Disclaimer: I do no own yugioh gx, yugioh, or duel mosters. I am just using them as a creativity building tool in this fan fiction. I own this plot and several characters but not all of them. I have also created several Duel Monster cards to fit my plot.

Maiden Of the Blue Veil

Hi! I'm Melody Zaharia, 2nd year blue Obelisk at Duel Academy, the number one school for dueling. I have loved dueling since my stepbrother went off to college and left me his deck, saying I would put it to better use. Now I have built a deck almost completely my own. I still have a few cards from that first deck. Then my sister up and got famous and I traveled around the world. Appearing on TV sometimes and even some fancy celebrity get togethers. When I came here dueling stopped being fun. I got caught up in being the best, in winning. And somewhere along the line I lost myself. I conformed to the average girl. I wasted a year of my life, trying to be like everyone else. Walking like them, talking like them, dueling like them, insulting like them. They never really excepted me, though they never showed it. But this year I felt something knew in the air. Something was going to change. I felt it in the heart of the cards.

I walked down the hall. First day of my second year, and I was excited. My new uniform still had that new cloths smell to it. I had rebuilt my deck over the summer and I was ready. Suddenly one of my fellow Obelisks, a 3rd year boy, bumped into me. All my cards fell to the ground. I scrambled to pick them up, as the boy walked off laughing surrounded by his buddies. No one looked at me, or stopped to help. Most were wearing blue. That's when the warning bell rang. I hurried to pick them up, when someone began to help.

"Thanks, I am so going to be late, and on the first day back, too."

"No sweat."

I looked up. The boy in front of me was a Slifer, first year. Bottom of the dueling barrel. I looked around, the hall was deserted. I sighed, no one had seen him help me. Safe but for how long. Looking at him again I made and amazing discovery. He was pretty cute. He had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and deep green eyes and that smile… Now my heart and my stubborn head were in a dilemma. I was loyal to my fellow Obelisks (Why I'll never fully understand) but I was seriously thinking of getting to know this guy. While I was debating with my self we finished picking up my deck. The boy was looking at a card he'd picked up, eyes wide. "Wow… How did you get this? I've looked everywhere for one."

He was looking at the top card of my deck. It was my Maiden of the Moonlight. "Oh that. Well it's a long story. Short version is I wasn't really looking for it. It kind of found me really." I watched the way he looked at the card and I came to a decision in record time. I took the card and held it out to him. "If you want, you can have it."

He looked at me as if I had just told him I was from another planet. "Get out. Why would you just give it to me?"

"Because you helped me. Now take it." I said stuffing it into his hand.

"On one condition" he said putting it in his deck and pulling out another card. "Take this. It's not much compared to Maiden of the Moonlight but…"

The card was Dark Magician. "Thank you." I said unable to hide the awe in my voice, or the smile on my face. The gesture was kind of sweet. I turned to jog down the corridor. I was defiantly going to be late. As I jogged I called over my shoulder. "The names Melody! You got one of those right?"

The boy blinked. "Oh, um, yeah. Mine's Loki."

"Who you got this hour?"


"Well you'd best get moving, he hates it when students are late."

He ran down the hall in the other direction, and called, "I hope we see each other again."

I stopped and watched him run the rest of the length of the hall. He made it on time to class. That was good. Just then the bell rang and I began to run. I was going to be so late. I barged into class, out of breath. Every Obelisks eyes were on me. Even Jaden Yuki, a 2nd year Slifer (with a reputation for being late, beating high ranked students, winning the heart of almost every student and teacher, and sleeping in class), made it to class before I did. A good 20 pairs of eyes all followed me to my seat. The Slifers didn't seem to notice and the Ras were all listening to the lesson attentively. Luckily it was Professor Monsoon, a sweet red haired woman who taught deck balancing. Her favorite thing to tell them was a balanced deck was the key to victory. She let me get to my seat and then asked, "May I ask why you were not here at the beginning of class Ms. Zaharia?"

"I am sorry, Professor. You see I tripped in the hallway and my deck scattered all over the floor. I assure you it will not happen again."

"I will give you a warning since this has never happened before but try to get here on time from now on."

"Yes ma'am."