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Chapter One: 2 months

'That's not news, Nothings news, it's the same old thing in disguise.'

-The Last Song Charles Bukowski

Kagome's mother burst into tears. Kagome just sat there, empty. The doctor had decided it was best if Kagome stayed outside for a minute. He wanted to explain the particulars to Hanae. Kagome already heard. She already knew. Still, she didn't want to believe it. INUYASHA! The name rang out in her mind. 'Of course!' she thought. 'Inuyasha will protect me. He promised. He'll make everything ok.' With that thought, she ran out of the doctor's office and back to her house, back to the well.

"No, Kagome won't take chemo. She'll rather go without it. I won't force it you know," Hanae tried her hardest to calm down. She knew Kagome would want to be with Inuyasha, and that the chemo would take her away from him. She wouldn't do that to Kagome.

"It is highly advised. Especially in her condition. Without it, she will die," the doctor explained. He placed a hand upon Mrs. Higurashi's shoulder. She trembled beneath it. She didn't want her daughter to die, but she didn't want to take her away from Inuyasha.

"How long?" she finally whispered. The doctor looked at her surprised.

"Excuse me?"

"How long do you give her without chemo?" Hanae said impatiently. The doctor stepped back and began leafing through his paperwork.

"2 months."

"Thank you sir, goodbye." With that Hanae grabbed her bag and walked out. 2 months. The doctor's words kept ringing in her ear. 'Oh Kagome, I'm so sorry. I knew this was coming, but I was hoping it wouldn't affect either you or Sota,' Hanae thought as she walked in the rain to her house. 'Your father had cancer. He wouldn't take chemo. I saw him suffer, but he seemed so peaceful at times. He told me he was glad he didn't take chemo.'

Kagome had come in not a week earlier with a large bruise on her right leg. She said it had been there for a while but it was no big deal. A few minutes later she fainted. Hanae had seen all the symptoms before. She knew what was happening, so she took her to the doctor. Those three words he spoke changed her life forever, "She has cancer." She remembered so much, she knew so well what had happened with Hideki.

She walked up the steps and saw Kagome packing a bag. She was leaving. Hanae sighed, and looked a the small jar around her daughters neck. It held the jewel shards. A realization hit Hanae so quick she nearly stumbled backwards. Kagome looked up at her mother. She had began to form small tears in her eyes. Hanae rushed over to her daughter and gave her a big hug. "Kagome, go back to him. Stay with him." Kagome gasped.

"Mama, I'll only be a few days. I just want to say my goodbyes," Kagome's voice wavered and she almost began to cry. 'NO, I won't let myself!'

"You have two months. Go back. Trust me, being with Inuyasha will heal you. You have these shards, they are supposed to grant wishes right? Then get them all and wish on them. Wish to be healthy and safe," Hanae had picked up the jar and showed it to her daughter. She wanted to remind her of her duty, and of her chances there.

"Mama, I can't leave you," she couldn't help it. Tears flowed from her eyes and splattered across her new shirt. Hanae grabbed her bag and pulled out all her school stuff. She went to Kagome's room and replaced it all with warm clothes, blankets, paper and pen. All sorts of things that Kagome would need. She came back down to a flustered daughter sitting on a chair at the kitchen table.

"Kagome, take these pens and paper. Write me a letter every day. You once said that Inuyasha will live for a very long time. Please, write to me and give them to Inuyasha to deliver if you don't survive. I'm sure you will though. Then you can deliver them to me yourself. I love you darling. I want you to be happy. So I am going to ask you that when you reach the other side, seal the well. If you don't, I'll have Gramps seal it over here," Hanae looked at her daughter and gave her a big hug. She knew life without her would be very hard. She also knew that Kagome's home was not here in the house she grew up in, but it the feudal era.

"I love you Kagome," she said into her daughter's hair. Kagome cried and managed to choke out,

"I love you too Mama."

Kagome picked up her bag and ran out to the well. She took a breath and looked back out the well house doors to her home. She would miss it, but her mother was right. She needed to be with Inuyasha. Being with him will take away the pain. 'He will protect me.' The thought came to her again. She released her breath and jumped. Lights danced around her as she flew back through time. She landed softly on the other side and looked up. It made her a little dizzy, she didn't think she could climb. She sat down and screamed…