Questions Questions!

The pedestal beckons, true home to the Master Sword. But my heart is rebellious, the sword is mine.

I'm scared to go back, to become small again,will I remember... will she?

What am I, who am I? A growing Kokiri, an orphaned Hylian?

So many questions, answers I will not know until... Here we go Navi.

Goodbye Master Sword, thanks for your protection,

I should not hope to hold you again.

Am I back, am I back for good, my Goron bracelet is gone, Navi, NAVI

Oh there you are, it was just a bit dark.

No, no of course not, I wasn't scared, I do hold the triforce of courage...

Don't I - Yes its still there glowing on my left hand.

Where shall we go Navi, what shall we do now?

Navi, why are you stroking my hair?

No of course it doesn't annoy me, it's quite nice.

Navi, are you...why are you crying, what have I done? I'm sorry.

Then what's the matter, tell me, are you sick? Navi you're frightening me.

What do you mean? Where are you going? I'll come with you.

You can't leave me, I don't understand, why must you go?

I need you Navi, you're my friend, don't go please.

Don't leave me alone not again.

No,I'm not, it's just that I've got a cold, I'm not crying...

Boys don't cry Navi. You're going now? What right now?

Please don't, please stay, come back,

COME BACK NAVI! I love you.

She'll be back in a minute...

The Master Sword looks at peace...

She's coming back soon...

The Spiritual Stones are pretty...

A sparkly light, it's Navi... no it's sunlight tricking me.

Stupid tears, go away.

She's gone hasn't she? She's never left me before.

She's always come when I've called her before, Navi, Navi.

I'm Mr No Fairy again. Mido will love that,

I'll be at his mercy - no mercy - again, still he can't push me around anymore.

But he can make me feel sad...

I can't stay in here forever. I must go outside. It's very bright out here.

It's very nice to just run around for the sake of it.

I feel lonely though, I miss you Navi.

I miss Zelda too - why does that make me smile?

Zelda, I'm coming to see you in your garden.

There she is, looking in at the window,

Does she remember...remember me?

Will she care about me now?

I remember, remember her face when we parted, she was sad.

I can feel her mind, she is still sad, why?

I'm nervous, I'm shaking, my heart is doing somersaults.

Come on legs, move forward, just move.

She is turning round, to face me. She is beautiful.

Does she remember? My triforce piece is glowing hot,

What do we do now ? She is just staring at me.

I'm just staring at her though, Her eyes are so blue.

She does remember, she does, I like the way she says my name.

She's smiling at me, she's coming to me.

She looks so happy and friendly and kind, her arms outstreched to me.

I like being hugged by Zelda. I fit nicely against her shoulder.

I don't mind her knowing I'm crying over Navi - she understands everything,

She was with me. Her arms are safe,she kisses me and I'm happy at last

I'm not alone anymore, Zelda says I'm home.