A Dare, Or Something More Sinister?

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I am merely borrowing them. Some of the characters you don't recognise are mine though!

Summary: Whilst they're working on a murder case on a Navy ship, Tony bets Gibbs won't be able to go without coffee for a week and the result is much more interesting than any of them ever anticipated.

Author's Note: NCIS is my favourite show and Gibbs is my favourite character. This is also my first attempt at an NCIS fanfic, and I'd like to thank my muse, Kate who has been a great help and gave me some great ideas.

"Hey, you wanna leave here?" Lieutenant Patterson breathed into Sergeant Dowling's ear, his breath smelling of alcohol and tobacco

"Only if you leave with me" Sergeant Dowling replied kissing him again, wrapping her arms around his body. "My place or yours?"

"Yours is closer" Lt Patterson all but whispered, pressing his body against hers.

They made their way out of the crowded drinking hole and supported each other as they stumbled down the narrow corridor to Sgt Dowling's cabin. As they neared the cabin, Lt Patterson began kissing Sgt Dowling fervently, feeling the warmth radiating from her skin. Finding the door, Sgt Dowling fumbled with her keys behind her, opening the door and backing into it. Lt Patterson began unbuttoning her shirt, setting his hands free over her body and slowly moving on top of her as they found the bed.

"I'm gonna …make this … worth your wait… Sergeant Dowling" He said, between kissing her.

"Hehehe, I can hardly wait, Lieutenant Pa… what was that?" She asked, steadying his hands

"What…was what?" He asked, continuing to kiss her

"I just felt something on the bed" She replied, getting up and moving towards the door

"That was me" He said laughing

Sgt Dowling turned on the light and turned pale. "Holy f…" Lt Patterson swore, quickly moving off the bed and grabbing his shirt.

On the bed was the body of an officer with blood all over him.

"Morning Kate" Tony said cheerfully as Kate entered the bullpen

"Tony" Kate replied as way of greeting, sitting at her desk

"So, how was your date with Shane last night?" Tony asked her, walking over to her desk and raising his eyebrow

"It was … How did you know I went out with Shane last night?" Kate asked him, standing up

"A good agent never reveals his source." Tony replied quizzically

"Damn-it Tony! You've been reading my messages again haven't you?" Kate asked

"Would I do that Kate?"

"Do what DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked as he entered the bull-pen, carrying his ever-present cup of coffee, stopping at Kate's desk to look at Tony

"He's been reading my messages again" Kate answered, looking at Tony

Tony turned to Gibbs, and pointing at Kate began saying "Haha, I ...". Gibbs slapped Tony over the back of his head and went to his desk, sat down and had some of his coffee.

Tony turned to Kate who had sat down and now had a smirk on her face. Tony returned to his desk, sat down and began playing a game of solitaire.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked from his desk

"Yes boss?" Tony answered looking at Gibbs

"You finished your report yet?"

"It's on your desk, boss". Gibbs grumbled as he looked through the paperwork on his desk, when his phone interrupted him.

"Yeah, Gibbs" He answered, finally locating the report

Kate, DiNozzo and McGee listened to the one-sided conversation and watched Gibbs' face as he took the call.

"Get your gear" Gibbs said as he finished the call, standing up

"Where are we going boss?" Tony asked as he stood up and grabbed his gear

"Out to sea" Gibbs responded "McGee, get Ducky"

"We going in the chopper?" Tony asked

Gibbs stopped and looked at Tony "No DiNozzo, we're gonna swim!"

Tony turned and looked at Kate who had a smug smile on her face. "Well, I've always wondered what it'd be like to see Kate with a wet T…" Tony stopped as Gibbs slapped him over the back of his head again and glared at him.

"Hi, you must be Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS? I'm Lieutenant Brown, I was ordered to show you around" Lt Brown said as he approached Gibbs after the chopper had landed, extending his hand.

Gibbs shook the man's hand and introduced him to the rest of the team "This is Special Agents Todd, DiNozzo and McGee, and our Medical Examiner Dr Mallard. What can you tell me about our marine?"

"I didn't know him personally; we were never posted at the same place. From what I know, he was a real benefit to the core, hard working" Lt Brown explained as he showed them to Srg Dowling's cabin.

"Where are the officers who found him" Gibbs asked

"They hit the showers after finding the marine, and were escorted to the cafeteria. We've already questioned them, they don't know anything" the Lt replied

"I'll decide if they know anything Lieutenant. McGee get pictures, DiNozzo, sketches, bag and tag everything, Kate, you're with me" Gibbs said

"Um, we've already taken pictures sir" Lt Brown told Gibbs

"We prefer to get our own photos and don't call me sir. Where's the cafeteria?" Gibbs asked

"This way" the Lt led the way in silence.

"So, is this anything like the boat you were posted on Gibbs? Way back in the day?" Kate asked as they walked

"Ship, Kate, it's a ship. A boat is what I'm building in my basement" Gibbs replied, turning to her as he spoke

"Well, yes, I know it's a ship Gibbs" Kate said, adding under her breath "and I've never seen your boat...or basement"

As Gibbs raised his eyebrow and was about to reply, the Lieutenant turned to them and announced that they were at the cafeteria.

"This is Sergeant Dowling and Lieutenant Patterson, they found the body early this morning" Lt Brown introduced the officers to Gibbs. "I'll leave you with them, if you need me just yell"

Gibbs thanked Lt Brown as he left the room, leaving them alone with the two officers

"So do you want to tell me what happened last night?" Gibbs asked, getting out his pen and paper, Kate following suit with her PDA.

"No, we've already been over this a hundred times." Lt Patterson replied

"Not with us u haven't" Gibbs said, a bit frustrated "Why don't you start at the beginning"

"I don't want to. If you want our statements, you're gonna have to talk to the MP's." Lt Patterson said, getting up and turning to Srg Dowling "Come on, we're outta here"

"It wasn't a question Lieutenant!" Gibbs told them, getting annoyed

"We like to have our own statements for our investigation, it's less complicated. If you cooperate, this won't take long and you can be out of here in no time" Kate said, motioning for them to sit down

With a sigh, Srg Dowling began explaining what had happened the previous night and how they discovered the marine.

"Did you know the marine?" Kate asked

"Yeah, we trained together at NROTC. His name is Lieutenant Mitchell, he got a promotion shortly after getting his posting here" Srg Dowling replied

"When was that?" Gibbs asked

"Six months ago. He was stationed in Norfolk before he came here" Srg Dowling answered again

"What was your relationship like with him?" Kate asked

"Purely professional!" Lt Patterson answered for her, standing up "Are we done?"

"No Lieutenant! We are not done!" Gibbs replied, glaring at the man

"James, sit down. We went out for a while back at the academy, it wasn't really serious or anything, we were young, we decided to break it off when we left and went our separate ways" Srg Dowling said

"You never told me that" Lt Patterson said, looking at her

"You never asked" Srg Dowling said, matching his look "Besides it's not important"

"Did he ever give you any trouble after being posted here?" Gibbs asked

"No, we've only seen each other once since he arrived, and even then it wasn't for very long, we both had to be somewhere else" She answered, looking down, then looking back up at Gibbs

"Did he mention anything about somebody who may have wanted him dead?" Kate asked

"No, he didn't" She answered "He had a charm that worked on anyone who met him; he was fun to be around"

Gibbs raised his eyebrow as Lt Patterson started glaring at the Sergeant, but she didn't notice. "Ok, if either or you think of anything.." Kate said, getting up and handing out her card to the officers

"Yeah, we'll make sure to call you" the Lieutenant finished her sentence

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