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Prologue: Princess Tifa's Once Upon a Time

Tifa Lockheart's POV

Must you want to hear my story, although far from a fairy-tale? Be warned, my life is a tale that is very much true. Half the things were so unexpected, terrifying, peaceful, pleasurable, and sickening; I hope you wouldn't experience such things as I have. I shall tell this tale, though to show that anything could happen that you may or may not have control over, but importantly that the only person who could make your happy ending is yourself. That's what I learned, or at least part of it. But it seemed there was another person who was to help me complete my happy ending; although it was unattainable, due to our roles.

I have been through love, lust, lost, and loneliness; the four Ls of my life. I've always believed in Blood thicker than water, that I would support my family before myself and think of their feelings before mine, but it changed when I met him; the young lord with the blonde spiky hair, and blue glowing eyes like no other. He was the one who continued to make me suffer through my search for happiness, and yet I strived for one with him. I hated him and yet I loved him; my emotions intertwining with the forbidden pools in his eyes.

I've been through hell and was spat out. I was deprived from my innocents; my feelings, heart, and body succumbing to the harshness of reality. I was just a girl who wanted to believe in fairy-tales, a knight in shining armor who will come to my rescue. My brother was cold and harsh, his eyes and touch being more than brotherly affection, and yet; so warm. My cousin was engaged to a man that I had unexpectedly fallen in love with. My whole life is keeping secrets from me, but in the end I was the one keeping secrets from myself. He took away my heart; my cousin revealed my feelings; and my brother protected my body.

I just wanted to play my role. I prayed it would lead me to my happy ending, to be happy. To be free from the looks I get, and to be free from my aching heart. I believed that as long as I kept following everyone's' wishes I would receive my award. But; when I met him, my soul was shaken from a feeling I couldn't deny; the young prince who I had opened my heart to, only for it to be swallowed up by the darkness that wouldn't allow it.

I realized that I was in love with someone that didn't belong to me. My cousin was the one who had his body, heart, eyes, hair, and to the point that crushed me the most; his hand in marriage. God, I was in love. Yes, I was in love with someone who didn't belong to me and who I wanted to keep for myself. Tell me that it's wrong to feel this way. That it was forbidden to develop such feelings towards someone who was not promised to be yours. Tell me that it's wrong to love someone who isn't yours in the first place. Tell me that it's wrong to desire someone who belongs to your own cousin. Tell me that I'm nothing more than a whore, a beauty only to please; but, before you do; listen to what I have to say, and maybe you could make better judgments towards not only mine, but others. The things that are about to happen are real and is far from any made up fairy tale; for you must go through pain before you can actually experience a happy ending.

End Prologue

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