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Rated PG-13 for a little violence and some ideas of suicide

Meaning of Life
By the untalented JOxER
Chapter One

As the driver pulled up to the house, computer analyst Lucas Wolenczak steped
put of the car and apologized for the short notice and waved his good bye. Lucas opened
the door to his father's house and was recalling the events of that day. He had spent all
day long with his father. No surprise that his father intention for Lucas was for pure
show off. His father was being honored for another break though in the science field, a
big boring party with stupid scientist that think so high of themselves. Lucas had shaken
every important hand and has heard the same stupid speech his father had rehearsed to
make him look good: Hello sir, enjoying yourself today? Have you met my son, Lucas?
He was working on his Ph.D. in Stanford but the UEO wanted him to be the computer
analyst on the seaQuest and of course he couldn't resist. I am so proud of what my 16
year old son that has accomplished…. *Proud? * Rethinking the speech, *proud, yeah
right. So proud to send me away? So proud of me that you push me aside? So proud to
beat the crap out of me? No, he is not proud. If not then what? Regretted?
Disappointed? Ashamed? * As Lucas thought this through, he heard a fast moving car
coming to a dead halt. * Oh shit*, he quickly ran up the stairs and shut the door to his
room. The door had no lock but it was an obstacle that might keep him safe. There was
no place to hide and even if he did, he knew it would make things worse. All he could do
is rear himself to the farthest corner of his room and just wait. Lucas shut his eyes tight,
wishing when he opened them this would have been a dream and he would be safe, back
at the seaQuest. His wish came crashing down when he heard heavy footsteps landing
hard on the stairs. Every step drew closer and closer when Lucas' door flew opened.

"Get over here Lucas, Now." Lawrence Wolenczak ordered to his son. Lucas stood
there in fear; his father had a look that Lucas knew too well. Lucas took a couple of steps
towards his father and hoped he could talk out of this one. There was no chance but he
had to try.

"Dad, I am sorry but.."

"How dare you leave the ceremony like that? I told you I had a speech to give and
wanted you to stick around. You better have a good reason for leaving or else!"
Lawrence warned.

*Or Else… or else..* "I-I was not feeling to good a-and it was already late. I have to get
up early to attend the meeting that the UEO ordered for the seaQuest and I thought…"
Lucas was not expecting the hard fits landing on his face this early. The blow hit hard
and made Lucas land on the floor. Lawrence had begun his tantrum. Lucas curled up in
his regular position, protecting his head and his stomach, as his father began to land kicks
on his body.

"You worthless piece of shit" One kick. "You know how embarrassing it was" another
kick to Lucas' side. "I announced you when I gave my speech" another kick to Lucas'
lower back. "They all laughed at me when I couldn't find you." Another kick. The kicks
had suddenly stopped and almost in disbelief that this abuse was over. It was too soon
Lucas thought and he had to know for sure. He raised his head from the protection of is
arms and his relief turned to horror.

"Thought you were never going to look up to me" and with that, Lawrence landed a hard
kick on Lucas' head. Lucas didn't have time to raise his hands for protection when the
kick came head on. Lucas landed back on his back and wished that that kick had made
him pass out. Wrong, he was grabbed by the neck and was hauled to his feet.

"Get up, I am not through with you yet." Lawrence was on for another round. "This time
Lucas, you have really screwed up, and I need to teach you a lesson. Even if it costs you
your life!" Suddenly, all of Lucas pain was gone and the words echoed in his mind. His
father was seriously thinking of killing him this time. There have been other times where
Lucas wished he was dead but the tone of Lawrence voice made it very clear, he wanted
Lucas dead for real this time. Lucas had to get away and with a sudden burst of energy,
he pushed his father aside and ran out the door. Lucas quickly made it for the stairs as he
heard his father calling for him to return. Lucas stumbled on the last steps but he knew
he had to go on. The voice was getting closer and angrier. Lucas made it out the door
and headed towards his father's car. He opened the door and released he forgot one
important thing, the keys. *What a genius I am* he thought and made a small laugh at
his stupid ness. It soon died off when he heard his father calling him. Louder than
before, than what he have ever heard, Lucas looked up and saw his father in the doorway
holding a baseball bat.

"Oh you stupid boy, you are really going to get it now, maybe the court would buy that I
was mentally insane when I killed my own son" Lawrence intentions were very clear
now, Lawrence wanted Lucas dead. Lucas jumped out of the car and head toward the
street. All he could think about was getting away from this monster and going back to
where he was safe, the seaQuest. Lucas turned the corner and came face to face with an
old Chevy truck. The driver did not see the boy until the truck's headlights illuminated
the boy's figure. The truck tried to stop but it was going to fast to stop in time. Lucas
tried to dodge the truck but the truck caught him on the side. Lucas felt the impact of the
car and began to scream as his body was tossed into the air. He fell almost 20 feet from
where he was hit. He cried even louder when landed on his leg and felt the bone being
broken into two pieces. He landed flat on his back and jerked once more before he
passed out from the pain. He welcomed this darkness with open arms.

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