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Remus and Sirius were sitting in the Three Broomsticks, enjoying their Butterbeers like old times. They had been out of Hogwarts for almost a year. Sirius was still in Auror training and Remus had finally found a job in a bookstore. And although the war kept getting worse, life wasn't to bad. Especially now, when right at this moment, their best friend was asking his girlfriend to marry him.

'How do you think he is doing?' asked Sirius for what was at least the tenth time this evening.

'I'm sure he is doing fine Padfoot', Remus responded. 'Just like I was sure he was doing fine the last twenty times you asked me.'

'Hey!' exclaimed Sirius, 'I haven't asked that twenty times yet….. This was time fifteen.'

'Remus eyed him warily. 'You have seriously been counting?'

'Off course I have. How else would I see after how many times I would be getting at your nerves. And I must say my dear Moony, you're getting better. Last time I did this, you stopped answering after twelve times.' Sirius smiled cheeky at him. Remus just sighed. He loved Sirius dearly (like a friend off course), but sometimes he wondered when he would finally grow up. 'Probably never', he said to himself. 'Then he wouldn't be Sirius anymore'.

Remus let his mind wonder to James. As much as Sirius was annoying him by constantly asking how James was doing, he couldn't stop wondering himself. It was not that much that he was worried Lily would say no, but James had proved in the past he was not always at good at asking that girl things. Hell, it took him almost three years to get her to get out with him. But he did do it and things had worked out so far.

At the same time, Sirius was wondering the same thing. He had helped James preparing, but now he had to do it on his own. 'Well,' he said to himself 'It won't be the ring or the restaurant'. After all, he had helped to pick them out. Although he had to admit that James could have bought the ring himself. He had chosen it, a simple yet elegant golden ring with three small emeralds. The color of Lily's eyes. Sirius had laughed when James said this. He was always going on about her eyes. Now he thought of it, he always kept going on about Lily in general.

In the end, the friends came to the same conclusion. Their friend was crazy about his girlfriend and he had gotten a yes out of her before. He wouldn't mess this up. And if he did, they would make sure he got properly yelled at. After all, if either of them would have to choose someone for their friend, it would be Lily.


'James? What is wrong with you tonight? Normally you're never this quiet'

'Sorry Lily. Just thinking I guess.'

'About what? Nothing bad I hope.'

'No, quite the contrary actually.'

'Really? What is it? I could use a bit of good news for a change.'

'Ah, well, you see, I, I…..'

'James, are you sure nothing is wrong? This is the absolute first time I heard you saying something so utterly nonsensical like that.'

'Oh, great….'

'You're doing it again. Please explain, because you are not making sense.'

'See, this is what you do to me.'

'What I do? Why is it my fault you are talking nonsense.'


'Well what James. Honestly'


'Ehh, I didn't quite catch that.'

'Oh no, please don't make me say it again.'

'Well, if you want me to respond to it, you better do say it again. Or maybe I'll say something entirely wrong.'

'Eh, no. We don't want that do we… Okay, I'll say it again…'


'James, I'm not hearing anything.'

'Oh, sorry. Wait a minute, I need to prepare for this. And, please don't say anything until I'm finished.'


'Lily, will you….'


Sigh. Okay. I know you said I shouldn't say anything, but as you obviously aren't going to either, I'll finish that sentence for you.'

'All right….'

'So, James, will you marry me?'

'Off course!...But, but, wait a minute, I was supposed to say that!'

'Were you going to? Because I got a bit tired of waiting you know. But, if it makes you happy, you can say it again.'

'Lily, will you marry me?'

'Off course James. But only if you promise to just ask the question next time you want to ask me something okay?'

'I will Lily, I will.'

'You know, I wonder what Remus and Sirius are doing. I expect they know about you proposing. So they're probably worrying about you messing up.'

'Hey! They won't. They know I never mess up.'

'Right…. May I remind you that I just had to do the proposal for you?'


'My point exactly. But don't worry, I still love you.'

'Love you to Lils, Love you to.'


James' POV

Lily Potter. Lily Potter. Lily Potter. I just can't stop saying it to myself. That is what her name will be. It does have quite a ring to it. Sounds much better then Lily Evans. But maybe that's just me. After all, I am the guy she's going to marry. I still can't believe it. Lily Evans (soon to be Potter, don't forget!), saying 'yes' to a proposal of me. Me! James Potter, the person she always yelled at, the person she hated most. Really, if someone would tell me she was going to marry me three years ago, I would say they were crazy. Not out loud off course, out loud I would thank them for believing me when I said I would win her over. But that hardly matters. Because although I would never admit it, I did realize back then how small the chance was she'd actually say yes to me. But I was stubborn (still am, according to Lily). Everyone thought I was crazy for not giving up, for not getting over her. But I can't say how happy I am now for that stubbornness. Even though it may have cost everyone around me some headaches.

Lily's POV

James Potter, I don't think I ever was more wrong about a person. When I first met him, I thought he was a total jerk. A big-headed, selfish jerk. Unfortunately for me (or so I thought), he didn't feel the same way about me. Quite the contrary, for some reason he actually liked me. It used to frustrate me to no end that he would keep asking me out. That he just couldn't seem to leave me alone. But if I look back on it now, I'm so happy he never gave up. And I'm honored he found me worth waiting for. Because he really is an amazing person, even if I didn't see it first. Over the past months we've been going out, he proved to be so much more I've ever expected. I used to think of him as selfish and arrogant, now I think of him as loyal, sweet, funny, caring, and I suppose I could go on for hours. And although he has said he loved me more then once, I am still a bit amazed he actually asked me to marry him. When I first overheard him talking to Sirius about it I really couldn't believe my ears. But he actually did it, in his own clumsy way. And I can honestly say something I never thought I would, that I am proud and happy to become Lily Potter.