This is my first X-Men attempt. I haven't seen the cartoon in years or read the comic in a very long time but I remember liking it so much that I had to try writing about my two favorite characters. If it's wrong somehow or just sucks let me know and I'll either fix it or scrap it.

A Small Episode
By BithaBlu

The mission wasn't going well for either Rogue or Gambit. Both of them were bruised and pissed off. It had seemed like it was going to be a just a simple trip to convince an angry young mutant to meet Professor X at the mansion instead of using his power to dent up his hometown. But then the kid, who went by the unfortunate name of Hurls, had decided to resist and they were stuck bearing the brunt of his annoyingly accurate power of throwing projectiles. So far Remy had been hit with a mailbox, a Volvo, and a barrage of landscaping stones. Rogue hadn't faired much better with avoiding the mailman or the large dog that had been attacking the poor postal worker. "Darlin' we just wanna talk," she yelled to the kid, desperate to get him to calm down and be reasonable. He responded by hurling a bike at her. She dodged in the nick of time by flying out of the way. Remy's face clouded over in anger, "Now why you have to be doing that? Cherie jus' wanna talk to you. We no be trying to hurt you little homme."
Hurls glared suspiciously at Gambit but momentarily stopped throwing things. "What do you want," he growled.
Rogue landed next to Gambit and smiled sweetly at the rude brat, "Sugah, we juss wan ta introduce ya to a friend of ours. He's real anxious to meet ya." Hurls replied by chucking a Toyota at the two of them. Rogue grabbed Gambit and darted back into the air. When they were out of range Remy leaned his head back and nuzzled Rogue's neck. "Cherie, as tres bien as bein' in your arms be, Remy here wants to go down ther' and beat dis brat upside the head 'til he stop throwin' cars at us." Rogue laughed and squeezed her arms a little tighter around the Cajun. "Swamp Raht, Ah don't think the professa would like that too much. Let's try one mo'e tahm and see if Hurls will listen." She grinned, "But this tahm ya get ta try ta talk ta him."
Gambit groaned, "You tryin' to git Remy killed cherie? I t'ink Remy should be gitting some reward for dat." Then he smirked and said, "I t'ink that if Remy get that kid to the mansion den you should be giving Remy a kiss, don' you agree?" Rogue started to shake her head but then considered the situation. There was no way that kid was going to the mansion willingly. The Cajun would be lucky to convince the kid to stop throwing things at them long enough for them to talk. So she agreed and landed a couple yards away from Hurls.
"Don't you two learn?!?," Hurls exclaimed angrily. He began to pick up the nearest SUV but was stopped when a glowing card landed at his feet. The minor explosion knocked him off his feet and threw him into the SUV. Rogue stared, horrified, at the young mutant crumpled on the ground and watched as Gambit went over and picked him up. "Now we can be taking this here brat back to da professor." Gambit grinned wickedly, "Remy can't wait to back and enjoy a kiss from you cherie." He paused at the bewildered and livid expression on Rogue's face and tried to look innocent, "We should be going, eh cherie? We don' want him to be waking up before we git back, don' you t'ink? Remy wan' to live long 'nuff to git dat kiss, cherie."