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I decided 2 write this fic because I always wanted yuki and aame 2 get along sothat's why this fic exists!well...pleeze no flames...

A (Long) Bus Ride With My Brother

Ch 1.


"Alright already!Turn off damnit!I'm still tired!" said a groggy Ayame reaching for his alarm clock. "Why won't you turn off damnit!" he slowly sat up in bed and stretched. He went into his bathroom to fix his hair because hell itself would freeze over before he left his bedroom with messy hair.

After he had woken up a little more he felt his normal wave of hyperness come over him (annoying a/n: dear god!how can he be that freaking hyper that early in the morning!he probably gets up before 6:30 am and is already hyper!it takes me a frikin' hour 2 consume enough sugar 2 be that hyper!geez! I get up at 12:00 pm.and I'm not even hyper then!but...he must have SOME off days...). He went downstairs into his kitchen to make breakfast. When he was finished he cleaned up the dishes and went to check the callander.

"Let's see...hmmmmm...oh my goodness gracious me!it's the 17th already?" he yelled upon seeing the date. For sure enough...on the 17th of said "Yuki" and was circled a gazzilion times

"It's to-daay! To-daay!" he sang while dancing around his kitchen. Then he raced around trying to get ready to leve the house (if you've seen the anime you know how fast he's going...think episode 20 when Yuki asks to see his shop).

Ch1. Part 2

Yuki's morning


"ow!" Yuki said while in the process of rubbing his head. It was 7:30 and he had fallen out of had been happening so often lately...he was beginning to suspect something...He started to get up when he felt someone grab his hand.

"Thanks I-" he began /oh shit!No friggin' way!not this early in the morning/he thought as his eyes rested upon a soft, pale, manicured hand. He was almost to afraid to look up...key word...almost. But he didn't even need to look up to know what he would see.

"Oh, it's no trouble what so ever dear baby brother!If there's anything your stunning talented, caring older brother can do for you, you need but ask!"

At this Yuki had to look up. Ayame was too wrapped up in himself to notice Yuki's mixed expression of shock and anger.

"Get-Out-Of-My-Room!" Yuki said under his breath.

"What was that little brother?"

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" Yuki yelled losing all of his cool. Then e felt a sharp pain in his head. He reached up and felt a small lump forming on his head. Then Shigure popped up from behind his bead.

"Oh, sorry Yuki. I couldn't resist. You were just sleeping there so peacefully. I didn't mean to cause any serious harm!" the last part was shrieked as Yuki advanced upon the poor author.

Long story short, Shigure did in fact get hung off the roof that morning.

After dealing with Shigure, Yuki turned to Ayame.

"Wait Yuki!I have something important to discuss with you!"

"What now phsycho?"

"Well...You know that 'Journey of a Thousand Miles' I was talking about?"

"What the-? Huh? Oh yeah...Now Iremeber...What does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, I figured we could travel faster with a bus ride!"

"Bus ride?"

"A long bus ride!"

"What do you mean exactly when you say busride?"

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