In honor of my 40th review I have decided to write an epilogue. The final chapter in this saga… I think a reviewer asked a question about Isabella and Bastian. They didn't do much because Isabella is scared of the dark. That totally ruins the mood. Trust me, I know…. I'd like to thank my loyal readers and reviewers. I'd also like to thank the people of my dog, my bird, my other dog, blah blah blah blah blah …and of course my mom. Sniff I luv you guys. Just remember what I said at the end of chapter six about Sy. (Sy: Wha? Gulps and Hits back button wha'd she say!) I've already said to much. On with the show!

Syrus Truesdale sat on the beach watching the waves roll in. It was four hours until Halloween Costume Ball and he still didn't have a date. It seem everyone had one. Jaden had Alexis, Zane had Margarita, Bastian had Isabella, Loki had Melody, and Chumley had the snack table. He had a good book and a lamp. This was not cool and something had to be done about it. He stood confidently and marched up the beach to the grass heading toward the dorms. He couldn't go girl hunting in this outfit. After changing his clothes he stood away from the mirror to check the damage. A simple black T-shirt and blue jeans, and his hair slicked back. Leaving his glasses on the table he walked out blind as a bat. He made it to the stairs and grabbed the blurred line he assumed was the rail and walked carefully down the stairs. Once down he simply followed the tan blur at his feet. Not paying attention to passersby. Suddenly he bumped into someone, falling on his bottom. Smooth, he thought looking up. It was the silhouette of a girl a girl with long hair and nice curves. She bent down close to his face squinting. She was cute. Her hair was blonde, dreadlocked and long, and her eyes were a bluish-grey. Her jacket was red, her shirt was black and said 'I 3 dorks'. He was pretty sure her skirt was a mini and plaid like those Scottish people, and her boots were black with big heels over fish net stockings. A black duffle bag over his shoulder. It appear that she had bent all of the attire rules. But considering she lacked chains and piercing in anything other than her ears (that he could see anyway), so she was reasonably within the dress codes limits. Reaching in her pocket she pulled out a pair of black granny glasses. Putting them on she pulled away. "Hey." he said out of lack of ability to use his brain. All he kept thinking was, Dang she's cute!

"Hey yourself." she said holding out her hand to help him up. Taking it he allowed her to help him to his feet. Suddenly he felt his attire silly. He should have done something about his hair that stuck outward from his head.

"Yeah, um.. Sorry about running into you like that. I can't see anything without my glasses."

"Me neither. I like mine but they can be such a pain. By the way my names Luna Forten."

"Syrus Truesdale."

"You wouldn't happen to know how to get to the Slifer Red dorms would ya?"

"Yeah… I do. There um… This way." He said pointing a shaking hand towards the dorms he had just left. Damn not 20 yards and he already found a likely candidate. He walked with her in the direction of the dorms, "So… How long you been at Duel Academy."

"I just got here this morning. I've been filling out papers all DAY. I can't wait to see my room so I can take a nap."

"Must have been a real drag… You know sitting around in the office all afternoon."

"Oh yeah. I-" she was cut off by the sound of yelling coming from the dorm rooms. Running toward them was Jaden wielding what appeared to be a drawing of some one. Chumley was huffing behind him.

"Come on, Jay! Give it back!"

"No way! I'm showing it to Melody. She won't believe that you've drawn this picture of her sister. Who knows maybe Hira will ask you out!"

Chumley sat on the ground and moaned, "She'll probably just laugh at me and say I have a big nose."

Syrus stepped between the pair. "Jaden I told you to stop doing this."

"But Sy! I want to hook people up to! It sounds like fun." Syrus slapped his forehead. Ever since their little ordeal after the cook out Jaden had been trying to play matchmaker and as easy as it was to find him his girl Jaden proved to be more of an anti-cupid. All his attempts ended in disaster. Before anyone could say anything else Luna snatched the drawing from Jaden. She then walked to Chumley and after looking at it handed it to him.

"Hey this is pretty good. Think you could do one of me?"

Chumley looked upand took his picture, "Sure I could but unless you want to be sitting on a stool for hours at a time you may want to give me a photo. Name's Chumley."


As they discussed the details Jaden snuck to Syrus' side and whispered, "Who's SHE?"

Syrus got red and looked at the ground, "Just some girl I bumped into. She's new here and-"

"So are you gonna ask her to the dance?"

"Who said I wanted to go to the dance?"

"Well you're all fancy. I thought you were looking for a date."


"Syrus. Dude. You coming?" Luna called as she was following Chumley to the common room. Syrus ran to catch up and stood beside Luna. She was an inch shorter than he was. Jaden stayed where he was looking irritated.

"My name is Jaden!"


"Yeah." he said then jogged after them.


The group sat in the common room, the three boys sat in a circle around the girl as she told them stories of all the things she'd seen. Luna had met many of the worlds top duelist and had even had a conversation with Mai Valentine. They sat in awe as she showed them a picture she took with the duelists. There was Yugi Moto on her left as well as Joey Wheeler and Mai. On her Right was Seto Kaiba and his little brother. Her older brother had participated in Battle City, but lost after only a few matches. She said he lacked experience and skill. Battle City was just one of his many failures.

"That's amazing, Luna." Syrus said awestruck. The other didn't say a word but had a look of admiration in their eyes. Jaden looked at his watch.

"Oh man! I gotta change. Alexis will kill me if I'm late picking her up. Nice to met you Luna." he then ran out.

"I should get to changing too." Chumley stood and walked out.

Then it was just her and Syrus. His face got red again but if Luna saw it she didn't say anything about it. She was looking after them, confused. He realized she was clueless about the dance. "They're getting ready for a party the school's having tonight."

"Shouldn't you be getting ready too?"

"I don't really wanna go…" his voice trailed off. Suddenly she got red and looked kind of nervous for the first time all night. She was waiting to see what he'd say. He looked at her pretty face changing color and thought, Oh, what the hell, "Unless you want to go. We could go together."

Her face lit up and she nodded vigorously, "I'd love too! Let me change. Now I'm happy I brought a costume" She ran for the girl's room. As soon as she was out of sight he jump in the air and yelled out. Then her made a break for the door. Running to his dorm he flung on his costume. He was going as a prince, with armor and everything. Chumley and Jaden barely realized he'd entered and never acknowledged he'd entered or left the room. When he came back down stairs Luna was already there her dreadlocks were in a half ponytail and braided. She wore a blue gown with kimono sleeves and silver sequence and trimmed with silver lace. The sleeves covered little of her shoulders and it went almost to the floor. On her head was a simple tiara with and aquamarine in it that was the same color as the dress. He almost laughed when he saw she lacked shoes. Luna was gorgeous. He felt a little bad for going out with her, wondering what Dark Magician Girl would think. But when Luna smiled at him he let it go. She spun around, "Well?"

"You look amazing."

Luna blushed a bit. He offered her his arm and they walked together to the clearing where the cook out had taken place. Now people were dressed up in different costumes. His brother was dressed as a rabbit and sat at the edge of the clearing being fed grapes from the much more… Pleasantly dressed bunny Margarita. Boys walked by wondering if they should be jealous he his had his head on the lap of a sexy chick or laugh their asses off at his outfits ridiculousness. Most conceded to the latter of the two, and Zane defiantly didn't mind. Alexis stood tapping her foot impatiently, near Bastian and Isabella who were chatting about something syrus didn't catch. Melody was near the watching Loki play with his group he had rechristened 'Melting Rain'. they were playing a set before they switched to a DJ. Chumley played the drums with one stick and a chicken leg, taking the occasional bite out of it. Luna dragged him to the dance floor and began to dance. She was really good, swinging her hips to the beat and trying to get Syrus to dance. He eventually did and to his surprise he wasn't half bad. That's how the night went on. No spiked punch, no drama, just lots of fun and a pretty girl shaking her hips and not minding if he stared. In fact she seem to enjoy it. After the last song there was a fireworks show. Everyone watched in awe of the sparks of color that illuminated the night sky. Luna watched the burst of yellow blue and green, her mouth slightly open. It was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.


Syrus and Luna walked back to the dorms a little early. Both were wiped out, and wanted sleep. Syrus walked her to her room door. She stopped and turned to him. "I don't think I've ever had so much fun!" she said in a happy sigh. "I had a great time."

"Me, too. I'm happy I went."

"Maybe tomorrow we could hang out at the beach?"

He smiled, "Of course." quickly he leaned in and kissed her gently. Pulling away he saw her slightly dazed. "Goodnight, Luna."

"Night." she said softly opening her door and closing it slowly behind her.

Syrus grinned and walked to the common room happily. He sat in a chair and laugh with joy. After his fit he looked around. On the floor was Luna's bag. She must have left it, he thought picking it up and hoping for another kiss some time soon. As he lifted it off the floor a book fell out and opened to just inside the cover. Inside written in just barely legible handwriting was 'Property of Luna Flair Forten'

Syrus: OH HECK NO! You did not just write that.

Yeah I did.

Syrus: I can't BELIEVE you just did that… Made me do that!.. You tricked me!

Yeah I did!

Syrus: That's it! I quit! I'm calling my agent! This was NOT in MY contract.

Hold up magnifying glass over large important looking document Obviously you didn't read the fine print. Reads aloud I Syrus Truesdale agree to the following terms. One: the author may write what she pleases and I will have no say in the matter. Two: Whatever situation the author has put me in I must not interrupt the story line. Three: Whoever I am put into a relationship with I must go with it no matter WHO it is.-

Syrus: I should have seen this coming.

Come on. Luna Forten/… Lunar Fourteen?

Syrus: You could have warned me.

I hinted it.

Syrus: You cheated!

No I didn't. I said no one can have my Sy. What'd you think? I'd let some fictional duel monster duelist wannabe have you?

Syrus: I was hoping you would. Sighs

Well my readers this is it. The final chapter is done and I think that was a particularly happy ending. Syrus got a girl (Sy:GROANS LOUDLY) And Chumley got a drum stick and a buffet table. I hope you love the ending as much as I do. Lots of love!

Your Humble Author,