Summary: after 3 years of family abuse, Hinata has finally started to rebel. Doing everything that is not her family. Curling her hair, baggy bright clothing, silver hoop earrings, black nail polish, army boots, wristbands and sweatbands, environmentalist, archery, and most important, still week. Many boys have been turned on by this Hyuuga rebel, one of them the Uchia heir. Is befriending royalty rebelling against her father, or does he agree with it? Hinata x Sasuke

"blah blah blah. Yada yada yada…" was all the tomboy punk could her as she was suffering the torture of a fancy dinner party. 'God this is aggravating! I can't actually believe I thought this party would be some what entertaining! The old geezer didn't even invite any kids! How am I supposed to make friends in this new neighborhood?' she thought. 'I got to get some air'

Pushing through the crowd of snobs came a 16 year old girl with black curly hair below her elbows, hoop earrings, and a black sundress over denim blue jeans and black sandal heels. 'My feet are killing me!'

The weather outside was not your typical picnic weather. It was lightly raining, but everything was soaked, humid, and lighting stuck every once in a while. Hinata loved when it was raining , but it would mess up her hair so she decided to stay under the roof of the vine decorated porch. Even though she was a rebel and tomboy, she still had the rights to protect her hair as a girl. She leaned against the railing and watched the rain make little dots in the pond. Her glossy lips smiled, but with a little tint of sadness in them.

She and her family had just moved into this rich, suburban area near the beach on the coast of upstate New York, from crowded and cramped Manhattan (New York). Hinata thought it would be a fresh start from her planned life, but it was just moving into a fresher and nicer area, but nothing was new. She still had no friends, no relationships, no happy memories, no mother, and no caring and loving father.

"Hinata!" The elderly voice which Hinata called "the all-knowing jerk-off who needs to get laid" called.

She graoned. Speech time. Wonderful. Crap adult jokes, snobby laughter, fake smiles, pinkies up, and talk about nothing but politics, business, and money. Interesting word, money. What people would do to get green pieces of paper. How people were treated also depends on money. And people that can really help the world can't because they don't have money. Instead, corrupted millionaires get all the fancy commercials, colorful websites, and companies that do all the advertising for them. Not to mention they waste all that money on criticizing each other, they never say anything positive. Honestly, ever see any good news in the paper? Money seems to be everything these days, even more important than a man's daughter.

"Hinata!" The voice called again.

"'Comin!" She replied while groaning.

"Before we go on to the speeches, I'd like you to meet the son of one of my superiors," he explained. 'Whoa, dad has a superior besides the president and he's actually admitting it! Halleluiah!' "Uchia Sasuke"

before her stood a young man the same age as her, about 4 inches taller, dark raven hair, black eyes, rather handsome, like Hinata actually cared, was wearing a navy blue blouse and black khaki pants.

"Hn," they both said in unison, looking annoyed. Then they both raised an eyebrow. Then they both crossed their arms acting like they hate each other. Then they glared. 'what the fuck?' Hinata was really confused. But she shrugged it off. Haishi went to go say the speeches.

"Later, dude," she said as she turned and walked to her seat. He was already walking away.

"hmph" she replied to his back and walked to her seat with her arms folded. 'ooh boy. I have another friend. Tch. Yeah right. I wish he would go screw his face off. What a nice person I am. If it wouldn't be for all the shit my family put me through I actually would have tried to make friends. Not like he would anyway.'

Sasuke had slightly different thoughts. "Finally. A real girl. I might be able to make friends with her. I wonder if she can play the guitar. Looks like a vocalist though. It also looks like she hates me. How quaint.'

"Attention ladies and gentlemen!" Haishi went into his snobby rich-man-giving-pointless-speech mode, "Thank you all for coming. So many fine people here. I am so happy to be part of this community. yada yada yada…"

Hinata got used to hearing the words 'yada' and 'blah' many times in here head when people gave stupid speeches like this.

She stared at the well behaved guests. 'let's see, snobby old hag in ugly sparkly dress made for 30 year-olds, arrogant 20-year-old-guy in tux trying to act really cool, which didn't work because he was seated next to Sasuke, who was much cooler than him, but they seemed like 2 arrogant assholes anyway. Sasuke was slouching, staring at the table cloth. The man next to him looked almost the same, except more gentlemen like, a few years older, long raven hair in a ponytail, red blouse and black khakis, also slouching and staring at the table cloth. What a pair. Next to him was a grumpy old man that looked like the two boys next to him, but he was wearing a tie and staring at Haishi with some businees-like interest. Okaaaaay. Sasuke and the guy next to him must be brothers, and the grumpy old dude must be the dad. Next to him was a thirty-year-old slim blonde wearing a pink dress and leaning on the grumpy old dude like a slut. When Hiashi made a 'joke' she giggled snobbishly and the brothers glared at her with disgust and snorted in unison. God, I don't ever see me and Hinabi acting like that,' Hinata then glared at her sister next to her who was text messaging one of her friends, she was wearing a navy blue silk sleeveless shirt with black dressy pants. Hinata, Hinabi, Sasuke, and his brother were the only ones under 20 there, and they were all wearing black, and all hated being here.

"….and I will be happy to announce that my family along with the Uchia's will be spending spring break together on holiday to get more acquainted…" Haishi announced.

If Hinata were drinking something, she would have spit it all over the table, but since she was leaning back in her chair, she fell over with a silent thump. It seemed the young Uchia had also had his chair tipped back, but his brother caught his chair, before he made a very loud thump. Since we all know that when boys fall, they seem to purposely make it loud.

Anyways, not even her sister noticed her reaction, for she was telling all her friends and betting where they would be going. Hinata silently put her chair up and let out a grumpy sigh. 'It better not be France, or anywhere that speaks French. My dad's gonna scold me every time my sister speaks it perfectly and ask me why I didn't take French. Simple, Spanish is much more fun to say, and I took it just to annoy him. But it would make no difference since I'm flunking Spanish. The only thing I'm good at is art and language arts.'

Hinata then sat in boredom, when she finally realized she would be on vacation with two ignorant boys, and one annoying sister. 'aawwww hell no! There better be some other kids that I can at least have an actual conversation with!'

The rest of the evening was a usual party evening. Every one ate dinner with mindless chattering, and then they either danced, socialized, or ate desserts at the buffet before they bid themselves a due.

Hianta went to her room though as soon as dinner was over though because she didn't want to suffer the torcher of cheek-pinching or comments that Hinata couldn't tolerate, whether they were good or bad.

Her room was very large. It was a very light yellow, and had white furniture. Her bedding was a cameo green, which she bought herself since it's not lady like to have camouflage bedding. She had a bathroom with shower and small Jacuzzi, and she had a big dressing room, which also lead to a small storage room, which Hinata made her hang out room, an covered the door with a rack of clothing, so no one else would ever go in there. Inside it had an overstuffed couch, a fluffy black carpet, an orange Mac laptop on the coffee table, a phone shaped like a frog, a TV with PS2, big pillows were lying all over the floor, a book shelf with comic books and mangas on it, and there was a small shuttered window above the couch. Lights were attached to the top of the wall, and let out a white light across the room. Where did she get all this stuff? A lot of it was stuff that was left at the house, and the rest was money she took from her dad. As you can tell, Hinata lives in a very big mansion.

Back to the story, Hinata went to her dressing room to take the dress off and put a black tank top on, and then she took her key for her secret room out of her hidden box and went in. She plopped on her comfy couch and turned on the TV to see her school that she will be attending tomorrow's TV station. It was called "Konoha High TV". What a creative name. There was a girl with long pink hair, wearing lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara, and was attired with a grey V-neck sweater with heart necklace. The boy next to her had think eyebrows, a bowl shaped hair cut, and it looked as if a dentist would kiss him with his bright teeth, he was wearing a bright green t-shirt.

"Welcome to Konoha High TV!" The girl with pink hair said just like a reporter, "I'm Haruno Sakura, and this is Rock Lee, and our talented camerawoman, Sabuko no Temari! Today, we have a new family in the neighborhood, straight from the big city of Manhattan! And two members of that family will be joining our school tomorrow! We shall look forward to seeing Hyuuga Hinata and Hyuuga Neji joins our school spirit!"

"Is she always this enthusiastic?" Hinata asked the TV.

The guy named Lee finally started to say something, "Yosh! Let them take our example and spread the spring time of youth!" He said with a fist in the air.

Hinata wished he hadn't talked at all.

The girl named Sakura gave a fake cough to get my attention back on her, "And to make it easier for them, we decided to do our monthly school club update a little soon this month. Football team: 0 out of 8 wins, soccer team: 4 out of 7 wins, basketball team: 10 out of 10 wins, tennis team: 6 out of 7 wins, baseball: 6 out of 8 wins, softball: 3 out of 7 wins and robotics: 3 out of 5 wins. That's all sports, boys and girls, combined, but it's just the beginning of most seasons, so we still have time to get better! (a/n: I really don't know sports, so just go with it)

"We also have track and swimming competitions, but those are individual competitions!"

'Maybe I should do track? I've always like running to school in Manhattan, but we never had a track. I guess I'll try it.'

"We have many, many more clubs, but it would take a long time to list them. If you would like the complete list stop at the office or I will be happy to get one for you and spread the spring time of youth!" Lee exclaimed.

Sakura sweat dropped, "Anyways, our daily reminder, in two weeks on Saturday, April 28, we are having a wild beach party at New York shore! Bring a bathing suit, towel, shoes, a beach toy, and your school spirit! Our school garage bands will also be performing! You don't want to miss it!" (a/n: I know the New York shore is still cold, just use your imagination)

Hinata started falling asleep when…


Hinata grabbed the remote and shut the TV off with an aggravated moan, "I WANT TO SLEEEPPPP!"

It was actually a good thing that Lee started Yelling when he did, or else Hinata wouldn't have gone into her regular bed, which would have caused some problems in the morning.

She sloppily got up, took a shower, brushed her hair and teeth, took her pants off so she was just in underwear and a tank top, slipped into her warm bed, and hit the hay.

And we all know what the first day off high school is like. Hell.

Auther's note:

This is my 1st story. What do ya think? I don't really care if you hate it. But it would be entertaining. Review please!