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Epilogue: Glimpses of Hell, and the Wedding

Kagome stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was done up in a beautiful kimono that had belonged to Inuyasha's mother. Her hair, currently being worked on by Ai, was to be done up in the split peach styles that geisha wear. Kagome had not wanted her hair to be done like that, mainly because of the implications it made, but Ai had insisted on it. She only agreed to let her if Ai promised not to use the wax.

"How are you doing in here?" Inutaisho walked in. A month had passed since all the chaos had ensued due to Naraku. Ai and Death had been in charge of explaining to the four travelers exactly what they needed to know. They didn't really know of meeting the council, of Kagome's "illness," or much of anything else. They did know part of the story behind Ai and Death, and partially why Inutaisho was walking around…alive.

"It's going great Dog Man," Ai called out as she put the final touches on Kagome's hair. Kagome stared at it for a moment and smiled.

"Have you worked on what you are going to say today Kagome?" Inutaisho asked as he pushed Ai aside and pulled Kagome's hair down. Ai, growing furious at this, stood tall and was seconds from opening her mouth before she saw what was happening. Inutaisho's hands worked magic on the hair and when he was through, it looked like a masterpiece. Instead of the regular split peach style, it was elaborately done with tendrils of hair coming down like a waterfall while little jewels placed her in hair made it sparkle.

"I figured she'd just go with the usual I love you. That is the most powerful saying of all," Ai smiled as she looked over the hair. Kagome stopped and thought for a minute. I love you, it just doesn't seem enough.

I love you

We say it for a mess of reasons

Forgetting the one it was meant for

Forgetting how to say it right

The crowds began to gather, and an odd group of individuals in strange clothing sat in the back. They began to bicker and fuss, scaring away most of the people around them.

A little girl with the group looked up to see and old man holding a cane smiling. Bored out of her mind, she waved her hand and the cane flew from the man's hand. Instead of falling, he began to do a little dance. The other members of this strange group stared on in awe, forgetting they were about to kill each other. The man, fell asleep.

Arya, not at all interested in the man, looked over at the two nervous gentlemen in black at the table. They were fidgeting and looked as if they were trying to figure out what to say. Arya snorted, I bet they'll just say I love you. She sighed and waved her hand, causing the sleeping man's cane to fly back into his hand. I bet they've never even heard it said.

I love you

Is losing its meaning

Because we don't know what it means

Because we've never really heard it

Inuyasha was lost in thought. Fidgeting and sweating, he tried to think of something good to say. He wanted to say something with meaning, something that would get his point across. He wanted to tell her, I'm sorry please forgive me and I've been such an idiot. He wanted to say so many things at once, but couldn't. No words with enough meaning, not even I love you, would be able to make this right.

Miroku seemed to be having the same problem. Neither of the two men could think of anything that would work. They were lost, upset, and nervous. A gong sounded, and the two nearly wet themselves as two beautiful brides stepped out.

I love you

Is the universal

"Forgive me for being an idiot"

"Forgive me for everything"

Sango stepped out on one side, hair done up in an elaborate design like flames. No doubt that Inutaisho probably had something to do with it. Death followed behind her, making sure her kimono didn't snag or mess anything up. Two large bumps adorned his head as he mumbled incoherently about moody pregnant demon slayers. He took he seat beside Ai as Sango took hers by Miroku.

Kagome, entering from the other side, with her hair done up in a waterfall was followed by Ai. They both sat down in their seats and waited for the priest, a large man with a booming voice, to take his seat. The priest, who had a striking resemblance to Akira leader of the council of elders, began. The two couples picked up the sake glasses and drank the appropriate amount of times.

"Isn't this beautiful," Ai began to cry into Death's shoulder as the sake glass came to her. Death, rolling his eyes, grabbed it from her and drank first. Before Ai took it from him, she whispered in his ear. "I want a wedding just like this." Ever want to see Death freeze, tell him you want a wedding with over fifty weeping mortals and at least 20 bickering immortals.

I love you

Is so overused

That it hardly represents what it should

That the only thing we've left to say is


After drinking the sake, it was their turn to say something special. Sango decided to go first, with her oh-so-heartwarming rendition of I love you, "Miroku, I don't know exactly how this happened or why. I know that I loved you before, and I love you still. But, if I puke one more time, I'm going to murder you in your sleep. Remember, you're going to be right beside me now!" Everyone cringed as Miroku stuttered out a quick I love you, melting the moody slayer's heart. A passionate kiss, and they were through.

Inuyasha, know scared to death, turned to Kagome. "I've been trying for a long time now to figure out someway I could tell you everything I need to tell you, because I love you is not enough. But, I'm a loss for words. I can't tell you everything I want to tell you in such a short time, so forgive me for being so cliché but, I love you Kagome."

"That's all you need to say," Kagome smiled. Tears began to pour from her eyes as she looked at hers and Inuyasha's entwined hands. "These pass few weeks have been crazy, but I suppose it's just what we needed isn't it. Fate works in funny ways, bringing us together for even crazier reasons. It is too cliché, but there's nothing better than I love you."

"Why did we not tell them Arya?" the little girl asked. Arya looked down at her and smiled.

"They did not need to know all of it. I'm not even sure just why things have went they way they did, but we are only the keepers of the peace," Arya laughed. Sango's face turned green. Death, who was still frozen and scared, didn't see the pregnant newlywed bend over and puke all on his clothes. When the smell hit his nose, he snapped out of it and began to scream.

"At least they will have an interesting future," the little girl laughed as she watched Sango chase Miroku around with the Hiraikotsu. "Are we going to fill their heads with other things like we did with that fiasco between Ai and Death?" Kagome and Inuyasha began to try to run interference between the two as Death began twitching uncontrollably.

"Nah," Arya laughed as she waved her hand. Everyone froze except for the immortals who made their way out of the area. "Just consider it punishment for not telling each other how they felt."

"What about Naraku?" Arya got a twisted little smirk on her face as she remembered tying Naraku to a sacred tree and letting the squirrels peck him to death.

"No need to worry about him," she began laughing evilly.

---Meanwhile at some sacred tree---

"AAAAHHHH! MAKE IT STOP! THEIR EATING MY BRAINS!" Naraku began screaming. The squirrels, currently busy gnawing a piece of Miroku's brain, stopped as the leader lowered his self the idiot's eye level.

"Just call it revenge for eating squirrel brains!" he raised a little paw and screamed. In an instant, a thousand squirrels covered Naraku, making him look like one big fuzzy mess. Anyone walking buy would only see a huge fuzzy monster that seemed to have moving skin and screamed a lot.

"Aw…he's like a big screaming man all covered in hair," Kagura laughed maniacally as she and Kohaku enjoyed this show.

"Hey, what ever happened to Sango?"

---With Sango---

"MIROKU STOP RUNNING! GET BACK HERE AND FACE IT LIKE THE PERVERT YOU ARE!" Sango screamed. Miroku ran, Inuyasha and Kagome just tried to keep up with the two as Shippo stayed in the back laughing.

"So, I wonder what their kids are gonna be like," he wondered. Death, still very pissed, placed an image of the future into the little boy's head of a blue haired, dog eared little girl from the future.

---six years from now---

"Oh Shippo, come out come out wherever you are!" the little girl laughed evilly as she dragged a mutilated Shippo plushy behind her. Shippo, cowering in fear and hoping she doesn't have her father's nose, hid in a dark corner trying desperately to hide all the bumps and bruises that the little demon gave him.

"If I knew she was going to be this much like her father, I wouldn't have offered to baby-sit her!" he whispered. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped. Everything seemed a little weird.

"PEEK-A-BOO BIG BROTHER! LET'S PLAY HANGMAN!" she grabbed Shippo by the arm and dragged him out, a noose in the other hand. "You can be the man, and I can be the executioner!"

I Love You by Shelby Riddle (yes, that's my pathetic name)