hand.

Tatsuki allowed himself to be pulled. Through the hedge and onto a creek bank. Kotarou stopped, Tatsuki following suite. Standing beside his cousin.

Kotarou turned to him. A bright, happy smile on his face. The same smile Tatsuki was obsessed with.

"This is what I wanted to show you!" said the blond, pointing to the creek.

Tatsuki tore his eyes away from the beautiful creature next to him and scanned the area. Awed.

This place... it looked like the place he and Kotarou had played at when they where little. Their favorite hide away. A small creek bubbled away at their feet. Crystal clear water running over smooth, round rocks and stones. Low hanging trees surrounded the little watering hole. Blocking out the rest of the forest and any surrounding noise. The moon light flowed down freely from the gap in the trees. Bathing everything in its silver glow.

But what really amazed the dark haired teen was the fire flies.

A large group of them. Floating around the waters surface.

There used to be heaps of them at the Special Spot. Kotarou used to enjoy catching them.

"Do you remember that place we used to camp out at?" asked Kotarou suddenly.

Tatsuki turned to him again. He nodded.

"Well... I was walking home today with Yuuto. And we decided to cut through the forest. Because you know... it's shorter. Seeing as Yuuto hadn't brought his bike. And... We came across this place." the blond gestured around them. "It reminded me of that place we used to play in. I... I thought it might be nice to show you."

Kotarou was blushing. Small hands fisted in his t-shirt. Waiting for Tatsuki to say something.

The brunette gave another glance around.

"I remember you used to catch the fire flies and put them in jars. Then you'd let them go." he said. "Because you didn't want them to die. You said they..."

"They where too pretty." finished Kotarou. "Yeah. I didn't like to keep them bottled up. It would've been cruel."

Tatsuki nodded, eyeing the trees. There where trees like these ones at their Special Spot. Tatsuki would climb them, Kotarou too, but the blond was never very good at climbing trees. So Tatsuki would help him. If the creek had been deeper, they could have jumped off the low hanging branches and into the cool water. This creek though, looked deep enough.

"I bet we could dive into the water from those branches." said Kotarou. Following his cousins gaze to the trees.

"... yeah." It amazed Tatsuki that Kotarou seemed to know exactly what he was thinking. It had happened on multiple occasions. Not that Tatsuki minded. It saved him the bother (or the embarrassment) of asking Kotarou what was on his mind. He'd just had to agree when the blond brought the subject up.

The two watched the fire flies for a while. A comfortable silence settling between them. Something that hadn't happened in a good while.

Tatsuki was just starting to enjoy himself, when Kotarou turned to him suddenly.


The dark haired boy didn't look at him, but answered anyway.

"What?" he asked, more harshly then he'd intended.

"Um... why do you keep saving me if you hate me so much?"

Tatsuki was thrown by this question. Kotarou had asked him this many times before. That fool Yuuto had too. But there had always been some way of avoiding the question. But now... they where in the middle of nowhere. He had no place to go.

Kotarou was watching him. Waiting for an answer.

Ah crap...

"Why?" repeated Kotarou, when Tatsuki remained silent. "If you hate me so much, that you can't even stand to touch me. Then why! Why do you go to such lengths to keep me safe?"

Tatsuki looked away. Trying to ignore him. Like he could tell Kotarou why.

"Why Tatsuki? I wanna know!"

"It's because I love you!" blurted the brunette suddenly. Upon realizing what he'd just said, Tatsuki clamped one hand over his mouth.


Kotarou froze. Golden eyes wide.


Tatsuki turned away. Damn it. Why did he say that? Was he completely insane? And he was blushing too... perfect.

"Tatsuki... what did you say?"

"Nothing. I... I said nothing. Forget about it." he said gruffly. "We should go home, it's getting late."

He made to walk away, but Kotarou caught his sleeve and pulled him back.

"No. Tell me again. Tell me why you protect me."

"I already said it. I'm not going to repeat myself." he snapped.

"Tatsuki... please."

The dark haired boy sighed again, turning around and facing his cousin. It was now or never.

"It's because I... love you."

There he said it. Twice. Now if Kotarou didn't hear him this time... well tough. He'd rather throw himself in the creek and drown than say it again. Ok... so maybe that was a little over dramatic. He'd rather hit himself, than say it again. Yeah, that was better.

Kotarou stared at him for four long moments. Neither saying anything.


"No you don't."

Tatsuki blinked. Don't? He didn't what? He raised an eyebrow at his cousin. Kotarou frowned. Thin eyebrows drawn together.

"You don't love me."


Didn't love him? Of course he bloody well did! He'd just said it hadn't he? Twice! And how would Kotarou know?

"You don't love me!" the blond repeated. His voice breaking. "You can't even bare to touch me! How can you love me, when you hate the mere thought of touching me!"

Tatsuki watched. Shocked. What was wrong with him? Flying off the handle like this.


"Why would you say something that isn't true?" asked the blond. "Why would you lie?"

Tatsuki started forward. Grasping one of Kotarou's arms with one hand and cupping the smaller boys cheek with the other.

"I didn't lie. I would never lie to you." he said.

Kotarou looked up at him.

"You would. You lie to me all the time. You pretend to hate me. That's lying."

Tatsuki rolled his eyes.

"Well I'm not lying to you about this." he said.

Kotarou studied his face for a moment, trying to see any sign of a lie. He obviously found non, because the next thing Tatsuki knew, he was on the ground and Kotarou was hugging his middle. Face pressed into his chest.

Tatsuki lay dazed for a minute or two. One hand tentatively sitting on Kotarou's slim back.

"Kotarou what-"

"I love you too.". The blond said, cutting him off. Voice muffled. "I love you too."

Tatsuki sat up, Kotarou settling himself in his lap. The blond hadn't loosened his hold on his middle.


"Call me Kota."

Tatsuki smiled.


Kotarou pulled away and beamed happily up at him.


It had been a long time since Kotarou had called him that. And smiled at him like that. If Tatsuki wasn't so used to keeping his expression neutral, he might have mirrored that smile. Might've. Kotarou's smile was special. Tatsuki doubted anyone, let alone him, could imitate that smile.

But, even if he wasn't smiling from ear to ear. He could still show Kotarou his love. Power or no power.

Tatsuki pulled Kotarou to him and kissed him. Hoping the blond wouldn't push him away. Even though he'd just said he loved him back.

But Kotarou didn't pull away. He actually opened his mouth before Tatsuki even had a chance to ask for permission. Moaning quietly when the brunette slipped his tongue between his soft lips and into his mouth.

The kiss was wet. It was deep and desperate and it was everything Tatsuki had ever wished for and wanted.

He was so caught up in his bliss, that he never even noticed that he wasn't 'seeing' anything. Nothing. There was no death. No blood. Just... nothing. Only Kotarou and his sweet, sweet lips.

Yes. He thought, pushing the smaller teen down onto the grassy forest floor.

Kota was his.

Always and forever.


(1) On the cover of volume three, Kotarou has golden eyes. So... I'm going on that.

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