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Carpe Jugulum! (Seize the Throat)



Pitch black and thick, surrounding everything, erasing thoughts, feelings...pulling everything into it. He'd been in the deep shadows for so long, sleeping, frozen with no thought to past, present, or future. That state of hibernation, it had remained unchanged for weeks that changed into months. Months that moved into years, years that had grown to centuries. Aware of the world changing around him, wooden structures giving way to cement, people evolving unaware of their silent observer. He'd watched it all change, listened and waited for something worth waking up for. It was years since he'd fallen into the coma like state of rest, years since he'd given into the pits of dispar that had always been with him. It was after all those years alone, searching for something, unknown to him...after all that time...he felt it. The tiny pin prick of light in the dark, it was the thing he'd been searching for, so close, it was so close he could feel it. The body that hadn't moved for near 300 years shifted.


"Come on you sissy!"

The blonde glared ice cold cerulean eyes at the group of boys walking toward the building. He took a deep breath, it wasn't like he was scared or anything...but...but this place was so creepy! The old Uchiha mansion had stood for more years than should have been allowed thanks to nosey people at the historical society who insisted on fixing it just enough to keep it standing without ruining 'historical value'. Naruto scoffed, he had no idea who would want this place still standing. It was completely useless, used only for the occasional dare between kids, like now.

"Hurry up chicken!"

Naruto glared at the boy who was smirking at him and waving from the door the others had disappeared into.

"Fuck you Kiba!"

Bracing himself Naruto dashed after the boys trying not to think of it as entering the mouth of a sleeping monster. Though with the bitch black stones and empty windows with towers raking the sky, a monster is exactly what the place looked like to him. He tried to remain calm as he hurried up to his friends.

"Wow, talk about a waste of space." Kiba was currently inspecting the fallen chandelier covered in dust and smashed to pieces from the fall.

"Nah, it has a old creepy crypt kind of charm to it." Naruto scoffed at the boy who was glancing around while shoveling food into his mouth from the bag in his hands.

Shikamaru was inspecting the stairs while Shino was staring hard at the biggest spider Naruto had ever seen! Naruto sighed and tried to look at ease as he moved over the decrepit floorboards and into a side room. It was just as broken down as the other room, but there was some furniture left, more than likely from when it was being restored and made into a museum, it didn't last long though, no one wanted to come in.

"So when are we going to see this ghost?"

And that was why, the place had tons of ghost stories around it, unfortunately for him, Naruto believed most ghost stories. But he'd opened his big mouth and tell them his friends earlier that day that wasn't scared, now they were here, inspecting the old Uchiha mansion to prove they were 'brave'. The blonde mentally cursed his pride and scowled at the dusty fireplace.

"Come on, lets move upstairs."

Naruto turned and smirked at Chouji's shifty gaze, at least he wasn't the only one who didn't want to be here. Kiba turned and smirked at Naruto.

"Hey Naruto, you look ready to piss yourself, maybe you should have gone with the girls instead."

Naruto growled.

"Keep it up dog-boy"
Kiba scoffed and Naruto predictably launched himself at the other boy, ignoring the warning from Shikamaru, they ran up the wide stairs. He'd almost caught Kiba when he felt the ground give way under a foot. The stair crumbled sending broken wood and dust falling into what sounded like a long drop until it clattered to a floor that apparently was a fair distance down. Thankfully Naruto caught himself and yanked his foot from the hole wincing at the fell of the scratches, damn it! Kiba would so pay for this later.

"Would you two cut it out?" The brunette sighed, "So troublesome."

They carefully made their way up the stairs until they reached the second floor, at the top of the stairs there was a huge filth covered window, Naruto went up finding a panel where the glass had been broken. He looked out the window and gasped getting chills down his spine. Next to him Kiba was silent for once and Shino spoke.

"That's interesting."

The backyard was nothing but gravestones, they were jutting out of the ground at strange angels, some broken others no more than a wooden cross make with sticks. Large crosses and morose angels stood crumbling and in the scattered rows, a creepy looking vine was crawling through the yard taking over the worn stones. Amongst the scattered forgotten graves there stood in the middle, a tomb, not very large, probably fitting only one coffin, Naruto shivered again but Kiba had unfortunately recovered.

"We are so going down there!"

Naruto jerked back, "What! Why!"

The canine like boy smiled, "Because! There is a dead body in there! How cool is that?"

"Not cool at all!"

He sighed, "Come on, stop being such a wuss or I am telling Sakura."

Naruto hesitated, the whole reason he had agreed to come on this stupid dare was because he figured it would impress his crush, Sakura, after a moment of weighing the pros and cons Naruto sighed and slumped his shoulders.

With a whoop Kiba turned and raced back down the stairs forgetting about Naruto almost falling through, the rest of the group didn't even bother arguing, it would be pointless. They followed but at a less enthusiastic pace, Naruto was dreading it more and more with every step. But it was even worse than he thought! Not only was he having to go to a freaking mausoleum, but he was going to have to walk through that creepy cemetery to get there!

He swallowed hard and followed as the others began walking between the graves, the blonde was holding his breath as he moved after Shino who was pause and stare at a random spider every once in a while. For the most part the blonde had kept away from the graves but when he did touch one he felt like screaming and running. Finally after what seemed like forever they all stopped outside the small room.

"So...Who's going in first?"

They all turned and looked at Naruto, "You."

He knew he should have ran. "Eh! Why me!"

Kiba shrugged. "Because."

"That's not a reason!"

Shikamaru sighed, "Just do it Naruto, this is boring."

Naruto was about to protest again but Kiba shoved the door open and Chouji pushed him in, Naruto tensed up expecting a ghost to scream in his ear about him trespassing then pull him into the ground while devouring his immortal soul! But nothing happened.

"HAHA! Calm down, nothing is happening."

Naruto straightened up and delivered a punch to the back of Kiba's head, however as Kiba grabbed his shirt and went to punch him back he paused. Shino was reading something on the wall.

"It is I who stands chosen To straddle the line between life and death.
Betroth yourself to me,
And I shall wander Evermore's onyx path As the star-clad Hierophant to the Night.
By my side, you shall always be,
One who brings fatality with a sigh.
There to kiss away the dripping blood From the hungering lips;
There to feel fingers run through our hair While we await daytime's passing;
There to be consumed within the firestorm Of our lustful, lunar passions."

Naruto shivered, "Shit, that's so creepy."

Kiba nodded wordlessly and Shino shrugged, "I don't know, I think its rather nice."

Naruto released Kiba with a scoff, Shino was so weird! But who was he to judge, the blonde turned and looked at the large square cement block in the center of the room. It had old worn designs chiseled into it with chipped off black paint and cracks covering it, it was old, very old and was crumbling.

"That's where they keep the b-body right?"

Shikamaru and Chouji came over to stand with him, "Yeah."

Kiba smirked and looked at it as well, "Think its still in there?"

Naruto silently prayed it wasn't.

"Yeah, it doesn't look like its been opened, besides by the look of it the lid would fall apart if you move it."

"You think?"

Shikamaru nodded off handedly.

"...Wanna open it?"

That time they all looked at Kiba like he had lost his mind, which Naruto was sure he really had.

"Come on! If I wanted to come with a bunch of girls I would have invited Sakura, Ino and Hinata. What's there to be scared of? Worried you'll break a nail?"

Even the ever-lazy Shikamaru glared at that, they weren't scared! They just didn't want to mess with dead things!

"Shut up you ass! You don't even know what's in there."

Kiba shrugged, "A skeleton probably."

"Yeah and rats and bugs and disease. No thanks, open it yourself."

Kiba rolled his eyes and went up to the stone coffin, Naruto however was only half watching, the rest of his attention was on trying to work out how fast he could make it to the door and through the cemetery.

His attention was pulled back as Kiba grunted, trying to shift the heavy lid. Pushing with all his might Kiba barely moved it more than a inch. Naruto's eyes were pinned to the small sliver of black where Kiba had managed to shift the lid. Just imagining what could be laying in there was making his skin crawl. He could almost smell the death hanging in the suddenly stale air of the room, it was nauseating. Naruto could all but hear see the rats and bugs crawling over the bare bones, he was fighting the urge to turn tail and run when a shock ran down his spine and his heart stopped. The space he'd been staring at...was staring back! It was a black gaze, that's why he'd almost missed it. The pitch black eyes were looking directly back at him with a gaze that was certainly not that of a rat or mouse! A very unmanly scream stuck in his throat fighting its way out as a hiccup/gasp/whimper, without giving warning more than the strangled noise he turned and dashed out of and into the sea of headstones. Now the scream was coming out in full force as he ran yelling and shouting about demons and ghosts and how he hated Kiba, he didn't stop to see if they were following him and he didn't pause for breath as he burst from the house kicking out the doors and bolting down the road. The more distance he put between himself and that stare, the better!


Kiba looked over at the others, "What the hell...What's Naruto's problem?"

They all shrugged but took off after their running friend, it wasn't hard to hear he had headed back, they could hear him shouting about devils, the undead and how badly he was going to hurt Kiba.


Black eyes blinked at the place the blonde had been standing seconds before, the others ran out after the shouting figure and he lifted a pale hand easily pushing aside the large cement slab. It fell to the ground with a loud thud before cracking into many pieces, putting his hands on the sides of the coffin he pulled himself to a sitting position. His body was weak and stiff from 100's of years of disuse. Staring out the door the boys voice, harsh and dusty for the same reasons as his body, rasped out to no one in particular.

"..Naruto huh?..."


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