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If there was one thing about Kotarou that his cousin found endearing, it was the blonds habit of acting tough, he also liked to pretend he was tall, but Tatsuki found that more amusing then cute, seeing as though that little fantasy was played out in privet, in front of the bathroom mirror. Being a tough guy was something Kotarou liked to flaunt about, and in some ways, it was true, the little guy could pack a punch when he really wanted, mostly on his perverted friend Yuuto and he liked to shout and swear.

Tatsuki supposed it was because the blond looked like a girl and sounded like one, that he thought he needed to make up for his lacking manly physique by punching people and yelling a lot.

It was these little explosions of violence, which made Tatsuki, decide that it was more cute than frightening. After all, you don't become scared of a little girl having a temper tantrum and that's just how Kotarou looked when he was angry.

Of course, not everyone shared his view on the smaller Oohira's temper limit. Most of the male students at school were quickly becoming professionals on not pissing Kotarou off; the only ones who didn't seem as intimidated were Yuuto and Tatsuki.

Yuuto was the blond's best friend and seemed to get off at making the small boy mad, seeing as he did it continuously for no good reason.

Tatsuki was Kotarou's cousin and grown up with the blond, and besides, he didn't scare easily, a stamping foot and a few naughty words weren't about to send him into a paralysed state of fear. No matter how much Kotarou tried and tried he did, daily; but Tatsuki remained an unmovable rock of calm.

This little problem spurred Kotarou to ask Tatsuki to watch the Ring with him one Saturday night. Tatsuki declined at first, movies weren't his thing; sitting in his room glaring at the wall was more up his alley, but Kotarou had persisted, nagging and whining until the broody teenager caved just to shut Kotarou up.

"You realise that this movie is up on the "stay up for days with a baseball bat" scary category, you couldn't even sit through Dark Water, what makes you think the Ring will be easier."

Kotarou predictably puffed himself up and tore the remote from Tatsuki's hand.

"I just needed to go to the bathroom is all… all of that water, I wasn't scared." He boasted, pressing play.

Tatsuki settled back and stared at the TV as the opening credits began.

"Whatever you say."


More then a third into the movie (1) and Kotarou had relocated from his half of the couch, into Tatsuki's lap, face pressed into the taller boys chest, hands covering his ears. Tatsuki yawned, gazing in disinterest at the screen as the girl climbed out of the well, signalling the start of an attack.

"This is stupid, why does she have to come out of the TV for? It'd be better if she just… appeared behind them or something."

Kotarou whimpered and chanced a look at the television. The little girl was half way out of the screen, dark hair hanging over her face. The blond gave a strangled little "eep" and turned back to Tatsuki's chest, grabbing fist full's of his shirt.

Tatsuki looked down at him and smirked, so much for the tough talk.

"What if they were out and there was no television for her to come out of? What then, crawl out of the cash register, a cell phone?"

A blood-curdling scream filled the living room and Kotarou burrowed further into Tatsuki's chest, trembling. Tatsuki absentmindedly snaked his arms around the shaking body as he continued his one sided conversation on the killing techniques of the ghost.

"And now she scares them to death, that's stupid, choking them on her hair would be better. She has enough of it." (2)


When the end credits started rolling, Tatsuki pried Kotarou off him and turned the TV off. He stood up and stretched, Kotarou watching him, wide eyed.

"Well, that was stupid, I'm going to bed." He said in between yawns.

Kotarou jumped up and latched onto his arm, still shaking.

"You can't go to bed yet… it's still early." He said, amber eyes pleading.

Tatsuki sneered, trying to shake him off.

"So? I'm tired, you can stay up if you want, but I'm going to bed."

Kotarou froze and glanced at the television's black screen in poorly hidden panic. Tatsuki snorted, cute little idiot.

"Baka, she's not going to come through the TV, it's just a movie."

Kotarou glared at the television, then at Tatsuki.

"I know that! Shut up, I'm going to bed."

Tatsuki watched as the blond stomped off down the hall to his bedroom, paused and looked back at his cousin. Tatsuki stared back at him and smirked.

"Though you were going to bed?"

Amber eyes darkened in fury and Kotarou went into his room, slamming the door behind him. Tatsuki watched for a moment, before ambling off to his own bedroom, fully expecting Kotarou to migrate into his bed later on in the night.


Around two hours later and he wasn't disappointed. He'd lied when he'd said that he was tired, just wanting to leave Kotarou on his own long enough for the blond to come and seek him out, for comfort and protection.

Tatsuki was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling when there was a soft knock at his door, he grunted, signalling for whoever was outside that permission to enter had been given. The door slowly opened and Kotarou's slim frame was silhouetted against the night light their Grandfather had plugged out in the hallway for safety reasons.

Tatsuki allowed himself a small smirk of victory as Kotarou fidgeted in the doorway.

"Can't sleep? I told you not to watch that movie. What's wrong scared?"

Kotarou may have glared, Tatsuki couldn't see, as he made his way over to his cousin's bed.

"I'm not scared!" he snapped, even as he climbed under the covers, settling down next to Tatsuki's warm body.

He smiled as he felt an arm snake around him and pull him closer, Tatsuki liked to cuddle, which was fine with Kotarou, he felt safer in his cousins arms. As he started to settle, the outline of Tatsuki's television caught his attention and images of the movie came flooding back.

Tatsuki felt Kotarou's body tense and heard a little whimper; he tightened his grip on the smaller boy.

"Baka, it's just a movie."

More whimpering and Tatsuki could see Kotarou's large eyes shining in the darkness, was he crying?

"… Ta-kun…"

Tatsuki sighed and struggled out of the warm little cocoon that was his bed and stalked across the room. Kotarou smiled, sitting up.

"Thank you."



The next morning the boys Grandfather had woken up to find Tatsuki's new flat-screen TV sitting out in the hallway. He stared at it, then chuckled and walked into the kitchen. To be young again.


(1) I haven't watched The Ring in a long time, so I can't remember when her final attack was in the movie.

(2) This is all Tatsuki's view on Sadako's (I like to call her by her original name) killing techniques and how she comes to kill her victims. I, personally, was following Kotarou's example, eyes closed, and hands over ears.

E/N: There we go, it's not as good as the earlier chapters, but I wanted to write something and this is what I came up with.