The Ninja of Oz

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A/N:whatever inner sakura says will be in italic's

(Takes place before the Chuunin exam)

It was another day for Team 7 with kunai and shuriken buzzing through the air as Naruto and Sasuke's practice fight went on.Kakashi was supervising while reading his favorite"Icha Icha Paridice" book.

Sakura on the other hand was sitting on a tree branch above all the comotion looking quite content...though she was far from.something was troubling her and that something was the very boy on whom she had been rivaling over the past years.she sighed adn thought,"ya know he's never even said so much as a 'well done Sakura' to me..maybe I should just give up?"Inner sakura:what are you saying sakura! can't just give up!.The pink haired nin sighed again.."It's becuase my big repulsive forhead isn't it...I'm to ugly for sasuke-kun to look at arn't I?"inner sakura:thats not true at all! . "well if it isn't then why does he always avoid me...he never speeks to me unless its to tell me i'm annoying"

She suddenly heard kakashi yell out" INCOMING KUNAI". Sakura looked up just in time to seea kunai coming her way . She jumped back onto anotehr tree branch before it hit her...but as soon as she landed on the branch..she heard a rather loud crack and before she knew it she was falling though the air and blacked out...

When she woke up she found herself staring up at the broght blue sky. she remembered falling...and it felt like she had landed on somthing.She sat up and didn't believe her eyes." umm...I don't think i'm in Konoha anymore" she said looking around at all the horribly bright colors of her surroundings.Everything seened to be coloered in pastel.Even she somwhat dark colored ninja cloths where different.She know had on a dress of light blue and white checkers.Outta nowhere she heard a bark bark and out of a lime green bush popped the little white dog that Kiba aways had with him.."hey Akamaru...what are you doing here?" she asked the little dog while picking him up."Hey kid!" someone looked and and for the second time that day..she couldn't believe her eyes. before her was Tsunade-sama decked out in a pink dress and a frown ,holding a wand tipped with a star." yes it's me Tsunade, the good witch of the north"Sakura stared blankly for a second then said."hmm...I never really pictured you as a 'good witch' Tsunade-sama".",oh,really why?" the female hokage replyed." well for one i don't think 'good witches' drink,gamble-"." ok ok i get ya kid..but hey 'good wtitches got to have hobies ya know"tsunade interupted," anyways I'm here to help you sorta..for you have slayed the wicked witch of the east" she pointed to where Sakura had landed.Akamaru went over,sniffed,then barked.Sakuramlooked over to see Orochimaru in a black cloack..lying apperently dead..or maybe just knocked out."Oh sooo thaats what i landed on" she said to herself.

" hooray the wicked witch his dead" shouted a slightly squeeky voice.Sakura looked over to see Tsunade-sama surrounded by"little poeple"(ok just to making this clear i dislike the word i use the wrod "little poeple" to be polite)

mauahahahha i'm stoping it here..mostly becuase i need to write more..but also becuase ..i'm leaving you in suspense..hahaha next'll meet the "lolipop guild" who are played by our magnificent...chibi vertions of...well you'll just have to wait..and hopfully next chapter.Sakura-chan will meet up with the heartless tin man that has been the cuase of her problems( sasuke of course)..but who will role play as the brainless scarerow..or the couwardly lion(ness)..guesses are welcome ..even though i already know who i'm going to use for all the roles..

well thanks for reading this and later alligaters!