A (Long) Bus Ride With My Brother

Chapter 9


"Well...what would happen if we let him stay here?" Yuki asked hopeful that they could just leave him.

"Well...the police will most likely have to get involved."

"We'll take him!" Shigure said quickly shutting Yuki up.

"Finally! I can sleep!" Hatori said just falling face first onto the couch. Just then Alda rushed up and set fire to his sleeve...again..."YOU LITTLE SHIT!" He yelled jumping up grabbing her by the hair and chucking her down the toilet. Then she popped back in through the window.

"I taste the rainbow!" she yelled quickly setting his sleeve on fire and running away.

"ARSON!" she yelled over her shoulder like a retarded camel...don't ask...

.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.END FLASHBACK.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;.

Hatori quickly rushed Shigure, Yuki, and Ayame out the door. Slamming it shut he sighed, went to the couch and fell asleep. Just then Alda appeared again and set his sleeve aflame for the very last time...or is it?

"SON OF A BITCH!" Hatori yelled running to the sink.

With Shigure, Yuki, and Ayame...

They were all standing outside just beginning to head for the car then stopped upon hearing the loud cry of "son of a bitch". Well, Shigure and Yuki stopped. Ayame kept his slow, steady pace towards the car. He was still sad over the loss of his tea. Shigure and Yuki shared a look then went for the car.

After a half an hour Yuki didn't recognize any of the scenery. But, then he thought that they were just taking a different route home. Then he thought about it a second time. This was Shigure. This wasn't just a different was to get back to the safety of his room.

"Where are we going?" Yuki asked, slowly turning towards the inu.

"To solve this problem, once and for all!"Shigure said locking the doors.

"Did you forget that the child lock is on?"

"Child lock?" asked Ayame from the back seat sounding bored, looking through his magazine.

"Yes, he had the child lock on the doors for Kyo's safety. Now why did you lock the doors, Shigure?" Yuki said calmly.

"It adds dramatic emphasis!" Shigure chirped happily. "And besides, now you know that you have no where else to go."

Yuki gave an aggravated sigh and turned towards the window. Ayame remained riveted to his magazine and Shigure was transfixed to the road in front of him. Yuki knew it was pointless to argue so he simply stared out the window at all the people walking by. He really, really, really wished he could be one of those people. They at least knew where they were going. Unlike himself. God only knew where Shigure would be taking them.

Suddenly the car started slowing and Yuki could see a bus stop close by. /Bus stop/ Yuki thought/ Why are we going to a Bus Stop? What IS Shigure planning/

Shigure got out of the car (he unlocked the doors of course) and went around to let Ayame and Yuki out.

"Follow me!" he said in a sing song voice. Ayame trudged behind him and Yuki followed in his usual prince-like walk. Shigure handed them both money and steered them towards a bus. He pushed them on and they reluctantly handed the driver their fare, unsure of what Shigure was planning. They noticed that they were oddly the only people on the bus besides a little old lady sitting in the middle.

Shigure pushed them to the back then turned around and started getting off the bus.

"Wait just a minute! Where are you going!" Yuki yelled stopping him by the driver.

"Me? I'm going home! You two had better work out your problems now because I don't want to see you guys until Ayame is all good again! Ta-Ta for now!" he said blowing them a kiss jumping off the bus.

"Wait!" Yuki yelled. Just then the door closed and the bus started moving. Yuki moved to the window and yelled out "Shigure! How Dare you!"

"Bye Bye!" Shigure said waving back to him. "Oh, those crazy kids...heh." he said going back to the car and taking off.

With Yuki and Ayame...

For the first 5 minutes they sat in silence staring forward. All they heared was the little click. Click. Click. Of the old lady's knitting needles.

Finally, Yuki decided that the silence was deafening and he quickly tried to start polite conversation with his brother.

"So...How 'bout that weather?" Yuki said awkwardly.

Ayame's response was to stare confused at his hands.

"Is something wrong?" Yuki asked./ other then the way you're acting/

"I don't have my magazine...I left it in the car..." Ayame said.

"But...Haven't you already read that?" Yuki asked perplexed.

"Oh, yes...I have. But...I was filling out the order form for more shampoo."

"Uh..." was all Yuki could manage.

Another five minutes ticked by without so much as a sound from either of them. Just the constant Click. Click. Click. Of the lady's knitting needles.

"Look, about what I said before...I didn't mean it. Okay? I was just really angry and frustrated." Yuki said cradling his head in his hand.

"No...you hand every right to say what you did." Ayame said wearily.

"No...I didn't. You were just being a good brother. And I spat in your face," Yuki said looking down. /why do I feel hungry? This is kinda weird...maybe it's a sign that's telling me to hurry this up so I can eat...maybe.../

"I really didn't-"Ayame started when Yuki cut him off.

"No. You did. And the more I look back...I realize that I really did want us to be closer...to be better brothers." Yuki said praying that this was all it would take. He was really hungry! besides, isn't that exactly what Ayame wanted?

"What did you say?" Ayame asked whipping his head around. This was the most expression he'd seen from his elder brother in a long time. /Did he just...say he wanted to be closer/ Ayame thought in shock.

"Yes, I did," Yuki said still with his head down.

Another five minutes passed in silence. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Finally the silence was broken by Ayame, who flung his arms around his little brother.

"This is so great, Yuki! This is what I've always wanted!" he exclaimed giving a quick kiss on the top of Yuki's head, hugging him tightly.

Yuki was completely still. He really didn't think that would be all it would take. He prayed it would, but he didn't really expect it. Then it was his turn once again to shock Ayame. He slowly wrapped his arms around Ayame and hugged him back...well...not quite as tight as Ayame hugged him.

With Shgure at Home...

Shigure had finally made it home. He walked inside and smelled the sweet aroma of Tohru's cooking. Suddenly he felt oddly hungry. Then he wondered where Kyo was. Not hearing the cat, he saw an open opportunity to tease Tohru. He crept into the kitchen behind the girl and then-

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kyo said sleepily "And where's that damn rat?" he said looking around Shigure expecting to see him.

"Well you see, the funny thing about that is-"

"Wasn't he supposed to be going to a doctor appointment?"

"Heh heh, yeah. But, then he needed to take care of something else."

"Did you drop him off on the side of the road in the middle of the road?" Kyo asked hopefully. He seemed much more awake then before. "'Cause if you did then I might be forced to throw a party...now who to invite...?"

"I hope you didn't, Shigure!" Tohru cried grabbing his arm. She forgot that her hands were covered in dough at that current point in time.

Kyo was still focused on who he was to invite to his party. His thoughts were interrupted when Shigure said that he hadn't really dumped Yuki off on the side of the road.

"I didn't dump him on the side of the road...I put him on a bus." Shigure said trying to wipe the dough off his sleeve.

"Where to?" Tohru asked turning back to her cooking.

"Um...I'm not exactly sure about that one..."

"So...there's...hope?" Kyo asked. Inside his inner Kyo was waiting on baited breath to do the happy dance. /wait, older kyo...the time will come...it's coming.../

"But, he should be able to find a pay phone somewhere once he gets wherever he's going."

/damnit! fine...the happy dance can wait.../ "Well...what was it that he needed to take care of ?"

"That's his own business, Kyo" Shigure said walking out of the kitchen, grabbing a newspaper.

Kyo followed him out questioning him further about the possibility of Yuki going missing.

"Finally! They're gone!" Tohru said as she pulled out a Stoufers French Bread Oven Pizza and sticking it in the oven. She starting humming as she watched it cook.

Back With Ayame and Yuki...

They spent the rest of the bus ride talking. An hour later the bus still hadn't stopped and the old lady was making one helluva scarf. I'm not kidding...this scarf was at least ten feet long.

Yuki was still really hungry and he wanted to get back home to Tohru's cooking. It was weird. Her pizza tasted just like Stoufers. How does she do it?

Finally the old lady stopped knitting after successfully making a tight knit, home made bungy jumping cord. This is one extreme grandma. She looked at her work and sighed. She had no more yarn left. Maybe someone else had some?

She turned around to inquire about the yarn to Yuki and Ayame, when she saw Ayame's shiny hair. She was mesmerized and had to ask.

"How did you get your hair to shine like that?"

"My shampoo, my dear old lady! And somehow it isn't flammable!" he said happily.

"I'm 87! I'm not old!"

"Uh...well...ummmmmm...Sorry?" Ayame said awkwardly.

"You should be!" the woman said with a huff, turning around.

Finally the bus came to a halt. The bus driver got off and left the keys. The old woman ran to the drivers seat and started the bus. She grabbed the intercom thingy and started talking.

"Hello, dears. My name is Edna. I won't be your driver this evening 'cause you're gonna get the hell off my bus!" she yelled the last part and revved the engine. The brothers started running. They started walking towards the gas station when they heard the real driver going after Edna. They found a pay phone and called Shigure. Yuki was battling Ayame for control over the phone. Ayame won and Kyo had the misfortune to answer.


"Hi, Kyo! Guess what! YukiandItookabusrideandweendedupinthemiddleofnowhereandnowwere'restuckandweneedShiguretocomepickusup. Oh! Andthisoldlady(who'snotreallyold)whoknitascarfstolethebus!"Ayame said gleefully.

Yuki slapped his forehead and gtrabbed the phone. "Is Shigure there?"

"Yeah..." came the reply. /damnit! why did he have to find a pay phone/patience, older Kyo. Patience. We will do our happy dance soon...yes...very soon./ "Shigure."

"Yes, Kyo?" came a distant sounding voice from upstairs.

"Come here...You have a phone call."

"I'll only come if you can guess who I am!"

"sigh Shigure Sohma?"




"Who the hell are you?"

Shigure came downstairs wearing rose colored sunglasses with a tiny piano in his hands.

"I'm Elton John!" he cried happily.

"How is Elton John even remotely close to Madonna!" Kyo shouted angrily.

"I don't know...I just wanted you to feel slightly intelligent!" Shigure fake cried rushing past him. He grabbed the phone as he went past.

"So...what's up girlfriend?" he said twirling a lock of his hair. Kyo saw this and walked away mumbling incoherent and mean things.

"Shigure...what are you on?"

"It's Shigure! I wanna talk to Shigure!" Ayame said trying to grab the phone.

"Is that Ayame? Is he better? I wanna talk to Aya!"

"No! Listen, Shigure. You need to come pick us up. Right Now! Ayame is all better and he wants to see you very badly."

"He does!"

"Uh-huh. So hurry up and come pick us up, okay?"

"Yep!" click

"Thank god..."

"Well? Is he coming?"



"Dear God."

Eventually Shigure came to pick them up. Ayame returned home with them to enjoy some of Tohru's delicious home cooking.

"Amazing, my dear! It tastes exactly like Stoufers! How DO you do it?"

"blush It's my little secret." /oh no! older Tohru! they're on to us/Silence, younger Tohru/

Meanwhile Kyo contemplated who he would invite to his party if Yuki were to go missing.

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