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Carpe Jugulum! (Seize the Throat!) Epilogue! (Epilogue)

The sky was a endless mass of ebony, broken only by the tiny pinpricks of stars that glittered, looking close enough to touch yet remained so far. Deep in the inky depths of the city below shouts and loud televisions could be heard while cars screeched at one another like so many wild animals. The only light given off in the sea of coal were the thin pools of yellow light flowing from the street lamps, a sickly looking reprieve in the endless dark. The other glow casting out it's warm reaches of pale light into the city, was the moon, full and large, grinning down at the dangerous night ensnaring the ghettos and subherbs of the crowded metropolis.

Sitting in the middle of the malicious midnight was a small boy, no bigger than maybe 5 foot and some, crouched on a large cement overhang of a crumbling church not far from his home. Large ocean blue eyes gazed at the world around him, this was the world he lived in, one he belonged to, as much as a person like him could anyways. Yet this world was completely different. He was still Uzumaki Naruto, loud, rude, friendly and a bustling ball of energy, but now he was a lot more than that.

He licked his lips, swallowing loudly to rid himself of the cotton-mouth taste left over by his metallic meal. Blood wasn't the best thing he'd ever tasted, he actually really didn't like it, but he had to eat. It was a curse he'd accepted when he'd fallen for someone so dangerous, Uchiha Sasuke. Everything about the boy screamed danger and sin, but that was part of his appeal, at least to Naruto.

"Hey, you ready"

Naruto tipped his head back seeing the very object of his thoughts standing behind him, hands in the pockets of his black pants while his red shirt stood out against the onyx expanse. He smiled a little, standing and dusting off his pants.


Nodding once Sasuke turned and began leaping from one tarred rooftop to the next, knowing full well Naruto was behind him. The two boys, one blending with the night as effortlessly as a shadow, while the other stood out against it in orange shorts and a white shirt mocked it. Naruto was always like that though, a poor excuse for a vampire. He didn't eat as often as Sasuke did, choosing only to feed every other night and only at night. His temperament had even stayed the same, something Sasuke was dearly thankful for, he had altered Naruto, made him into something steps above a human and inches from a god, but Naruto had stayed Naruto.

"When did we have to meet Kakashi and Iruka?"

"In an hour."

Naruto nodded, memorized by watching the world zip by underneath them as they leapt and traveled at a speed Naruto hadn't quite gotten used to yet. They were headed home, no longer the one room flat Naruto had lived in for so many years of his teenage life, but their home...

Naruto had refused to move into the Uchiha place until it was fixed up, something Sasuke was hesitant to do, but in the end Naruto won and the place had been completely fixed. It was still creepy, the graves were something Sasuke wouldn't budge on, but at least inside Naruto knew the place as the home he shared with his friends and Sasuke. They reached the iron rusted gate soon, landing softly on the gravel with sound nor shift to announce their presence. Sasuke reached back, his hand open and waiting, knowing the queue Naruto reached out, their fingers interlocking and the warmth of the other boys hand warming the blonde considerably.

"There is time before they come back...lets go to the room."

Naruto felt his face heat up, still not immune to the sultry tone Sasukes voice would take on when he mentioned their room.

"You just want to have sex before everyone gets here and we can't...pervert."

Sasuke chuckled, pushing open the door that was almost never locked. They didn't need it to be, there were rumors about ghosts and murders up at the spooky Uchiha place...only half were right.

Once they got inside Sasuke pulled Naruto up, wrapping his arms around the slim waist as he put Naruto in front of him and rested his chin on the smaller boys shoulder. "If I wanted to have sex with you, audience or no, I would do it."


Sasuke knew Naruto believed him, mostly because he was being completely honest. Naruto was his and he would be damned if some visitors would get in the way of him enjoying his little lover. It just so happened that right now there wasn't anyone to interrupt them. The thought spread warmth through Sasukes who body as it had a hundred times before, he wanted to be inside his Naruto.

He kissed the boys neck, making Naruto pause on his way up the stairs, sure he'd complained, but he was still leading them toward the bedroom anyways. Kami-sama is should be illegal to be that damn cute.

"Nn...Sasuke...At least wait until we get up to the bedroom!"

All he got in answer was Sasukes tongue slipping out to lap at his skin, sucking slightly and making the purplish bruise show, marking him 'Property of Uchiha Sasuke'. Sasukes hand knew Narutos body by memory and instinct, pushing up the boys shirt and delighting in the feel of the soft skin underneath. Naruto, always weak against Sasukes soft-but-not hands, whimpered softly as Sasukes reached a nipple, teasing it knowingly.

"D-Damn it...you never listen to me...Mmmn!"

Sasuke smiled, his hand freeing Naruto from the delicious torture only to take his chin in hand and tip it so Naruto and Sasuke was watching one another.

"Not true. I listen to every moan and cry you've ever made."

Naruto tried to look unimpressed but simply looked pleading as he spoke, his voice breathless with arousal that matched Sasukes own. "That's not what I meant, Teme..."

Sasuke smirked, "Sure it was." Before Naruto could argue again he sealed his lips over the warm and slightly dry ones of his little lover.

The blonde melted into the kiss, body moving back into Sasukes in silent plea for the pleasure only the other boy could give him. It never ceased to amaze Sasuke just how well their bodies fit together, like whoever had crafted his little angel had done so just for him. Kami-sama that was a wonderful feeling. Pushed on my passion and his rapidly beating heart Sasuke deepened the kiss, releasing Narutos chin to let his hand drift lower, slowly, almost painfully so, undoing the buttons on his shorts. Naruto moaned into the kiss while Sasukes other hand slipped back into his shirt, silently fuming that he didn't have more hands with which to fondle the smaller boy.

He unzipped Narutos pants, reaching in for his erection, feeling the shudder pass through the blonde at the touch. He released his mouth as he began slowly stroking the full length and trying to ignore his own, he wanted to make Naruto feel good first.

"Aahhhnnn! Sas-..Sasuke"

The boys voice was soft and teased Sasukes every sense as he honed in on the beautiful voice and shuddering breath pouring from kiss abused lips. His hand sped up causing Naruto to arch against him, moving into the strong hand then back into Sasukes chest, causing the others erection to throb painfully. He saw a hand come up and cover Narutos mouth, like he would allow that, the only thing better than feeling the boy was hearing him...he loved that voice when it called out to him like that.

"Naru...Naruto, don't hold it in."

The blondes eyes fluttered open and gazed into Sasukes as he reluctantly removed his hand, grabbing the railing as Sasuke squeezed slightly and quickened his pace yet again.

"Sasu..ke...I'm gonna-..."

Naruto tensed against him, the smaller boys body pressing against him in release while Sasuke latched his mouth once again down on Narutos, he could feel Narutos heart thumping madly in his chest and smiled into the kiss.

Kami-sama he loved this boy.

However the heavenly moment was broken by a small cough coming from behind them. Sasuke and Naruto froze and slowly looked back, standing in the doorway was Iruka and Kakashi, along with the others they had been sent to pick up. Shikamaru sighed, moving passed the door and it's smug looking occupants and into the parlor.

"I know it's tiresome, but you could have at least saved it for your bedroom."

Naruto quickly turned away and slapped Sasukes hand away while fighting with his shorts that had slipped nearly to his hips. Sasuke looked at his cum covered and recently slapped hand in dismay...he knew he should have just fucked him into the stairs without the romance. Damn it! Chouji hurried after Shikamaru, blushing into his bag of chips while Shino marched passed them only a slight hint of pink on his cheeks. Kiba however wasn't going to let them off so easy.

"Damn blood-boy! Are all you vampires gay perverts or what!"

Sasuke sighed, reluctantly leaving Naruto on the stairs, fuming because his shorts seemed to have betrayed him in their refusal to get back into place. He needed to clean his hand and have a cold shower. Kakashi however walked by, his arm around a blushing Irukas waist as he took the liberty to answer the boy smirking up at Naruto.

"Pretty much."

Iruka sputtered something about Kakashi lying but it didn't really get caught as Naruto chose that moment to finish with his evil-shorts-from-hell and turn, shouting at Kiba.

"None of you're damn business mutt! And why the hell didn't you knock! I should have you arrested for breaking and entering!"

Sasuke, having washed his hand and calmed down...slightly, walked back by on his way to the other room with everyone else andsmirked.

"They live here Dobe."

The blonde took a second to realize that yes, he was right, in fact it had been Narutos idea to ask his friends if they wanted to come fill some of the empty rooms in the overlarge house. Damn Sasuke and his logic.

"...Don't call me Dobe, asshole!...This is all your fault!"

Sasuke smirked and shrugged, "They were early."

He took a seat on the open love seat and Kiba came in, having tired of arguing with Naruto and decided to fight Kakashi for the remote. Naruto came in a moment later and huffed but took a seat next to Sasuke, mumbling something about going celibate. Sasuke scoffed but remained silent, as if he would really allow that.

Not likely.

Iruka, having recovered from the embarrassment of walking in on the two boys in such an intimate moment, offered to cook dinner for the four boys. It had taken a while for the man, but he'd eventually gotten used to the vampire lifestyle as well as Naruto. Which meant he was a piss poor excuse for a vampire as well. As far as Sasuke was concerned, it was just their inexperience that made them so naive, but (on Naruto at least) it also made him fucking cute!

Sasuke put his hand in Narutos, smiling to himself at the visions of what he was most definitely going to do to Naruto later


Kakashi smiled at Iruka who had been avoiding his gaze almost all day, really, you get just a little frisky while playing teacher/student in the principles office and suddenly you're not to be looked at. Well...maybe he should have asked Iruka if he wanted to before molesting him in the room...but damn it! Iruka looked really cute today!

As his dolphin got up to make dinner for the boys Kakashi waited a moment, his eyes furiously trying to remove Irukas pants by wishing alone, before getting up and following him. If Sasuke and Naruto could have fun in strange places why couldn't he? He walked into the kitchen and found Iruka bent down and searching the fridge for something, his eyes zeroed in on the target and he felt himself try to drool. Could Iruka be begging for it anymore!

Not hesitating a moment Kakashi moved forward, silent steps bringing him, pelvis first, into Iruka, his arms immediately locking around the smaller mans waist as he shot up, shock and a blush evident on his face.

"K-Kakashi! What are you doing! I'm cooking!"

Nodding and kissing the top of the mans head he used his teeth to pull out the ponytail holder, freeing the brown locks that tickled his nose now.

"Hai Hai, I'm helping."

Iruka blushed and squirmed in his taller lovers arms, trying to sound reprimanding but only managing a weak protest.

"No you're not..you're distracting!"

Kakashi laughed, using a grip on Irukas hips to turn the man to face him, his hands playing along Irukas sides, slowly inching the shirt up. Iruka wriggled around, forgoing the use of actual words as he throat refused to emit anything but moans and whimpers. Kakashi moved his hips against Irukas, smiling at the semi-erection he felt through the fabric, his dolphin was so sensitive.

"Kashi..stop it...Nnnn...I'm cooking!"

The silver-haired man moved his hips again, securing a slow but steady movement against the brunette who was now being pressed up against the counter.

"I can tell...come on 'Ruka, just a little...I've been without for hours already!"

The smaller man frowned even as his hips moved to press against Kakashis and his answering hardness, Kakashi bent, his mouth covering Irukas as his tongue searched the familiar cavern of his lovers mouth. Iruka gave up and leaned into Kakashi, their rhythm picking up speed to match their rising pleasure at the friction. Iruka moaned into the kiss, the sound making it's way all the way to Kakashis erection and spurring the man on.

He grabbed Irukas hips, almost lifting the man in his haste to reach that ultimate peak of orgasm. He felt it coming, coiling and uncoiling in his stomach with each movement or the other mans hips and each flick of his tongue over Kakashis own. Iruka was a reluctant starter but damn once he got started he was go good!



The cries were muffled by their mouths, still crushed together in their heated embrace, each feeling the distinct discomfort in their pants...now they would have to go upstairs. Kakashi smiled, withdrawing from his lovers mouth with a smug look at the dazed face of the smaller man.

"Lets go clean up."

Iruka shook his head, letting Kakashi support his weight while he fought for some semblance of normal thought process.

"Nngghh...have to cook for the boys..."

Kakashi scoffed, glancing around before eyeing the freezer. He opened it, still hugging Iruka to him as a quick scan revealed a frozen pizza and a few boxes of fudge popsicle's, a strange favorite food of the somber Shino. He pushed Iruka back, smiling before kissing him once again.

"Stay here."

The most Iruka could manage was a quick nod before Kakashi hurriedly threw the pizza on a pan and into the over, reminding himself to pick up the box and wrapping later. He grabbed Iruka, hormones pushing his actions, and raced from the room, headed for the stairs.

"Boys the pizza is in the oven, it'll be done in 30 minutes! Watch it!"

Iruka managed to add on his two cents while being hauled behind a turned on Kakashi, "An no staying up too late! You've all got school tomorrow! I mean it Naruto!"


Shikamaru sighed as they heard the treating, almost running, footsteps of the two men. Sasuke leaned over and whispered something to Naruto, Shikamaru had to roll his eyes at the actions of his friends and teachers as Sasuke stood, making the excuse of being tired before dragging Naruto away.

He exchanged a quick look with the other four boys, Shino smirking, Chouji eating and blushing, and Kiba grinning.

"Do you think when you become a vampire you're sex drive grows like a hundred fold?" Kiba asked this with a smug grin on his face which promise harassment for Naruto later, at least until Sasuke got tired of it and threatened the boy.

Shino snorted and looked back to the television, having temporarily gotten control of the remote and found an interesting bug documentary.

"It appears so."

Chouji blushed more, almost burying his head in the chips as Shikamaru sigh, "Troublesome"
None of the four knew how exactly their bright friend had suckered them into living there, but at least turning into vampires hadn't done much for the four males personalities. To the four human boys sitting, once again fighting over what to watch, they may live with four vampires, but as they all told Naruto when informed of the change.

'So? You've always been strange, now we just know why.'

That pretty much summed it up. They were surrounded by freaks, what harm could a couple horny vampires do?


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