Children of the Fang

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Chapter Two: How I Lost You

"All right it all started when we were out in the fields by Kaede's village with Izayoi and her brother Tai because Kagome wanted to go on a picnic. It was nice I guess, the kids were playing with Kima, Kirara's daughter, and everything was fine until we heard Izayoi scream. We ran down and noticed Kikyo's soul stealers were strangling Tai while Izayoi was clawing at it trying to free him. Kikyo was laughing and watching her demons try to kill my son. Kagome got angry and fired and arrow at Kikyo, she dodged but it was enough to cause her soul stealer to release Tai. Kagome ran to Tai while I fought with Kikyo. I don't know how it happened, it all happened so fast. One minute I was clawing at Kikyo and the next thing I know I see Kikyo dissappear and hear Kagome's blood curdling scream and the scream of my pups. I turn to see my pups whimpering while holding Kagome who was on the ground dead, blood pouring everywhere. I turned full demon and killed Kikyo, I've raised Izayoi and Tai ever since." said future Inuyasha

"Oh my, that's so sad." said Kagome in shock

"There is a way to prevent this from happening." said Izayoi

"Izayoi that's too dangerous." said future Inuyasha

"Do you want to stay without mother for all of your unaturally long life." said Izayoi

"No, fine you may do it but as soon as it's finished I want you back here with the others do you understand?" asked future Inuyasha

"Yes dad I understand, now cough up Tetsusaiga and Sounga." said Izayoi as she held her hands out

"Fine." with that said future Inuyasha went upstairs

"I'll call the others and tell them to pack and meet us at the shrine, and get Jaken to bring Tensaiga and Tokijin to me." said Keira as she went to the phone

"What is the plan?" asked Inuyasha slightly annoyed

"We join you in the past of course." said Kiera as she re-entered the room again

"So that's why your father didn't want you to do this plan. Do you know how dangerous the past is?" asked Kagome as she looked worriedly at her daughter

"I lived in the past, so yes I know how dangerous the past is." said Izayoi

"All right, here you go and be careful, I called Tai he will be meeting you at your grandmother's shrine." said future Inuyasha

"Okay dad, I'll see you soon I promise." said Izayoi

Soon everyone was at the shrine and they were all ready to go into the past. Inuyasha looked at the strange group around him smiling slightly as he thought of the look on his friends faces when they see the group. With that final thought they jumped in the well.