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This story takes place immediately following 'The best laid Plans' - For those that have not read that story here is a brief synopsis.

Ron caused Kim to breakup with him purposely to protect her from what he saw as his bumbling ineptitude. He left Middleton and changed his name. (Now known in Go City as Alan Robertson) he has gained a lot in 6 months of separation. Money (Naco royalties), Power (Complete Mastery of the Lotus Blade), Size (Training with Yori and Hirotaka who were sent to him by Sensi) and confidence.

Kim has however been slipping. Ron decides to help her without her knowledge and she has several successful missions before she spots him (Accidentally). And finally figures out that it is Ron that has been making her missions go easier.

We leave the last story as Kim has found Ron and is in his home in Go City. Ron has just given her the 'Band of the Blade' (Long story) and they have just shared a long overdue kiss.

Kim is not yet aware of the properties of the 'Band of the Blade' nor does she know if Ron and she are going to get back together as a team or as a couple.

Well, that makes a long story very short. Reading 'The best laid plans' will put more of this continuing story line in perspective. (Please note the continuing part of this statement. Anyone remember 'The Perils of Pauline'?)

Now on with the story………….

The New Team Possible - Beginnings

Chapter 1 – Together again

As Kim stood looking up at Ron she was surprised at the changes in him. He still seemed to have his innate 'Ronness' but there were so many other changes it was difficult for her to think of this as the same person that she had known for so many years. In the place of the skinny boy that had left Middleton 6 months earlier there now stood a very well developed tall young man. She could tell by the way he held her that there was strength as well as gentleness in the arms that were around her. The way that he had returned her kiss had been hesitant at first but then grew in intensity until she could feel a confidence that the old Ron had never shown.

Since she had seen him in action at Drakken's lair she knew for a fact that the bumbling sidekick was gone. He had been replaced by a man capable of action who had abilities that far exceeded any she had thought Ron ever capable of. But when Kim looked into those chocolate brown eyes she could see that the soul of the man hadn't changed and it was the soul that she had fallen in love with. Wasn't it?

So many questions! Could she love this new Ron? Then a scarier thought crossed her mind, would the new Ron be able to love her? All of these thoughts were racing through her mind as Ron placed the Funny looking blue band on her wrist.

When the band was in place she felt it wrap itself snugly, but comfortably, around her wrist as a tingling sensation coursed through her body. As she looked down at the band with a startled expression a fleeing thought crossed her mind. "It's kind of a pretty color but very plain, it should have some sort of decoration…" She never completed the thought because suddenly there was a flowery border around the edges of the band exactly as she had been envisioning.

Kim was about to ask what the hell just happened when she heard a soft murmur from Ron. "Hey. Nice touch KP, I wish I had thought of that." At the sound of Ron saying 'KP' she looked up into his eyes again she forgot the band and was lost in the love that she saw there. She had never realized how much she missed the sound of Ron calling her 'KP'.

After a moment she again felt the slight tingling and remembered the strangeness she had witnessed on her wrist "Ron, what is this thing?" she asked. The silly grin she remembered so well came immediately to his face as he replied "I better let Yori explain it, she tells stories a lot better than I do." At the mention of the name Kim remembered that it had been Yori that had opened the door when she had arrived here a few minutes ago. This reopened her thoughts as to why Yori had been here. She saw Ron looking at the doorway to the room and as she spun to look she saw Yori in the doorway, but she was not alone.

She recognized Hirotaka as soon as she saw him; after all she had been crushing on him not to long ago. (Along with all of the other girls at Middleton High). Then she noticed that both Yori and Hirotaka were smiling at them, Yori's arms wrapped around Hirotaka as her head rested on his shoulder. Hirotaka's arm was draped protectively around Yori's shoulders. She saw that here were two people in love and forgot any thoughts about Yori and Ron being together.

Yori raised her head from Hirotaka's shoulder and bowed slightly as she saw Kim looking in her direction. "I would be most honored to tell Possible-san the story. But I feel that this may wait for a ah… more appropriate time Stoppable-san. For now it may be better for the two of you to discuss other matters." Ron looked confused for a moment before he realized what Yori was talking about the said "Ah.. Yea I think you're right Yori." Ron looked at Kim before continuing "Kim? It's not that I'm not glad to see you, I am, I really am but Ah… how did you find me. And as long as where on the subject why did you find me? I thought you were mad and never wanted to see me again."

Kim looked back into Ron's eyes "Ron, do you think we can talk" She glanced at Yori and Hirotaka "in private." Yori took the hint and said "Stoppable-san, Hirotaka and I will be in the kitchen should you need us. I have a sauce I must stir. I am pleased to meet you again Possible-san." Yori took Hirotaka's hand and lead him away in the direction of the kitchen closely followed by Rufus who seemed to understand that these two people needed to be alone.

Kim dropped her arms to her sides and after looking around for a moment moved to the sofa behind her and sat down patting the seat beside her. "Ron? Can you sit down for a moment while I try to explain." Ron moved to the sofa and sat down, a little further away than Kim wanted him to. Kim took a deep breath and let it back out before continuing.

Kim: "Ron, I know the reason you left. I know that you arranged things so I would break up with you and I know why."

Ron simply looked at Kim for a moment before lowering his gaze.

Ron: "Kim, if you really know the reason why I did what I did than I really don't understand why you wanted to find me. After what I did you must hate me."

Kim: "Ron, I could never hate you. I won't say I'm not a little mad that you didn't talk to me about it before you took things into your own hands. But I really could never hate you."

Ron raised his gaze back to Kim's face. He did not see any anger in her eyes even though he expected to.

Ron: "Kim, you don't know how sorry I am that I ever started this but maybe if you understood why I did maybe, some day, you can forgive me."

Ron and Kim sat and talked for the next hour, Ron went all the back to his thoughts in the tree house after the bank robbery mission and tried to get Kim to understand that his heart, rather than his head, had made most of the decisions leading up to this moment. By the time they were interrupted by the tantalizing odor of Ron's, now reheated, sauce wafting in from the kitchen Kim did understand. Well a little anyway. She still thought it was a stupid idea but maybe Monique was right, I was a guy thing.

Looking for a reason, any reason, to change the subject Ron finally looked at Kim and said "Are you hungry? I started lunch just before you got here and Yori is in the kitchen and ah… well, ah.. she's worse in the kitchen than you are."

Kim was feeling a little better now that they had talked and, smiling, took a playful swat at Ron's arm. Her eyes went wide when her hand connected and it took her a moment to collect herself before she replied "You know, I didn't eat breakfast this morning I got kind of ah.. sidetracked. I'm so hungry right now I could probably eat Yori's cooking."

As Ron got up and lead the way to the kitchen Kim followed behind with a strange look in her eyes. "My God," she thought "Ron's changed more than I thought. Hitting his arm was like hitting brick wall. What the hell has this guy been up to?" Her thoughts were interrupted when she entered the huge kitchen. She saw the expanse of countertops interspersed with state of the art appliances. The gleaming pots and pans hanging from their racks above the center island and everywhere else she looked she saw stainless steel.

Seated at a spotless oak table off to one side were Yori and Hirotaka who both rose when Ron and Kim entered the kitchen. Rufus paid no attention to the two now entering. Instead he was sitting on the counter next to the stove, his little mouth watering as he stared at the pot that was giving off the odor that they had smelled earlier. Hirotaka spoke as Kim and Ron came closer. "You will be happy to know that I was able to keep Yori from 'fixing' your sauce Stoppable-san." Ron smiled at his fried as he replied "Thanks buddy, you may have just saved our lives."

A very forced frown formed on Yori's face as she glared at Hirotaka. "For that remark I feel that it should be the honor of the men to complete lunch while Possible-san and I reacquaint ourselves." As she walked around the table and grabbed Kim's hand to lead her out of the kitchen Ron and Hirotaka grinned broadly and gave overly formal bows as Ron said "As your highness commands" As Yori left the kitchen towing Kim behind her Ron called after them "About 20 minutes, I've just got to get the pasta and bread done."

The kitchen behind them Yori giggled as she released Kim's hand and said "Ron knows I would never 'fix' his sauce." She looked closer at Kim and continued "Possible-san, it is somewhat warm in the kitchen, perhaps you would like me to find you something other than a sweatshirt to wear." Kim realized that perhaps Yori wanted to talk away from the boys and said "Uh… thanks Yori, maybe that's a good idea."

Yori lead the way up the stairs to her room without another word. Kim looked again at the portrait hanging in the entry way as she followed Yori. Kim was astounded at the size of the house and the way it was furnished. They soon reached Yori's room they walked through the sitting area to a bedroom. When Yori opened the closet Kim noticed that there was a mix of clothing hanging there, some of it obviously belonging to Hirotaka.

When Yori turned and held out the beautifully decorated light yellow blouse she had picked out Kim said "Ah Yori, You and Hirotaka Ah.." When Yori realized that Kim was staring at the clothes in the closet she blushed and said "Yes Possible-san, Hirotaka and I have been betrothed for almost a year. We are to be wed upon our return to Japan. We share our lives as well as Ah.. this room"

Kim reached down and pulled the sweatshirt off over her head. Yori suddenly spun around and faced the other way. As Kim pulled on the blouse and buttoned it up she said "Thanks Yori, this is really beautiful." Yori turned and looking over her shoulder at Kim and said "Possible-san perhaps something made of a heavier material would be more appropriate?" Kim suddenly realized why Yori had turned away. She had forgotten she was not wearing a bra and the outline of her breasts and nipples clearly showed through the material of the blouse.

Now it was Kim's turn to blush. As she folded her arms quickly over her breasts she said "I'm sorry Yori, I just forgot. I was in kind of a funny frame of mind when I got dressed and well, I just plain forgot" Yori was already looking through the closet again and soon held out a blouse that was cut to hang loosely. Kim gratefully took it and started looking around for a better place to change. Yori pointed to the bathroom that adjoined the bedroom as she replied "I would of course offer you an undergarment but I am afraid I have none that would ah… fit you." Kim had noticed that Yori was much more well endowed that she was and simply said "Thanks anyway Yori but I'm sure that this will be just fine."

As Kim closed the bathroom door to change she continued talking through the door. "You know Yori, I feel funny with you calling me Possible-san. Couldn't you just call me Kim? I mean we're friends aren't we?" Kim heard a pause before Yori answered "Thank you; I would be honored to call you friend …. Kim." As Kim left the bathroom she looked down at the way the new blouse 'hid things' and said "Much better don't you think Yori?"

Yori looked for a moment before replying "I agree Kim, It would be best to let Ron get used to you being around again before you ah.. give him ideas." Kim smiled slightly a little embarrassed that the discussion had taken this turn and decided to talk about something else. "I noticed that you call him Ron when you're talking to me but you still call him Stoppable-san to his face. Why is that?"

As Yori was putting the yellow blouse Kim had returned to her back in the closet she said over her shoulder "Ron has forbidden me to call him Sensi but I feel I must show respect so I continue to call him Stoppable-san. To his face anyway." Kim was a little confused for a second "Sensi? Isn't that the Master of the school, the guy with the beard?" Yori turned and looked at Kim "Sensi is a title not a name. It is the title for one's teacher and superior in knowledge. It is given as a sign of respect."

Now Kim was really confused "Teacher? Aren't you Ron's teacher?" Yori bowed her head slightly and said "This was true at first, but since Ron has come to possess the true power of the Lotus Blade he has far surpassed anything Hirotaka or I can teach him. He now has the knowledge of the centuries to pull from and has often taught both Hirotaka and I much in our sessions." Kim was thinking about this while Yori lead them back downstairs toward the kitchen. Instead of going into the kitchen Yori lead Kim down a short hallway leading to the rear of the house. "We have a short time before Ron completes lunch. I will show you our dojo." As they entered the old ballroom that had been redone as a fully equipped dojo Kim let out a small whistle. "Wow" she thought "This sure beats the heck out my little back of the garage workout area."

Yori pointed to a doorway to her left and explained that it was a fully equipped weight and exercise area and then pointed right to another doorway that she explained lead to the showers and changing booths. Kim wandered for a moment looking at the room in awe. When she reached the back wall she saw the dozens of weapons hanging neatly in racks. She turned to Yori and asked "Does Ron train with all of these things?" Yori looked up at the wall full of various weapons and said "Ron only has the weapons he has mastered hanging here. As a new weapon is mastered it will be added to the wall. Hirotaka and I have tried to talk Ron into mastering more modern weapons but he feels that to use firearms would make him less of a man and unworthy of the Lotus Blade."

As Kim stared at the wall crowded with weapons again she began to wonder just how much Ron had changed. But when she had heard that he still refused to use a gun she knew that the old Ron was still there, just better, much better. Her thoughts were interrupted by a shout that called "LUNCH! COME AND GET IT!"

When Kim and Yori entered the kitchen Kim's mouth started watering at the aromas that assaulted her. The table was set in a casual yet elegant manner and Ron was standing behind a chair holding it out for her to be seated. "Lady's" he said formally "If you will please be seated Hirotaka and I would be pleased to serve you." As Kim sat down and Ron gently slid her closer to the table Hirotaka was gallantly assisting Yori. The girls giggled slightly when the two men bowed slightly and began filling the table with a plain but delicious looking assortment of pastas and cheeses. Garlic bread and a large bowl of sauce was placed on the table last.

Kim noticed that there was a small notch cut into the table at the far end, when she spotted Rufus seated in the notch she understood, he ate with the rest of them as a member of the family. Rufus already had a pile of various cheeses in front of him and was devouring them happily as the rest of them piled their plates with food and ate. Kim had to admit the meal was fabulous. As she watched Ron fill his plate for the third time and Hirotaka fill his for the second she wondered how they all stayed so fit.

Soon the four teens were pushed back from the table with a satisfied look n their faces. Rufus, on the other hand was still munching away on an enormous pile or cheese. Small talk was at a minimum during the meal but now that it was over Yori looked over at Ron and said "Stoppable-san, as much as I miss my home in Japan I will be sorry to return knowing that I must leave your meals behind." All four teens laughed at this remark as Ron stood "Alright you three, out! The Ron makes the mess, the Ron cleans it up. You three go relax for a while. I already got most of the pans done while the pasta was cooking so this won't take long." Kim watched as Yori and Hirotaka got up to leave the table. Sensing that this was kind of a ritual she stopped herself from insisting she help and followed them out of the kitchen. She turned as she left and saw Ron already busy at the sink rinsing off the plates while whistling to himself softly. She smiled as she went to find Yori and Hirotaka.

She found them in the den where she and Ron had talked this morning. Yori was already seated but Hirotaka was standing, apparently waiting for her to arrive before taking a seat himself. As Kim sat Hirotaka started the conversation. "Yori has told me that you insist she call you Kim, I hope that I also may be considered your friend and be allowed that privilege." Kim didn't hesitate at all "I insist Hirotaka. I wouldn't have it any other way." Hirotaka smiled at Kim and sat very closely to Yori on the sofa.

Yori looked over at Kim who was seated in the chair she had found Ron in just that morning. "Was it only a couple of hours ago?" Kim thought. "It seems like forever, almost like we were never apart." Kim realized that Yori was speaking. "Well Kim. What now?" Kim knew just what Yori meant and after a moment replied "Well, I guess that it's kind of up to Ron. I mean I'm not even sure he still wants me in his life" Yori and Hirotaka just looked at each other for a moment before they both looked back at Kim and said in unison "You have got to be kidding" Kim was more than a little surprised at the 'Americanized' way that the two had replied and after remembering with a small blush the way she was greeted this morning, the kiss they had shared and the looks Ron had given her throughout their talk realized with a certainty that Ron still loved her.

Kim looked back at the two teens on the couch and said "Yea, I guess your right. But I honestly don't know what the next step is. I mean we've been apart so long. Even longer than we were together, as a couple I mean. I guess its just kind of awk-weird if you know what I mean." Both of the teens seemed to relax a little as they smiled at her and shook their heads in understanding. Yori broke the silence by saying "Kim. The two of you are destined to be together. Ron is the Master of the Lotus Blade and you are now the Master of the Band of the Blade. It can be no other way."

Suddenly remembering the band on her arm Kim glanced at it and said "I've been meaning to ask you about that. Ron said there was some kind of story or something that you would tell me." Yori turned serious before she spoke "Kim. I.." Yori turned and looked at Hirotaka who shook his head negatively "We. Feel that it would be best if you and Ron got reacquainted before I give you further knowledge of the Band. You must focus on your relationship before we complicate it with legend and mysticism. The Band has obviously accepted you or you would not have the ability to change its appearance as you did. So there is no real hurry. Ron wore the Band for several days before he learned of it's.. uh.. properties."

"Ron wore this band?" Kim thought, suddenly liking the band even more than before. She was stopped from any further comment as Ron walked into the room. "Well, all done. Told you it wouldn't take long. So what have the three of you been talking about?" Yori looked over at Ron and said "We have decided to postpone discussion about the Band for a time Stoppable-san. Kim will have other thoughts to occupy her mind." Ron just stared at Yori "Okay, I guess if you… Hey wait a minute you called her Kim. How come you can call her Kim but I get stuck with Stoppable-san all the time?" Yori just smiled as she said "If you would rather Sensi, I can refer to you by your rightful title." Ron just collapsed in a side chair as he said "AWWW MAN, Forget I said anything okay. Looks like I'm stuck with Stoppable-san"

The three other teens just laughed while Kim thought "Yep, that's Ron."

Ron then looked over at Kim and said "Well KP, what do you want to do next." Kim thought of a thousand things to say but instead said "I guess I should let my 'rents know where I am. I kind of left in a hurry this morning and I don't want them worrying about me." Ron sat up straighter in the chair and said "Sure KP, You want to call? Or I could just take you home, now that the 'cats out of the bag' so to speak I'd like to see them again. I kind of miss them you know. I'd like to stop and see my 'rents too." Their talk was interrupted by Yori. "Stoppable-san, I think it best if Kim stays a few days here with us. At least until we have had time to properly discuss the band with her."

Ron looked questionably at Kim "I don't know? You think Mr. and Mrs. Dr. P. will be okay with that Kim? I mean I don't want to end up in a black hole somewhere." Kim just looked back at Ron trying to look calm but her heart was racing at the thought of staying here with him "I'm sure they'll be okay with that Ron. It won't hurt to ask will it?" A black hole worried face was on Ron's face when he replied "Okay, we'll ask. But you do the asking okay. I'll just kind of be in the background ready to run."

Kim just laughed as she said "Okay Ron, I'll ask. But we should probable do this in person. If I'm going to stay I'll need to get a few things from home anyway. It'll take us a few hours to drive to Middleton so maybe we should get started." Now it was Ron's turn to laugh. He stood up and reached his hand down for Kim and as he pulled her to her feet said "Hey KP, nothing but the best for you from now on. Get yourself ready little lady, I'll have you home in 15 minutes." Kim was hurried to the garage. As soon as they entered Ron reached to a rack alongside the door and handed her a helmet that had the 'KP' logo emblazoned above the visor. As he grabbed another helmet for himself he said to her "I wondered if that helmet would ever get any use." And with that lead her across the floor to a shining black jet.

To say that Kim was amazed (again) would be putting it mildly. Ron helped her get settled into the back seat and strapped himself into the front. As soon he was settled he pulled what looked like a Kimmunicator from his pocket and inserted it into a slot on the panel. Kim was again surprised when Ron pushed a button on the device and Wade appeared on the screen.

Wade: "Hey Ron. What's up?"

Ron: "Hi Wade. Can you download coordinates for Middleton for me? Specifically KP's house."

A broad smile crossed Wades face as he started typing rapidly on his keyboard.

Wade: "Sure thing buddy, had them ready to download for a couple of months just waiting for this call."

Kim was staring wonderingly over the seat back just staring at the screen thinking "So this is how they've been doing it. Those sneaky little so and so's. I wonder how long this has been going on."

Ron: "Oh and Wade. I think we're going to have to have a little talk about someone telling someone else about Alan Roberts"

Wade looked up from his keyboard with a shocked look on his face. He caught sight of Kim staring over the seatback shaking her head.

Wade: "Alan who? I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about Ron. Okay everything's downloaded, just flip it into autopilot. ETA 12 minutes."

Ten seconds later the engine was started and the garage door had opened. They hovered out of the garage and shot into the air forcing Kim back into her seat. Exactly 11 minutes and 50 seconds later they were hovering for a landing in the driveway of the Possible home.

Used to seeing strange sights in this neighborhood none of the neighbors paid the slightest attention. Knowing that Kim had left this morning saying she had found Ron The entire Possible family came out the front door as soon as they heard the engines of the jet landing. They saw Kim climb out of the rear of the jet and started forward slowly. Then they saw the pilot remove his helmet and climb out of the pilot's seat. "This was unusual" they all thought. Usually the pilot just leaves after dropping Kimmie off. It wasn't until he got closer that they realized the tall brown haired man was Ron.

They all stopped in their tracks for a moment then Anna Possible ran forward and threw her arms around Ron's broad shoulders and kissing him on the cheek she screamed "RONALD, YOUR BACK!" James Possible just walked forward and shook Ron's hand saying "It's nice to have you back home Ronald." The twins just stared for a moment and then Jim said "Hickka Biccka Boo" to which Tim Replied "Booo Shaww" then they turned their undivided attention to the jet in the driveway and said in unison "COOOOOL".

After about 5 more minutes they were lead into the house. Jim and Tim stayed outside one on either side of the pilots seat standing on the wings while Wade explained from the Kimmunicator all of the special equipment that was packed into the small jet. After another 10 minutes of welcome inside the Possible home Ron excused himself asking if he could leave the jet while he walked the two blocks to his house to see his parents. Realizing that he had not yet been home he was shooed out immediately with the promise that he would return. Ron promised that he would be back in an hour or hour and a half at most.

It took Ron closer to two and a half hours to return. After much hugging and kissing on his mothers part and pats on the back from his father who kept saying how proud he was of his son for filling out the way he had Ron was finally able to leave. But only after promising on the Torah that he would come back every other weekend to see them and telling them he had to go see Kim. (It was the seeing Kim part that finally made his parents allow him to go)

During those two and a half hours Kim had been grilled about everything. She told them that 'Yes' she thought everything was going to be okay between her and Ron. She told them about Ron's house in Go City and the lunch and almost everything. She showed them the band on her wrist but only said that it was a present from Ron. She also told them that Ron had two friends from Japan staying with him. She was just getting to the point of asking them about spending a few days with Ron when Ron returned and rang the doorbell. Anna answered the door and asked Ron why he didn't just walk in as he always had. Ron was slightly embarrassed and just said he'd been away so long and it felt kind of weird.

As Anna and Ron entered the Possible kitchen Ron saw that there was no black hole look on Mr. Possible's face and rightly assumed that Kim had not yet asked about staying in Go City for a few days. The look that Kim gave him when he sat down confirmed this.

After a little more hemming and hawing the subject finally came up. Not wanting to say anything about the Band just yet they explained that they wanted to work out together for a while before continuing with Team Possible missions. They each had to relearn how to work together as a team and working out with his two friends from Japan, who were ninja masters by the way, would hone their skills and make them that much safer when on missions. (Sounded good to them as they adlibbed the reason)

To their shock both parents thought it would be okay (after a quick jab to Mr. Possible's ribs from Mrs. Possible) Ron even offered to have them come and stay also (to Kim's dismay) and this is what finally swayed James to agree. Even though they declined the offer it was the offer itself that convinced James that he could still trust Ron with his daughter's life and her happiness.

As it turned out Anna Possible was scheduled to perform an operation in Go City in a couple of days and would have to stay until the patient was through post-op, a couple of days at least. She said she would stop in and see them when she got in town. Ron told her not to make any reservations while in town. He had plenty of room and would not take no for an answer. As Ron and Kim's parents worked out the details Kim ran upstairs to pack a few things. (She kept reminding herself to make sure she brought enough underwear, especially bras)

It was finally agreed that Anna Possible would stay at Ron's home while she was in Go City. Kim walked in on the tail end of the conversation and was shocked to hear Ron agree that Mrs. Possible bring Jim and Tim with her. He would be happy to keep an eye on them and if He and Kim got called on a mission then his friends would watch them. Since Mr. Possible had to work this worked out best for all concerned. "All except for me". Kim thought.

Jim and Tim were excited about going to stay with Ron and wanted to fly back with them right away. Kim was glad when her Mother and Father said no to this; they could wait for a couple of days and ride up with their Mother. On the flight back to Go City Kim was thinking the whole way back that she only had a couple of days to bring her relationship with Ron back to the way it was, "Or" she thought "Maybe even further"

After arriving back at Ron's house they found Hirotaka and Yori in the dojo working out and decided to join them. Kim followed Ron upstairs to change and was slightly disappointed when Ron showed her a room across the hall from his and said it was hers. He walked her inside the room and showed her where everything was then saying he would meet her in the dojo he left the room closing the door behind him. Kim heard the door across the hall open and then close before she started unpacking and changed into her standard workout clothes. Remembering what had happened in her garage at home Kim had a sudden happy thought. "Just wait till Ron sees the new me"

When she made her way down to the dojo Ron was already there warming up. Yori and Hirotaka were sparing in the corner but stopped when she entered. Yori walked up to Kim and said "Would you do me the honor of working out with me Kim? It's been a while since I was able to work out with someone my own size. All I have are these men with their ridiculously long reach." Kim just smiled at Yori and said "I'd be happy to Yori, and never forget a woman is a match for a man any day of the week." Yori just looked over at Hirotaka and said in a whisper to Kim "More than a match on most days Kim." Kim had finished her warm up a moment later. Hirotaka and Ron had started sparing on the far side of the dojo but Kim didn't pay any attention as Yori launched into an attack as soon as Kim had signaled that she was ready. As Yori pin wheeled in the air throwing a kick at Kim's stomach Kim blocked and returned the favor with a similar move. Soon the two females were throwing kicks and punches that would have had any normal person unconscious in moments but the two seemed fairly evenly matched so neither was really getting the upper hand.

Kim was pleased with her performance; she knew that Yori was an extremely skilled fighter and that holding her at bay was like dropping a fighter like Shego with a single punch. Yori on the other hand was surprised. Kim was now wearing the Band of the Blade and yet she appeared not to experience the 'slow motion attack' as Ron had put it. She was good, very good but not at all what Yori had expected from the wearer of the Band. Yori had let her concentration slip while she was thinking and paid for it by feeling a kick suddenly strike her from the back knocking her forward onto the mat. She upgraded her very good to very, very good as she rolled with the fall and returned to a fighting stance immediately.

Kim and Yori spared for another ten minutes neither getting the upper hand again. Yori bowed to end the match and Kim immediately returned her bow. Both women were breathing heavily but were very pleased with the match. After returning Yori's bow Kim turned to watch Ron and Hirotaka spar. What she saw almost made her fall flat on the mat. She could tell that Hirotaka was a very formidable opponent and he was flying through the air throwing so many jabs and kicks that she couldn't even count them and there was Ron, who 6 months ago was tripping over his own feet, blocking each and every thrust with apparent ease. And, being Ron, was talking to Hirotaka the entire time. "What should I make for dinner tonight?" "What did you think about that Kung Fu movie we saw on TV last night?" "Hey, I heard that there's a new expansion pack for Monster Mayhem coming out".

Suddenly she heard Ron say "Okay, ready Hirotaka, here I come". Ron was suddenly surrounded by a faint blue glow and, just like in Drakken's lair, he disappeared. Suddenly Hirotaka was flying through the air and landed ten feet from where he had been with a heavy 'THUMP' As Hirotaka stood and bowed to Ron who was nor standing where Hirotaka had been a few moments ago, he smiled and yelled out "Hey Stoppable-san, No fair. You're supposed to give me a full two second notice before you go blue on me." Ron just laughed and said "Sorry Hirotaka, I got carried away. I'll remember next time. Maybe."

As the two men walked toward each other they were laughing and they were soon standing next to each other talking about what was on the menu for dinner like nothing unusual had just happened. Kim rubbed her eyes to make sure they were working right. She had just seen Hirotaka, one of the best fighters she'd ever seen, thrown across the mat like he was a feather. And this remarkable feat had been done by Ron.

Kim turned to Yori to see if she had seen what Kim thought she had just seen. Yori was just walking up to her saying "Thank you Kim that was a good workout. I hope we have many more. I think we can learn much from each other." Kim just stared at her in disbelief "Didn't you just see that?" Kim asked. "See what" Yori replied a little confused "Ron just threw Hirotaka across the floor like it was nothing and you didn't see anything unusual?" Suddenly Yori's face changed as a realization hit her "I forgot Kim, this is the first time you have seen Ron fight isn't it?" Kim just stammered back "No! I mean well yea, b b but what I just saw just isn't possible, is it?"

Yori thought for a moment before replying. She decided to tell Kim the truth, well part of it anyway "Kim what you just saw was Ron using a fraction of his power. At half power Hirotaka and I together cannot break his defense. And if he carries the Lotus Blade even I do not know what he is capable of." Kim just stood with her eyes staring ahead of her trying to absorb what she had just seen and heard. Yori walked over and putting her arm around Kim's shoulder said "Kim. Trust me. That is still Ron. He hasn't changed except for the better. He has accepted his destiny and prepares for it as you soon must." At this last statement Kim shook off her confusion and stared at Yori "ME?" she asked "What do you mean 'My destiny'?" Yori started walking Kim out of the room after the two men. "All will be clear soon Kim. Just trust me. And above all else trust Ron, he will soon be the only one that can guide you through this. But you must trust him and believe in him. And, if you feel you can, you must love him."

Yori walked Kim upstairs to her room so they could get ready for dinner. Kim was so deep in confusion and thought that when she realized she was showered and dressed she couldn't remember any part of it. As she walked downstairs for dinner she was thinking "Do I trust Ron? – He was always a little clumsy, a little bit of a goof, but yea, I've trusted him with my life several times and he's always come through for me. I'd trust him with my life again tomorrow. Do I believe in Ron? – I'm not even sure what she meant by that. Do I believe that Ron always does the best thing? No. Do I believe that Ron always does what he thinks is best? Yes I do. The last one I don't even have to think about. Not anymore. I know what it's like now when he's not in my life and I never want to go through that again. So do I love him? Yes, with all my heart." By the time she reached the kitchen she realized that she had just answered the three toughest questions anyone could ask about a relationship. And she had answered all of them with a yes. A smile crept onto her face as she entered the kitchen for dinner that night.

Because of their late workout dinner that night turned out to be a reheat. But it was a reheat of dishes that Ron had prepared earlier in the week which meant it was as good as any meal that a five star restaurant could turn out. By the time dinner and dessert (Home made strawberry cheesecake) were done Kim was sure that she wouldn't be able to eat another meal for three days. She groaned slightly when she remembered that Ron also cooked breakfast and she knew she would not be able to resist it. This time they all pitched in with the dishes and everything was spotless in no time at all.

As they all walked into the TV room (As Ron called it, actually a small theater with sofa's and loveseats instead of individual seats and no sticky floor) the group paired off onto separate sofas. Yori and Hirotaka immediately assumed a cuddling position with Yori snuggled tightly against Hirotaka's side. Kim and Ron on the other hand still felt a little uncomfortable with each other due to their long separation so they sat on the same sofa but several inches apart. About halfway through a movie about some cops and robbers thing (Kim really wasn't paying any attention) Kim could swear she heard that voice in her head again, the one she had heard when she first got here this morning. She had a little trouble understanding it but clearly made out "Come on you guys, Take a chance will ya?" She was a little surprised to see Ron straighten up suddenly and look directly at Rufus who had been sleeping but was now staring straight at them from a chair just off to the side.

She then thought she heard Ron mutter under his breath something like "Mind your own business busybody." Rufus clearly said "Humph" and jumped down off the chair and onto the sofa on the far side of Kim. As Kim was about to reach down and pet Rufus he ran forward and with both little arms extended ran directly into Kim's side. Being unprepared Kim slumped over toward Ron and ended up with her head on his shoulder. She felt Ron shake a little but she refused to move back into a sitting position. Seemingly satisfied with the result Rufus muttered "Good" and returned to his chair but continued to keep his eyes on the pair he had pushed together. It wasn't until Ron placed his arm around Kim and drew her in closer that Rufus seemed totally content and closing his eyes was soon softly snoring again.

Kim and Ron stayed in this position till the end of the movie. Kim was quite content to do so and, if possible, paid even less attention to the movie the rest of the night. It had been a long and eventful day so by the time the movie credits were rolling Kim was yawning slightly. Noticing this Ron voiced that maybe it was time for bed. Yori and Hirotaka wasted no time muttering their goodnights to Kim and 'Stoppable-san' and could soon be heard rushing up the stairs to, what Kim knew to be, their shared room and bed.

Kim sat up as Ron removed his arm from her shoulder. When Ron grabbed the remote and shut down the TV they rose together and walked up the stairs. Ron walked with Kim to the door of her room and kissed her gently saying goodnight; he then turned and entered his room across the hall. After Kim had entered her own room she stripped and found the old jersey that Ron had given her last year. She had often used it as a night shirt before it was packed away with all of the pictures and things a few months ago and now that it was back out of the trash bag she had started wearing it again.

As Kim slipped between the sheets she was thinking that tomorrow she would have to call Monique and Felix and fill them in on everything. Then she reached over for Panda-Roo and remembered that she had not brought him with her. He was still sitting on her bed in Middleton. Kim tried to fall asleep but kept tossing and turning which accomplished nothing other than bunching her makeshift nightshirt up around her waist. She then remembered why she slept with Panda-Roo "It reminds me of Ron!" She thought. "And he's right across the hall." As she rose from the bed she was reasoning to herself "We've slept in the same room a lot of times on missions and stuff. We've even slept over at each others houses. I'm sure Ron won't mind, I'll just make sure to tell Mom to bring Panda-Roo with her when she comes."

Kim opened her door and walked across the hall to Ron's room. Opening the door she peeked around the edge and saw that Ron was in bed but obviously awake. "Ron?" she said softly. Ron instantly sat up and said "What's the matter Kim?" Kim walked into the room and closed the door behind her "I forgot Panda-Roo and I can't sleep Ron, do you mind if I sleep in here with you tonight?" Not waiting for an answer Kim slid under the covers and rolled onto her side facing Ron. As she snuggled closely against Ron he laid back down and she placed her head on his bare chest and her arm around his waist as Ron muttered "Uh.. No I guess it would be okay." Before Ron had even finished talking he heard Kim's breathing even out into the slow rhythmic pace that told him she was already asleep. As he felt the warmth from her nearly naked body press closer to his he thought to himself "Ron Stoppable, it's going to be a long sleepless night."

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