Sailor Moon Season 1 - The Lost Episode

Memory or Illusion?

Serena Tuskino sighed heavily as she walked through the amusement park. She had finally been able to shove Luna off on Amy for one day, but she could still hear the cat's annoying voice in the back of her mind, nagging her to be more serious about scout business and that they only had one rainbow crystal and needed to get the other three from the Negaverse and Tuxedo Mask. The Negaverse already had two and Tuxedo Mask had one…or was it the other way around? She couldn't remember. It was so hard to keep up.

Tuxedo Mask…just thinking the name made her giggle in delight. He had been a bit more cold than usual lately-especially after the last battle-but then again he had let Sailor Moon keep the musical star locket he had dropped, hadn't he? Maybe he really did like her. Serena sure hoped so. Even if he was rude sometimes, he was always saving her. Not to mention that he was a total hunk. But anyway, enough thinking about anything related to her life as Sailor Moon for today, Serena stopped herself. She was going to enjoy herself today, without Luna, any of the other scouts, or Melvin to bother her. She wasn't going to be down.

For starters, she stopped for an ice cream cone, and then headed toward the carousel. For the first time in days, she sighed in contentment and skipped on.

Far above the park, Zoycite hovered, watching the puny humans on the ground have what they called fun. She smirked. There wouldn't be much fun going on anymore soon. She was going to cause a bit of chaos, lure Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon out, and take the crystals they had. She and Malachite had to start pleasing Queen Beryl. She would go after the lost rainbow crystals before looking for the other three, retrieve them, and today would be the day.

Darien Shields sighed as Raye tugged him toward the same amusement park. "Are you sure this is where you want to go?" he asked once more. He'd rather be getting the rainbow crystal the Negaverse had back, and tracking down the others. But then, he had agreed a few days before to go somewhere with Raye this afternoon - even if it had been reluctantly.

"Of course I'm sure, Darien. I already knew where I wanted to go last week," Raye replied, in a bit of a huff from his constant questions. "Is something wrong? Don't you like amusement parks?"

Darien hesitated just outside the entrance, tempted to say that he'd rather be somewhere else, but finally he simply sighed again and relented. He shrugged. "No, I don't have a problem with it. Let's go."

"Good!" she said.

Then Raye tugged his arm sharply, pulling him inside the park and causing him to cry out in surprise. It's going to be a long afternoon…he thought.

Having ridden the carousel and one roller coaster, Serena was already feeling a bit tired and decided to go on a nice, relaxing ride on the ferris wheel. She smiled as she made her way to it, eating a fresh batch of cotton candy.

"This is the life!" she exclaimed happily. "This is so much better than hanging around with Luna and the rest of the girls, trying to figure out where the Moon Princess and the rest of the rainbow crystal are. What's the big deal anyway? Why does Luna have to get on my case so much?" she wondered aloud. "I mean, we have one of the crystals, so as long as we keep it, the Negaverse will never have all of them, and won't be able to get there creepy hands on the Imperium Silver Crystal." As soon as she said it she stopped dead in her tracks. "Whoa, did I just think critically?" She though about that for a second, them screamed.

"AAHHH! I'm not supposed to do that! I'm not supposed to be thinking about school, or the Negaverse, or being Sailor Moon, or anything like that! NO NO NO! Enough! Stop it, Serena! Stop thinking before your head explodes! AH!" Finally she stopped wailing and slumped, breathing heavily.

"Oh darn, I shouldn't have done that. Now I'm tired," she cried. "Now I know I need a ride on the ferris wheel. But first I need something to drink to go with this cotton candy." She looked at the stick in her hand, and wailed yet again when she saw that the treat was almost gone. "Whoops, better get more food, too!"

Raye screamed in fake terror as the roller coater plummeted down the first gigantic slope, and grabbed onto Darien's arm. The college boy smiled down at her, but then looked away and rolled his eyes. Middle school girls….

Fifteen minutes later, after taking her time getting what she wanted at the concession stand, Serena stood at the end of the line for the ferris wheel, a hot dog and jumbo coke in hand. She gobbled up the hot dog quickly, and though about hurrying to get something else, but then decided against it. She still had her drink. By the time in was her turn to get on, it was the last car to changed out, and there was no one in line behind her.

"Yay, I get one all to myself!" She stepped in looked back and forth, and decided to sit on the bench to her left. She sat in the far corner and looked out through the wooden crossbars. The ferris wheel was old and huge, and the car was big enough to hold six or more people, but she had one all to herself. She waited to hear the man close the door and latch it, but instead heard two pairs of running footsteps coming closer. One, however, seemed reluctant. She didn't know and didn't care why-that is, she didn't until she heard an immediately recognizable, and annoyingly unwelcome voice.

"Come on, Darien, hurry up, I think they're almost loading the cars for this ride!"

Darien sighed. "I'm coming, I'm coming."

Serena turned around immediately, and gasped when she saw Raye and Darien rush up to the platform. Great. Just the people she wanted to run into on a great day like this. Oh please, let him make them wait until the next ride, she pleaded silently. But her good mood shattered all over again when the operator of the ride smiled welcomingly at the two.

"You're in luck. This is the last car, and there's plenty of room for two more," he said.

Raye stopped. You sure that's the last one? We kind of wanted a private one."

Darien pulled away from her in muted disgust. "We did not!"

The man laughed. "Yep, I'm sure, but there's only one other girl in here, if you still want to ride this time. If not, you can wait until the next one, and I'm sure I could give you one to yourselves." He winked.

Darien grimaced, then quickly grabbed Raye's hand and ran forward, dragging her with him. "Uh, no, this is fine, no need to wait." But he stopped in the door to car when he saw who was in it, and immediately wished he hadn't done that. When he stopped, Raye got impatient and pushed past him.

"What is it Darien, is there a monster in there?" she said playfully. But then she saw what he did, and stopped as well, slumping. "Oh, there is," she said.

"I heard that!" Serena cried, hurt. "What are you two doing here?"

"I could ask the same of you, meatball head," Darien said in annoyance.

Serena stood, fists clenching. "I've told you not to call me that, Darien!" she fumed. The boy and girl glared at each other until Raye pulled Darien inside and the door was shut.

"Look, we're stuck in here, so we might as well get along for five minutes, okay?" she said as she and Darien sat opposite Serena. But both Darien and Serena crossed their arms and looked away from each other.

"There's no way I could get along with that," they both said at exactly the same time. They looked at each other for a moment, glaring again, then looked away. Raye sighed heavily and crossed her own arms. So much for a romantic ferris wheel ride. But I don't guess it would have been any good anyway. Darien hasn't been cooperating very well today.

The mood didn't improve at first when the ride began, but after a minute or two, Serena and Darien relaxed, both determined not to let the other spoil their fun.

Zoycite smiled, the dark crystal in her hand pulsing. Holding it out toward the ferris wheel, she set her plan in motion. A black, destructive beam of energy visible only to her shot from the crystal toward the ride's base.

Serena and Raye screamed when suddenly the ferris wheel shook violently, and Darien cried out in surprise as well, for once returning Raye's grip when she clutched his arm in fear.

"What's going on Raye!" Serena yelped.

"How am I supposed to know that, meatball brain!" Raye replied heatedly, and then screamed again when the ride rocked once more. They could see smoke, and what might have been flames, curling up from the ground, and screams echoed through the park. Then, without warning, the wheel began to tilt dangerously.

"Hold on!" Darien cried in warning as it began to fall…