Title: So simple

Summary: Beka asks Rommie a single question. (Dylan/Rommie) Short one-shot

Genre: Romance/General.

Rating: K (Alright for any age. No profanities or sexual/violent acts.

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Here we go!

"Rommie, can I ask you a question?" Beka enquired during a particularly un-eventful couple of hours on Command.

"Shoot." She replied distantly, his attention completely focused upon the control panel she was pretending to work on.

"Do you love him?"

"Who?" She asked, pretending that she didn't know whom she meant.

"You know who."

She was right. She did know, but she didn't want to admit it. Even to herself.

High Guard regulations (and the fact that she wasn't exactly, physical)stopped anything happening while they were in their time. She convinced herself that she simply could not possibly have anything remotely near romantic feelings for him in their time. 300 long years ago.

He had Sarah; he loved her, not her. She knew this, yet she still wished and hoped against all hope that he may just return her feelings, unnatural as they were.

Yes, she knew they were unnatural. There was just no denying it. She wasn't even able to touch him so there was absolutely no chance that she could have feelings for him, let alone love him.

Then it all changed. Everything she knew was changed in one battle, one simple fight and, what felt like, a single second in time.

Of course, it wasn't a single second at all. It was several very long years. 300 several long years to be more accurate. The black hole had taken their entire lives from them in an instant. Nothing they knew would ever be the same, or so she thought.

Those feelings were still there. He was still there. Her life was gone, but he remained.

He once told her, after a particularly tough battle and a very close call, that he would do everything in her power to stay with her. He said that nothing would ever take him from her willingly. He would always be there. That's what he said, and he meant it.

The feelings only increased in severity when Harper, the brilliant genius engineer found a flexi on an old High Guard station and created her in an amazingly physical sense.

She was there.

She could touch him, she could interact with him completely and finally, she could be a real friend for him when he needed her. One barrier she had put up was shattered, bringing her closer to him than ever before.

They became real friends. They laughed together, they felt together, they talked together. When she was with him she felt as if she was almost… human. Not the android that had been created just because Harper could do it.

He made her feel as though he would do anything for her at times. It almost felt as though he felt something for her too.

Of course, whenever she thought that, even for a fleeting second she would dismiss it immediately. Scolding herself for thinking such ridiculous things. There was no chance that he would ever love her in the way she so desperately wished he would.

No, to him she was just Rommie. His ship made flesh. That was all she was and that was all she would ever be. She loved him, that much was obvious to anyone, but he would never love her.

She put barriers up but he smashed them down.

She distanced herself from him but he would break in.

She would stop loving him but he would win her heart back with a single smile.

Finally she decided it was hopeless. There was no way that she would ever stop loving him, and there was no real reason to deny it any longer.

"Yes." She answered finally. "I love him."


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