Children of the Fang

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Chapter One: Discovery

A teenage girl aroung eighteen was walking through the mall with her cousin. Her silvery blue hair was long and flowing as she walked and her amber eyes looked like melted gold as the light hit them. She was wearing a blood red dress that went down to her ankles and had a slit up to her mid thigh. She wore a beautiful golden necklace that had an intricate design on it and had several bags in her hands. The girl next to her looked exactly the same as the first but her dress was blue and her necklace was silver. The two girls sat their bags down on the sofa's of a clothes store in front of the dressing rooms. The first girl handed several dressed to her cousin and sent her in the dressing room while she sat down to wait for her to come out and show the outfits off.

"Why the hell do I have to come in here with you it's filled with women's clothing?" asked a very loud man with long silvery blue hair and a baseball cap on his head.

"Because I need some new outfits because someone destroyed them all!" yelled a girl who was walking in with him

"If they didn't have so many buttons and clasps then I wouldn't have shreded them!" yelled Inuyasha

"Inuyasha I suggest you keep your voice down before everyone knows about your love life and you know your not going to win this argument so just give up." said the girl from the sofa

"Do we know you?" asked Kagome as she looked at the girl

"You don't know her yet." said the other girl as she walked out of the dressing room wearing a purple dress

"What do you mean?" asked Inuyasha

"I mean that in the time you come from I haven't been born yet. Kiera I think that dress looks good on you, you should buy it." said the girl

"Really Izayoi, I never thought that purple was my color." said Kiera

"That's because you wear blue too much." said Izayoi

"Oh crap we need to get going, Uncle's gonna kill me if I don't get you home in time for your lessons." said Kiera as she hurried to get out of the dress

"Oh great, now dad's really gonna have my head, Kiera hurry up!" yelled the girl as she grabbed her bags and headed for the door

"Coming! Put this on Sesshoumaru Tategami's tab!" Kiera yelled as she left

"Sure thing Kiera." said the clerk

"Come on Inuyasha, Kagome!" Izayoi yelled "If ya want answers hurry up!"

"Let's go." said Inuyasha

The girls led them into an ally and stopped taking off their necklaces revealing two inu hanyous. They told Kagome to get on Inuyasha's back and for Inuyasha to follow them. They ran on top of buildings jumping from one to another till they came to a part of town that held all of the mansions. They jumped down in the backyard of the second largest mansion and put the necklaces back on before enting the house through the back door.

"Dad we're home and we brought guests." said Izayoi

"You brought Kagome and myself here. I suppose you prevented me from making a fool of myself." said a young man who looked exactly like hanyou Inuyasha but with human ears

"You're the future Inuyasha?" asked Kagome

"Yes, I take it you are my mate by your scent." said the future Inuyasha

"Yes." Kagome answered "Where am I?"

"You were killed when I was three." said Izayoi sadly

"By who?" asked past Inuyasha

"Kikyo." said future Inuyasha

"But how she died." said past Inuyasha

"How many times has she died and stayed dead?" asked future Inuyasha

"Tell us what we can do to prevent this." said past Inuyasha

"It's a long story." said Kiera

"I don't care tell me!" yelled past Inuyasha

"All right it all started when...


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