A Christmas Update. W00t!

BTW, who the hell invented l33t speaking anyway?


"Captain, look up." Mal blinked at River, who was giving him something of a coy expression. He rubbed the back of his head, sighing in fatigue. They'd returned to Hogwarts, no Sirius Black, and he was feeling very tired.

"Lil' Albatross, I don't think-" Seemingly in exasperation, she closed the distance between them and kissed him. Thoroughly. She pulled back, pleased to see his dumbstruck expression.


The girl giggled, as he finally noticed the mistletoe overhead. He looked back at her, smiling brightly at him.

"You little…" Mal growled, but stopped as he realized it was entirely the wrong tone for anger. His eyes widened just as she kissed him again.

Damnit…Her lips were warm, and the fact that she kept her eyes open didn't disturb him as much as he thought it would. He felt himself falling deeper, deeper into her gaze…

"Hey Captain I was just-RENZI DE SHANG DI!" Ron's shriek made Mal push River away as he turned, red faced, to see the Weasly boy gaping in disbelief. He coughs.

"… Leaving now," Ron states, turning on his heel and heading out. Mal feels River's arms loop around his neck, and he blinks slightly. She would have known he was coming, right? Both he and Ron and-

"Yes… It was a trap," River purrs into his ear, and he feels his will slipping away. "But it's also a present." Mal looks to the heavens, sighs, and turns around. He can't go out now, when Ron is doubtless shrieking what he saw. He can't deny anything anymore, so…

"Merry Christmas, albatross," he murmurs against her lips, as he gives in. And River laughs. He instantly feels better, even as he tries not to, as a strange old carol is sung in his mind as his body is occupied.

38 left to go…

A cute, sexy Christmas present for the fans. Look out for more to come. R&R!