Author: Uchiha Yumi

Title: A jail of crystal

Genre: General / Romance / Horror

Summary: A dark room, a dark thought. The painful speculation and awareness of a hunted prisoner. ItaSaku

Rating: PG13/ R

Parings: Itachi x Sakura

Main Characters: Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Itachi

Special thanks: A special thank to Lilya-chan and FunnyNeko, for reading and correcting all of my nasty stuff.

Notes: English is not my native tongue. Please tell me about my mistakes!

And I know you use more "A crystal jail", but "A jail of crystal" sounded better, in my opinion!

A jail of crystal

the song used is: Hunter, by Dido

With one light on in one room
I know you're up when I get home
With one small step upon the stair
I know your look when I get there

Sakura was there, laying naked on the stone floor, her slender arms wrapped around her knees.

She didn't remember when she had been carried in that filthy place, nor why.

Her memories just reminded her of that painful night, the failure of her retrieval mission and then…

Then it was all black, as the soiled walls of that hollow room.

It was odd.

So outlandish that sometimes she wanted to break down and laugh as desperately as she could.

She was a prisoner, Sakura knew it from the beginning.

And after some time, when hours began to blend with days, and days with weeks, she finally found out who kidnapped her.

It was strange.

When she would go out of there, she will tell the villagers about that.

Yes, because Akatsuki's members had proved to be…human?

Well, maybe she was now thinking too highly of them, but she had to admit they turned out to be less animal-like than she ever thought.

She knew they captured her, probably without any visible reason.

But, really, she didn't expect them to be like that.

She hadn't been raped, nor beaten, or wounded.

They just took off her clothes, leaving her bare and exposed in that room.

It didn't make sense.

Not to Sakura's straight mind.

So she spent her whole time of reclusion trying to put together all the small fragments of that shattered enigma – not that she would have had something better to do.

But this speculation brought to light something very interesting.

And then it was all clearer.

They weren't animals, it was true.

They were monsters.

They didn't' harass or abuse her, she could tell it because she was a medic nin.

But it wasn't pity, or gentleness: it was because they weren't allowed to touch her.

She was going to be his personal toy.

And it was even worse.

If you were a king up there on your throne
would you be wise enough to let me go
for this queen you think you own

Now she could feel it.

She could sense it seeping through the air, lingering in the shadows, hunting her down in her dreams.

He was there and he was observing her.

And he wanted her to know.

She found herself hoping to be wounded, to see her blood slowly sneaking out of her veins leaving her cold, lifeless body on that wintry stone.

She would have felt alive, at least.

Because she was starting to think of herself as a mere tool.

A useful tool to his own pleasure.

For loitering like that, between life and death, consciousness and unconsciousness, was even worse than being raped and beaten up.

He didn't touch her, but he was driving her crazy anyway.

His red eyes were there, she knew it.

They were analyzing her, studying her movements, reading her thoughts.

She had been left there, naked, as plain as a glass of water.

She was his little toy, a pleasant game to play.

And he wanted her to know.

So she felt her mind slowly losing the grip on reality, dragging her to a point of no return.

And it was even worse.

I want to be a hunter again
want to see the world alone again
to take a chance on life again
so let me go.

She finally found out, now she was sure.

The shattered enigma had finally recomposed.

She cried, but he didn't hear.

She screamed, but he just laughed.

She begged him, but he didn't care.

It was like playing hide and seek with the devil.

But she had nowhere to hide.