Well, tricking Tuvok was no success. Janeway would have known that is was futile to trick a Vulcan, if she wouldn't be able to think clearly, which she wasn't due to acute caffeine withdrawal. But Tuvok shouldn't be her last strive.


The door to cargo bay 2 hissed open and the Captain walked in. Seven of Nine was working on a console. She didn't need to look up to know who was approaching her.

"Captain," she said expectant.

"You're still working?"

"Since I only need three hours of regenerating I have plenty of time after finishing my duties. I prefer to spend this time useful."

"You could have come over to my quarters with a philosophical topic to discuss."

"I could have." Seven replied without making eye contact with the Captain.


"I'm informed about your recent behaviour." Now Seven looked up and searched eye contact. "I appreciate that you have refrained from treating me the way you treated other crew members, so far. However I don't wish to experience such a treatment from you, so I decided to avoid you." Seven explained with all her Borg-bluntness.

But this time it had no impact on Janeway, at least not the desired impact. "You can make an end to this behaviour. It's easy. You just need to order me a coffee." She encircled Seven as if she was a prey.

"I can't."

"Why?" Janeway ask in a hoarsely voice. She continued to walk closely around Seven, who tried to looked something between annoyed and impassive, but her stiffened posture betrayed her nervousness.

"If you drink one cup of coffee now, you will face the same problems tomorrow morning."

"Then I'll come again to you."

"That is no option."

"Why?" Janeway stopped in front of Seven and crossed her arms over her chest.

"The Doctor will find out. The blood sample will reveal your wrongdoing."

"That shouldn't be of your concern. I won't tell who has given me the coffee."

"He will find out," Seven insistent, breathing heavily now, staring down at Janeway.

"How?" Janeway rasped.

"He will screen the replicator logs. He will attempt to proof every suspicious activity."

"Which is?"

"Me replicating coffee."

"You could have consumed it yourself."

"Unlikely." Seven spat. "I don't drink coffee and the doctor knows it."

Janeway draw in breath. She unfolded her arms and made one more step towards Seven of Nine. "The question now is, to whom belongs your loyalty? The doctor or me? Who has more faith in you? Who rescued you? More than once." Janeway paused and made another step. She tilted her head back and gazed into Seven's watery-blue eyes. "Whom do you trust most?" she said in a husky whisper.

Seven clenched her jaw visibly. "Captain, you attempt to emotionally blackmail me will fail."

"Are you sure of it?"

"No." Seven's voice was merely a whisper.

"Torres to Seven of Nine. Please report to engineering." Seven nearly jumped backwards.

Janeway groaned. She was so close. She nearly had Seven were she wanted her to have.

"I must go," Seven said releasing air.

"Since when did you like to work with B'Elanna?"

"Since now." Seven blurted and went, almost run.

Janeway hit the console with her hand. "Damnit."


A while after Seven had left cargo bay 2 someone else entered. "Seven? Are you here?"

Captain Janeway froze.

"Nobody here? I thought I heard something when I entered."

Janeway heard footsteps and suddenly she was looking into the face of Naomi Wildman, who has found her behind a cargo container.

"Captain?" Naomi smiled genuinely. "What are you doing there?"

Janeway coughed. "I was searching for something." She went around the container to face Naomi.

"You weren't searching for coffee beans, aren't you?"

Janeway's eyes went wide. "What makes you say that?"

"Well, everyone on the ship knows that you aren't allowed to drink coffee any more.

"Any more?" Janeway snapped. "It's just a matter of time."

"Alright. I just thought you would search for coffee here."

Janeway lifted an eyebrow. "Why should I search here?"

Naomi looked quizzical. "Because supposed to be secret supplies are stored here?"

"Are they? How do you know?"

"I heard my mom and Neelix talking about it. Neelix is amused by it, but pretends not to know that the crew is hiding these things from him. For example Commander Chakotay has stored various bottles of spirituous beverages here, as well as Jenny Delany, Tuvok is hiding incense sticks here and I think my mom is hiding chocolate. Everyone thinks Neelix and others won't search here, because they are afraid to enter cargo bay 2, because of Seven." Naomi shrugged. ""

Janeway eyed the youngest resident of Voyager. "And who is hiding coffee?"

"Tom Paris….oh, I mean… it's supposed to be a secret."

"As a close friend of Mister Neelix you should know that there are no secrets on board Voyager."

"Right." Naomi looked up at the Captain.

Janeway smiled and crouched in front of Naomi. She was now at eye level with the little girl. "Do you know were it is, the coffee?"

"Yes…no…I mean, I can't tell you. Tom would be mad at me and he would never allow me to assist him again."

"Well, are you the Captain's assistant or Tom's assistant?"

Naomi looked startled. "Yours Captain."

"And do you know what's the great thing about being the special assistant of the Captain?"

"You're going to tell me?"

"I can order Tom to let you help him, whenever you want. I can order Seven to take you with her on her duty. That's the great thing. If you're the Captain's assistant you can accompany everyone on the ship."

Naomi beamed. "You would do that for me? I mean ask Tom and Seven to take me with them on their next shuttle flight?"

Janeway nodded. "Sure, if you do me a favour in return?"

"Of course," the young girl, who was quite clever for her age, well normally.

"Would you just replicate me a cup of coffee?"

"Uhm, I think that's not possible."

Janeway's patient had come to an end. "Do you want to fly with Seven and Tom or not?"

"I would get into trouble for helping you with this problem, especially with the Doc. Mom says never mess with the Doc."

"I have noticed that lately." Janeway snapped at the young girl, who winced.

Janeway forced a smile on her face. "See, I didn't make you Captain's assistant for nothing." She placed her hand on little Naomi's shoulder, who increasingly uneasy.

"Ah, Captain, there you are." Janeway and Naomi swirled around to face Tom Paris.

"I was searching for you."