Pairings: SasuSaku
Rating: K+
Words: 939


I sit in my room looking out the window. The cold raindrops splatter against it. I feel so empty and cold. My eyes are puffy, for I had been crying. I pick up my brush and start brushing my short pink hair while letting out a long sigh. I know he is gone and I know why. As I feel the cold tears running down my cheek my heart breaks more.

"Sasuke-kun," I whisper.

I cover my face and begin to weep. I remember the day he left; it has not yet been a week. I remember telling him I love him with all my heart, which I do, and then he said thank you, but after that he knocked me out cold. Then I woke up the next morning on a bench. Naruto, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, Kiba, and even Lee are looking for my Sasuke. Now I am just sitting here waiting for his return.

I stand up slowly for I am tired of sitting and walk outside. The freezing wind and cold rain hit me like a ton of bricks as I step out and shut my door. I walk to where I laid eyes on his handsome face. When I reach, I sit down on the bench he laid me on. I shiver as a gust of wind breezes by. I hug my legs to try and prevent the cold.

"Sasuke-kun," I cry.

My eyes sting with tears. How I miss him so. I just want to see his face and hear his voice. The next thing I know I am lying on the bench falling a sleep, and I did.

I'm sitting where I fell asleep. I know this is a dream because of the weather; it is warm and not a cloud in sight. I feel my forehead I have a fever.


I turn around and my heart sinks. "Sasuke-kun!" I say smiling.

He's looking at me with his dark eyes, then shakes his head. "Baka, what are you doing out?" he asks stepping towards me, hands in his pockets.

"Nani?" I question.

He puts the palm of his hand on my forehead. "You're burning up."

I just stare at his face and tears form in my emerald eyes. Why did he have to leave? I sniff.

He shakes his head again and removes his hand. "Go home and rest. Don't cry for me."

This seems so real, but I know its not. Maybe in this dream I connect to him. His touch feels so real and he looks like Sasuke, the real Sasuke.

"Sasuke," I whimper. I know I should not do this, but I do. I grab hold of him and hold him tight hugging into his chest. I won't let my grip go of him, not again. I just want to be held by him and only him even if he's not real. "Why?"

He's not pushing me away; he just stands there. "Sakura."

I hold him tighter if that's even possible. Why can't he return? I don't want to wake up because I know he will be gone. "Sasuke, please don't leave, please," I beg.

His hands move to the side of my face and lift my head to look at him. I close my eyes trying to stop my tears, but it fails. I open my eyes; he is inching closer. His face is not far from mine. My heart starts to race. Is he going to kiss me? His soft lips touch my forehead. My eyes widened then his lips leave and I look at him.

"Stop," he demands.

I know he is talking about me crying. "Sasuke," I cry into his chest. "I love you." I don't know if he hears me, but I know I mean my words. I keep my hold around his waist and shake my head. "Don't go."

Sasuke is just standing there. His hands move away from the side of my face to the back of my head helping me bury my face into his chest. I sniff. One of his hands moves to my back.

"I already did," he states. "Sakura."

I start to cry more. The way he says my name, it makes me melt, I love the way he says it, even though he doesn't say it often. "Sasuke-kun." He can't leave me again, he can't.

"Stop," he repeats.

I sniff one more time then look at his face. He is looking ahead at something. I don't know what for I can not see what it is behind me; maybe he's looking at nothing.

"I must go now," he says. He backs up, but my hold does not loosen. "Sakura."

I look at him again. The face he is giving me is one I could not resist; its saying I shall return. I back away and he smirks. I did it because I love him and I am positive that he loves me just as much. He kisses me on my forehead again with his soft perfect lips then walks away. I am frozen, not chasing after him then I try to, but my body won't move.

As I sit up I see water run down my clothes; it is still raining. I touch my forehead I still have a fever, but what shocks me is; that it still feels like Sasuke-kun's lips are there. I close my eyes. 'Return to me Sasuke, please return.'

I look up at the cloudy sky. My heart knows one day he will return. "I love you," I whisper, then head home. Only if my dream Sasuke-kun was like my real Sasuke.

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