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To save the world

To be a normal teenager, no such thing. Teenagers are never normal and there's no acceptation, this included Danny Fenton.

After the lab accident at age 14, Danny's not so normal teen life would never be normal. Thanks to the 'Ghost Portal' his parents made, he was now half ghost.

He could walk through walls, turn invisible, shot ecto-beams from his hand, create shields, and did I mention fly. Flying was his favorite part of his powers. Sure he had other powers; his 'Ghostly Wail' was at the moment his most powerful attack. Only thing stopping him was the fact that it took so much out of him to just deliver it.

Now, at age 16 and Junior in high school, he was just trying to get through school. Thankfully, that bully Dash, had graduated. This meant less of seeing the inside of his locker door.

"Danny, over here!" Tucker called across the cafeteria. It was the beginning of his Junior year and already Danny had already been in a ghost fight.


During the morning before school had started Danny met up with his two best friends, Tucker and Sam. They'd just started talking when Danny coughed, being caught in mid-sentence by his ghost sense.


"We know!" the three teen yelled back.

"Ah I see my enemy has returned you will never aaahhhh!" the ghost flew off screaming as the 16 year old half ghost kid charged him.

End Flashback

That ghost never seemed to want to leave him alone. Danny sat next to Tucker staring at the food before him.

Never trust school food, he thought.

"Where's Sam?" Danny asked noticing the missing member of their group.

"Oh she deciding which salad to get, I keep telling her to get the one with ham." Tucker smiled.

"And yet I continue to ignore you, imagine that," Sam came up sitting on the other side of the table.

Danny laughed at his friends antics, and poked his food. The last two years had been long, between ghost fighting and school. It wasn't a wonder anyone else figured out who he was. He looked up at his two friends and began to remember how they looked.

Sam hadn't changed much since freshmen year; sure she let her hair grow. She'd grown some very noticeable girlish traits, and a few inches as well. But the classic gothic look never left. The clothing changed, yes, but not the style. As Sam had put it, "Goths never die, they just get better." Which in Danny's opinion was true, she seemed be getting more beautiful every day.

He shook the thought of Sam in a nice gothic dress, to think on what had changed about Tucker. Like Sam, he'd grown a few inches higher, shot maybe a foot. The classic red bureau was ever present along with glasses.

Speaking of glasses, Danny stared at Tuckers new glasses. Apparently over the summer, he'd gotten himself a new, smaller pair. And the PDA never left his side pants pocket.

He smiled to himself and laughed a bit at his thoughts.

"What are you laughing about?" Sam asked an eyebrow raised in curiosity.

"Oh nothing, just thinking about how much you've all changed. Which isn't that much, so it's cool." He assured her.

Sam smiled and shook her head. If Sam had the courage to say it no one had changed more than he had. Danny had gone from a scrawny 14 year old teenage boy to a ghost fighting 16 year old.

She looked at him as he continued to poke his food. She didn't like the fact that he didn't eat much, but she guessed it was because of his half ghost side.

Danny had really changed; his jet black hair had grown out over the summer. But with the encouragement of his parents he cut and decided to spike it a bit. His ever messy bangs hung in front of his ice blue eyes that always seemed to shine. She had at one time remembered when she was taller than him. Now, whoa, now he was a good foot and half taller than she.

If lined up next to each other, Danny was the tallest. He stood a good 6 foot 2 inches, Tucker 5 feet 12 inches, and herself; probably 5 foot 8.


From child to man to grandpa. He was really tired of this, but this was the power that with being master of time. But the yammering and ranting Dan Phantom would yell from thermos were getting old. The ghost, no matter what, would scream he'd get out, but he knew better.

"The boy has defeated Pariah Dark, and his evil self." A giant eye-ball looking ghost said.

"His powers are growing, but he knows not of his true potential." A second one spoke up.

Between the age change and Dan, Clockwork hated the Observants. They nagged him like there was no tomorrow.

"I am well aware of the child's growing powers and know what is to come of him. I always know." He informed the other ghost. Turning to his glass orb, images of past events flashed on the screen. Until it reached and scene of Danny fighting a vampire looking ghost.

Vlad 'Plasmius' Masters. The first half ghost that was ever seen.

""Over a millium has past since 'The Great War', and now…."

"Now the two great spirits have met again." The second Observant finished the sentence.

"Yes, I have been sensing the seals loosening. They will soon learn of who they are." Clockwork waved his staff in front of the screen, the image changed from Phantom and Plasmius, to two shadowed figures close to hitting each other.

"Clockwork, we put you in charge of the boy, go and speak with him." Observant 1 said.

"If his powers are to become as strong as they were," Observant 2 continued.

"Help Him!" they said as one as they disappeared.

Clockwork turned back to his screen a sad look on his ever changing face.

"And so…it begins again."